The Most Hyuuuuge Election Discrepancy Yet in the State of Georgia

What is your best guess for the never-ending train of weak excuses from the elected Republicans in the State of Georgia when it comes to 2020? Are they just really, really, REALLY super-bad at math? Are they the most incompetent group of bureaucrats on the planet? Or are they truly evil and they’re just rubbing the fraud in our noses at this point because they believe they’ve gotten away with the crime of the century?

I’m not sure which of those is the real answer, or if it is a combination of the three. But what I do know is that when a state discovers a mathematical ballot discrepancy that is 64X greater than Joe Biden’s alleged margin of victory, every Republican in the State of Georgia should be clamoring for an audit and decertification of their results.

This story involves a ballot printing company in Arizona called Runbeck Election Services. Just a few days before the November 2020 election, Fulton County Georgia’s Director of Elections suddenly ordered 1 million fresh absentee ballots from Runbeck. (It was 1,058,210 ballots to be exact.)

The key word in that previous sentence is that these were “absentee” ballots. By the time those ballots were printed and shipped in pallets to Fulton County, Georgia, it was only one or two days prior to the election. There was never going to be enough time to sort and mail those absentee ballots out to voters, with only a day or two left before the election.

Why did they order 1,000,000 absentee ballots that were going to arrive too late to be of use? Seems suspicious. One could infer there was something amiss going on even.


There’s another major oddity about those ballots which I’ll get to in a moment.

First, a fellow by the name of Brian Runbeck manages the printing and shipping of all ballots at Runbeck Election Services in Georgia. He’s listed as the Project Manager and Production Coordinator at the company. When Jovan Pulitzer did an analysis of the ballots in Georgia, which Republicans in that state ignored for some reason, Pulitzer discovered that ballots sent to “red” counties in the state had major differences from ballots sent to “blue” counties. Republican ballots had mysterious bar codes on them that were absent from Democrat ballots, and so on. All of these ballots were printed by Runbeck Election Services. Why were the ballots not uniform? We’ve never had an answer to that question.

Moreover, it doesn’t appear to bother Republicans in either Georgia or Arizona that Mr. Brian Runbeck of Runbeck Election Services is an extremely partisan and frequent donor to the Democrats. Between mid-August of 2020 and October 30, 2020, Brian Runbeck made 63 separate donations to Joe Biden for President, Barack Obama’s ActBlue, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, and other leftwing causes. 63 times!

This is beyond dispute. Here is the Federal Election Commission’s record of Mr. Runbeck’s busy donation schedule last year, even as he was printing ballots for Georgia and Arizona.

There’s nothing sinister about the fact that Brian Runbeck is a partisan donor to the Democrats. But in two states – Arizona and Georgia – which had massive problems with their ballots in 2020, they should strongly consider the fact that many of those embarrassing anomalies were caused by a company with a history of partisanship in favor of the Democrats. We’ll see if Arizona and Georgia take any action on this when it comes time to renew their ballot-printing contracts.

Here’s the real rub: Where are those 1 million absentee ballots that were ordered just moments before the 2020 election in Fulton County, Georgia?

And now that Uncover DC has obtained a copy of the invoice for those ballots, why were the absentee ballots ordered with “no stubs” attached to them? Uh oh.

A “stub” on an absentee ballot is the little piece at the top of the page that the ballot is attached to. The stub has a number on it that matches a number on the absentee ballot. When that ballot is mailed to a voter, it is then anonymized so that no one will know who the voter cast their ballot for – but the stub is the proof that it was a valid ballot. These ballots were ordered by Fulton County with “no stubs,” i.e., no way to account for them.

Not to worry, though! Georgia election officials say they have accounted for 284,901 of those ballots which were unused, and they are now going to destroy them. Great. Where are the other 773,309 ballots that cannot be accounted for because they were ordered with “no stubs?”

If Joe Biden “won” by 12,049 votes, those 773,309 missing Fulton County ballots – which no one has any way to track because of the missing stubs – represent a 64X margin of error. How much longer are Republicans in Georgia going to put up with this?

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29 thoughts on “The Most Hyuuuuge Election Discrepancy Yet in the State of Georgia”

  1. They think we’re Stupid and don’t Know better, Just wait let’s see in2022, it’s just Begun, they wount even see it coming, it’s going to hit them sooo Hard!!

