This Champion Would Be Donald Trump’s Greatest Supreme Court Pick

President Donald Trump has released a new “short list” of candidates for US Supreme Court as part of his 2020 reelection campaign. Trump correctly notes that Joe Biden can’t release his list of choices, because it would be too radical and unsettling for voters. Hidin’ Biden is hiding his list. Several names on Trump’s list stand out, but there’s one in particular who I think would be the greatest possible choice. And that’s because most Americans have never heard the following story.

Back in June 1993, two young teenage girls were walking home at night and decided to take a shortcut through a local park in Texas. They encountered a group of five Hispanic gang members and one black gang member and tried to run away from them. 14-year-old Jennifer Ertman and 16-year-old Elizabeth Peña weren’t fast enough.

For the next hour, the two girls were brutally gang raped. Their teeth were knocked out, their ribs were broken, they were kicked, stomped, degraded in unimaginable ways, and ultimately murdered. Their killers made them kneel on the ground and then strangled them with a belt. Just to make sure they were dead, the ringleader stomped on their necks for a while after they stopped moving.

It was one of the most horrific gang rapes and murders in Texas history. The media, naturally, described all of the perpetrators as “area youths” for the next ten years, even as they were sitting on death row. The media finally admitted that the ringleader of the group, one Jose Medellin, was an illegal alien from Mexico when that suddenly became a possible way to help him avoid the death penalty.

Medellin had confessed to the murders and bragged about it to police when he was caught. Medellin was allowed to set up his own website in prison (because of course he was), where he wrote, “My life is in black and white like in old western movies, but unlike the movies, the good guys don’t always finish first.” He thought he was one of the good guys.


11 years after the girls were murdered, the American public finally learned that Jose Medellin was an illegal alien when the Chicago Tribune called on the Bush administration to respect the International Court of Justice’s (IJC) ruling about the case, which involved “a Mexican national.” Mexico sued the US at the IJC in the Hague, arguing that Medellin deserved a retrial, on the grounds that the police who arrested him had not informed him that he had a right to access Mexican consular services in Texas.

The IJC ruled in 2004 that all illegal aliens from Mexico who were sitting in American prisons, including Jose Medellin, should be released and be granted new trials. The New York Times reported that if the Bush administration didn’t obey the World Court, Americans could be denied consular services in foreign countries if they gang rape and murder foreign teenage girls while on vacation. (I’m not really seeing a downside there, but, hey.)

Since the cat was out of the bag and this new ray of hope had been extended to Medellin, his lawyers finally had an excuse to appeal his case to the US Supreme Court. Before the court had a chance to take up the case, George W. Bush sent a letter to the Department of Justice announcing that America was now going to obey international law in regard to illegal aliens from Mexico.

It was a watershed moment in American politics. An American president was siding with internationalists to release every illegal alien in every prison in America, unless local police had remembered to refer them to consular services when they were arrested. It would have been the largest jailbreak in American history.

The Texas Solicitor General at the time opted to not follow international law on American soil and took the case back to the Supreme Court. Thanks to that Solicitor General’s arguments, the US Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that US states don’t have to follow the whims of the World Court.

George W. Bush and the globalists lost. Then-Solicitor General Ted Cruz and America won. And Texas sent Jose Medellin to hell in August of 2008.

Ted Cruz’s legal arguments managed to keep nearly all illegal alien felons in prison where they belonged, as George W. Bush was trying to spring them out of jail in what his low-energy brother would no doubt describe as “an act of love.” Out of all the names on President Trump’s new Supreme Court short list, I think Ted Cruz’s name deserves to be at the top of the list.

Ted Cruz fought against a president in his own party when that president betrayed America. Cruz fought to keep horrific gang rapists and murderers who happen to be illegal aliens in prison where they belonged, rather than releasing them based on a bogus technicality. And Ted Cruz obtained justice for the families of young Jennifer and Elizabeth. He’s a good US Senator and he would make a good president, but let’s be honest. Ted Cruz would be a GREAT Supreme Court Justice!

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32 thoughts on “This Champion Would Be Donald Trump’s Greatest Supreme Court Pick”

  1. God was with Ted Cruz then and is with him now. God has blessed America with him and others like him and with God’s help we will end the hateful rants and words of the socialist left. Thank you again Mr. Cruz

    1. Yes, Ted would make a great Supreme Court Justice. He has the courage to stand for what is right. He stood for our rights when it counted. His Honor would be a great Supreme Court Judge.

    2. What a story of a fierce Texas prosecutor, now Senator Ted Cruz, who fought for justice for two gang raped, brutally beaten and later killed by an illegal alien, named Jose Medellin. Illegal alien Medellin confessed to brutally raping and killing two teens. Senator Cruz would later have to defend the conviction of Medellin in the U.S. Supreme Court because the International Court of Justice’s (IJC) appealed to President George W. Bush in 2004 that Medellin should be released and retried because the prosecutor, Ted Cruz didn’t obey the whims of the International Courts in 6 to 3 ruling by the Supreme Court. Thank God for your dedication to the rule of law and making sure those two teens received justice for their horrific, tortuous rape and murder of two precious teens. Shame on the former president and the former corrupt U.S. Justice Department. God bless you, Senator Cruz and our current U.S. President, Donald J. Trump for bringing to light this story and for adding Senator Cruz to your list of Supreme Court choices when granny Ginsberg ultimately retires.