    1. I vote my conscience, without party, yet I favor people who have a platform that is based on what is good for the USA before the candidate’s credentials. That said, I read that the GOP have not overseen any of the polls in any state for many years. WHY? So they bear some responsibility for being so trusting of the DEMs. Now that this is such a fiasco, the GOP needs to step up to protect themselves from another horrendous event like this. What I would like to see is for voters to put Referendums on the Ballot to have more control over our elected, campaign finance limits, WE should vote for each Pres/White House Admin, Sen, Rep, etc., Raise %, Benefits. And WE need to stop re-electing the swamp creatures over and over again or things will get worse.

    1. Not only would this swing the state to Trump/Pence , it would most likely give Republicans a majority in the Senate. These are crimes if treason and must be acted apon by the Governor and Attorney General of Georgia!!

  2. The voting system needs to be fixi once and for all and is simple every person that is and will register to vote needs to show first: proof of citizenship (citizenship certificate) or a skid birth certicate to obtain a voting card (made like credit cards) with the voters picture and signature to show and scan at the voting place. #2 only allow 1 week of early voting and count and report the votes at the end of that week so that we will know the results by midnight on election date. #3 Go back to the old method, absentee ballots are only for military personnel, citizen living outside of the USA, and voters that are sick or are traveling outside their voting place. If the voter loose their card or gets stolen it has to be reported right away like you’ll do when your DL gets lost or stolen , and make sure that without a voting card you will not be able to vote at least to bring a valid drivers license and your original citizenship certificate or an original birth certificate no copies. If we implement something like that it won’t be easy to commit fraud. People have lost their trust in the system and soon they won’t cast their vote anymore because the communist left wing will always win, like it’s happening in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela soon the whole American continent will join them. We need to fix the system or Our freedoms and democracy will be lost . The corruption must stop and make those corrupted pay for their crimes. Save America from evil and keep our motto “in God we trust” you don’t like here you are more than welcome to live, freedom of religion is to practice your love for God anyway you want not to impose your way of thinking on us . God keep America safe and blessed!

    1. I agree. We have become to complacent. We need to be more involved, not sit back and let the crimals take over the system any more than they already have. When I worked for the elections, we had rules we had to abide by and took the oath to follow them. Now, it seems, things are slipping through the cracks, and allowed to go unchecked. Need to get back to honor and following the Rules! God Bless America! We are accountable to God first, then our Country. Be proud to be an American in all our actions!

      1. take your phone out & take a picture of your ballet before & after you finish it then if it looks like a phony election you can send it to your reps as evidence, but would this be legal ? & make shore it has the code numbers on it.
        We need to do some thing maybe a picture of the machines result.

  3. The election was a fraud from begining to end and every American citizen knows it. When the audits started the demonazis blocked, threatened with prison anyone who requested an election audit, destroyed ballots, deleted machine records, and did everything they could to stop the audits. If it was such a “free and fair” election, why the rabid reaction to an audit.

  4. The indiscrepancies in the rule of law when it comes to Democrats is appalling! Over and over again proof comes out and yet nothing gets done to rectify it! People who have broken the laws need to be brought up on charges.

  5. Those are probably the ballots that were mysteriously trucked away from a government warehouse in the dead of night just after the Audit was announced. There is video of the stacks of ballot boxes before they disappeared, video of the ballots themselves and video of the truck that carried them away. Of course non of the courts or official investigators were interested in looking at this evidence. Hence they can all testify that they have seen no evidence of fraud.

  6. I’m so tired of hearing people say the perpetrators of the stolen election will go down soon I haven’t saw anyone pay these so called republicans in Georgia and some in Arizona were in on the steal This is treason and these people need to be hung Wake up people get rid of all these corrupt governors attorney generals voting commissions they all need to go down

  7. Arrested Runbeck or take him out! That the only two choice we have. If REPUBLICANS are going to be Lazy in keeping their rights. Then it time they move to the corrupt side call DEMOCRAT. I prefer removing any corrupt person from the face of earth. So it doesn’t happen again!

  8. WE ALL KNOW THE ELECTION FRAUD WAS REAL! When are people in authority going to put on their “BIG BOY PANTS” & DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS??? W-A-I-T-I-N-G!!!!❤️

  9. WE ALL KNOW THE ELECTION FRAUD WAS REAL! When are people in authority going to put on their “BIG BOY PANTS” & DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS??? W-A-I-T-I-N-G!!!!❤️

    1. Because all of the people in authority are just as corrupt as the most evil person that you can think of. Time for the death of the corrupt government.

  10. I would love to see everyone involved in this voter fraud except nothing will happen to them. Our government is out of control and they can cover up more each day. Nothing will be done to theses people. Sorry , it’s to corrupt.

  11. What a load of bullshit we have all the evidence that would be needed to arrest all of the corrupt people who were in violation of the corrupt voter laws. That must be so weak that it must be useless to enforce them! PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden.

  12. Need a complete whitewash starting with Garland who is bought and paid for. Hate to say this but the military may need to get involved since the politicians are just covering their ugly butts. We need a massive whitewash of dirty pols once and for all starting with Obama, Clinton’s on down. Take all their I’ll- begotten assets , convert them to pay off our debt and ship them to Gitmo. They are all traitors and commies and should be treated with total disrespect for their anti American roles.

  13. The biggest question is WHY ARE REPUBLICANS NOT OUTRAGED ? RINOS?
    NEVER TRUMPERS ? Time to start arresting and sentencing severely to stop this bullshit !

  14. I am convinced that there was widespread voter fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential election from the statistics I’ve seen and the endless articles I have read; and, like millions of other Americans across the United States, I/we want answers. Because, there are too many unanswered questions that haven’t been addressed yet. For instance how do dead people vote? How do you have more votes casts then voters in a district? How does a legitimate voter get turned away after being told they already voted when they didn’t? How does the same vote get counted multiple times, while others get thrown away or put in a suitcase? How do you have unmonitored voting boxes along roads that a single person shoves hundreds of ballots in late at night? How can verification codes not match for the same voter when they should be identical? How are people given the wrong pens to mark ballots with when their ink will destroy a ballot? There are many other questions I have, as well. If we are right about the voter fraud then the stain from those actions will haunt this country and the people responsible for it for the rest of their lives, and every drop of innocent blood that has been shed or will be shed will forever remain at the doorstep of those who had a hand in altering the election results or covering it up. If the evidence is true and the statistics accurate, which I believe they are, then those responsible will get to watch as American children are brainwashed not to believe in God, told morals don’t matter and that the goodness of all races is only a myth, while knowing it is their cross to bear, and was caused by their actions while falsely processing ballots. That the destruction of a nation falls at their feet; because, they helped create and carry out one of the biggest fraudulent election’s in American history. They will know that every American, who goes hungry, loses their home, or is harmed or murdered is in part because of their role in helping change the election results and the direction of this nation. That the disasterous times we are living in today is on their heads, and that the destruction they’ve inflicted upon this nation is something no amount of good deeds can ever undo; because, only by stepping forward in truth can and will this nation start to heal. If it is true voter fraud occurred, we the American voters cannot afford to look away…we must pursue the truth and never let it happen again. We must demand stronger voting laws to protect our future generations from what we are witnessing and living through today; so, they will never have to face this unsettling turn in the road.

    President Trump is fighting for America and the American people everyday. The attacks on him are relentless, and one by one he has managed to prove they were either fabricated, baseless, or outright lies to begin with. He could of walked away when he left office, but he didn’t, he stayed to help the American people and to reveal the truth about so many things…including the election. He is a man, who truly loves this country and puts Americans first in everything he does.

    1. Biden believes in America Last and makes EO’s that supports that.
      Trump believes in America First. Truly a dangerous man to the Dims.

  15. Let’s start with the one that admitted to change the machine in California. Pelosi should be the first to go. Then Biden, I do not consider him as President, he is a puppet that says and does what he is told. Then you go right on down the line.

  16. They need to DECERTIFY any state that shows FRAUD! Starting with Arizona, Georgia, Delaware and Wisconsin. The state of Michigan does not want an audit! Wonder why! President Trump was RIGHT when he named the states. Any decertified state, should change the outcome! WE WILL PATIENTLY WAIT AND PRAY! The TRUTH always comes out! WE THE PEOPLE WILL STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY, TO MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN! GOD BLESS THE USA!


  18. The same thing happened in Arizona with the extra bar code, or the bar code was in the wrong place (on the top and not on the bottom) on only Republican ballots. It’s not rocket science. They wanted the machines to kick out the ballots so they would have to be manually put into the machines. I highly doubt they inputted the same information that was on the original ballot. Even the GOP political establishment didn’t want Trump to win reelection… he’s still an outsider to the DC and the political swamp creatures. They wanted an insider from the political establishment. They all should face charges of voter fraud, conspiracy to commit voter fraud, voter tampering and etc. That’s what this massive cheating was all about… was protecting the political establishment, including the republicans. I’m sure Trump has stuff on them too.

  19. Those that engineered the fraud need to be lined up in front of a firing squad.
    I’d bet that would stop the fraud.

  20. The idiots running our government better get it thru their thick heads, there are people who simply will not get the jab!

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