      1. It wouldn’t be the first time George W “Globalist Pig Dog” Bush betrayed America. Is there anyone naive enough to still believe that the twin towers were knocked down by the planes that crashed into them on September 11th, 2001? This son of a bitch is hiding something…

        1. Who are you? Am I supposed to believe you or my lying eyes. I, along with others on the ground, watched the planes crash into the buildings. You are dangerous! you’ve obviously gotten loose from your handlers. No, I’m not a fan of George Bush but he may be less dangerous than you are.

          1. I saw the plains crash into the twin towers. Of course I did, as did everyone else in the world. The reason it doesn’t seem like the planes were not the cause of the buildings’ collapse was because of the way they fell. I watched a documentary on it. The engineers who were interviewed discussed how the buildings should have reacted IF the metal framing were to melt due to the fire and due to the horrific impact at such a high level in the buildings. They would not have completely imploded like they did. The way they fell was typical of a demolition induced by placed explosions, not because planes hit them at [about] 100 stories up.

      2. Would be nice if Senator Cruise could be appointed before the election. Good for the country. After November 3 it would be encouraging if arsonists and looters were treated with lethal force.

    3. PRAISE GOD for Godly men in our Government!! “It’s when a People forget God, that tyrants forge their chains” Patrick Henry

    4. I have read that Ted Cruz was the most brilliant law student at Harvard Law during the years he was a student. He is an outstanding student of “constitutional law.”

  2. Thank you Sen. Ted Cruz. You are a true champion of American juris prudence and you are a true American and a representative of the real justice system that our founding fathers set out for us to follow. THANK YOU!

    1. Cruz is a straight-up dude and I’ve always liked him. I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him if he runs for president

  3. Long before President Trump made this announcement, in fact back in 2016 I wrote and argued that Ted Cruz should be given the highest priority for selection to the SOCUS. Indeed, without doubt, Ted Cruz should be Trump’s next Supreme Court pick.

  4. I voted for Ted Cruz in 2016. He would’ve made a great President & will make a great Supreme Court Justice. He is a true Christian & a true Patriotic American. I pray he will be one of the nine!

  5. Although I think Ted Cruz would be a very good Supreme Court Justice, he has already stated that he is not interested in becoming a justice. It’s unfortunate but it is how he feels now.

  6. Senator Cruz did not become our President for a possible 8 years because we need him on our Supreme Court FOR LIFE! I hope he reconsiders, when he is finally asked to serve.

  7. Ted, we all recognize that you are a godly man. I also understand you have a desire to pursue your passion other than Supreme Court judge. Would you please consider to bring this matter before the Lord and set your own aside for a moment? Isa 55:-“ For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways.” This country really more judges who are righteous and just to sit on at national level. I’ll also pray the Lord to move your heart to whichever is best fit for you.

  8. We Need Ted Cruz, un the Honorable Black Robe, and light a Fire under the A$$E$’ of those that are still there!
    Stop the Coddle game, with those who deserve to die and sent to hell.

  9. We need Senator Ted Cruz now more than ever in our country. Hopefully he will be at the Supreme Court as we all keep praying for this to happen!!!!

  10. Excellent choice President Trump!! Forward, let us continue Making America Great Again!!
    Ted Cruz our Texas and Best Senator Ever!!

  11. Cruz has proven to be brilliant, witty, and, most importantly, gifted with common sense — the rare ability to view the entire tree, rather, than just a leaf. Further, he has demonstrated independent thought. Whatever path he chooses, whether a Senator, or, Supreme Court Justice, his resourcefulness will prove equal to the challenge. I look forward to his astounding success.

  12. What a salacious streak of outright lies. You must be a Democrat. George W. is no phony even if he did make some dumb mistakes. They were not intentional as so many of Barack Obama’s were. Ted Cruz is high on my list for possible new justices. His father and mother began his life on the right track, and his love of his American citizens is quite obvious.

  13. My hats off to senator Cruz I did not know about this! He is a true American hero and patriot!!
    He has earned a seat on the highest court of this country….

    I vote for Senator Ted Cruz as the next Supreme Court Justice!!

  14. I do believe that Senator Cruz is more stimulated by the action on the floor of the Senate than the in my mind the possible calm of discussing things with a small group. The hustle and bustle of large group makes my brain jump with joy. I feel that the gentleman will at the appropriate time make a sound and sensible choice. GO GET EM TED. Cap’n Jack Wilson A KOREAN Vet and one DAMNED PROUD AMERICAN. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER REAL CITIZENS

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