Take Two Steps Back & Behold the Wreckage of Team Biden’s Agenda

I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that Joe Biden’s “honeymoon” phase would be over soon, and we could all breathe easier. If an incoming administration doesn’t get something major accomplished during that first-100-days honeymoon, it’s not going to get anything major done for the next 3.5 years. And Captain Greenscreen’s first 100 days were a flaming pillar of failure. His handlers didn’t manage to fundamentally transform America into a commie hell-hole – and now they’re not going to be able to. Let’s take two steps back and assess just what Team Biden “accomplished.”

Biden murdered an estimated 170,000 jobs on his first day in office, when all he did was sign some executive orders before running away to take a nap. That was about 70,000 Keystone XL Pipeline jobs, plus 100,000 spinoff jobs that are dependent on pipeline jobs. And that doesn’t even include all the Canadian jobs that he murdered.

President Donald John Trump had managed to make the USA energy independent for the first time since the 1950s. Some might consider that to be an “accomplishment.” But Joe Biden through his executive orders has reversed that. We’re energy dependent again. How’s that feel?

Well, it feels like gas lines and shockingly high gas prices, higher home A/C and heating electric costs and more. I live on the opposite side of the country from where the recent pipeline shutdown caused gas shortages, and yet gasoline here locally has climbed by $1.50 a gallon since the day of the fake inauguration. It’s nice to know that Saudi Arabia and Mexico have us bent over a barrel again, though.

And speaking of Mexico!

How’s our southern border doing under Joe Biden’s border security “accomplishments,” by the way? Still no change?

Nope. Thousands of children are being kept in cages in squalid concentration camps. At one of the military bases where Biden is imprisoning the kids (instead of compassionately deporting them back to their parents as Trump did) there are more than 4,300 captives with two Port-a-Potties. There are not enough showers. The kids are pooping in plastic grocery bags when they can’t hold it long enough to get their turn in the Port-a-Potty.

That’s quite an “accomplishment” from Joe and his “Border Czar” Kamala Harris.

Not to mention the staggering amounts of taxpayer money the regime is spending to house illegal alien families in hotels. That’s an average of $289,000 for an illegal alien family of four by the time Biden gets their paperwork processed and turns them loose to spread COVID in American cities.

Thanks to Biden crippling the oil and gas industry, the US economy is sputtering right now. The economy was supposed to add close to a million jobs in March, but only added a piddling 250,000. If that had happened while Donald Trump was in office, the media would have claimed that Trump cost the economy 750,000 jobs.

Now that the Democrats are unable to come up with 60 votes to eliminate the filibuster, virtually everything else on Captain Greenscreen’s agenda is dead in the water – at least until the midterms. That includes amnesty, gun control, the fake “infrastructure” boondoggle, the Green New Deal, reparations and so on.

If you run the numbers on any of those issues, there’s just no way the Democrats can come up with 10 GOP sellouts in the Senate. The numbers aren’t there! You just can’t find 10 squishy, gooey, surrender-monkey Senators that agree on one issue. If John Cornyn tries to sell America out on gun control, Lindsey Graham won’t. Neither will Lisa Murkowski (I know, right?).

How about amnesty? If Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Lisa Murkowski try to sell America out, Cornyn won’t. Neither will Mitt Romney (I know, right?). On the infrastructure slop bill, Susan Collins and Tim Scott will sell us out – but Graham and Cornyn won’t. And so on.

There’s no path to 60 votes for anything in the Senate for the next year-and-a-half, and no path to nuking the filibuster as long as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema continue to buck their own party.

Joe Biden’s team has accomplished nothing in their first 100 days – and they won’t accomplish any of their “big ticket” items from now on. Sure, they can still hurt us. They’re hurting all of us at the gas pump and in the grocery aisle and in the job market. But we know that the Trump-DeSantis administration will turn all those things around quickly once they get into office. So, hang in there, everyone!

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18 thoughts on “Take Two Steps Back & Behold the Wreckage of Team Biden’s Agenda”

  1. Biden and his idiots are going to try to make people buy electric cars and make oil products obsolete in the next year or two.
    Look at the jobs he killed the very first day! What did the job’s deal with? “Oil”
    Next he’s going to take our right to “keep and bear arms” How,
    With the new man he going to put in charge of “ATF” he has already told Congress he would Band the AK47 by in forcing the laws Biden puts into effect!!
    We the people of America has got to stand up and push back against these stupid ideas.
    If we don’t no one else will!!

    1. Dot, you are correct. If WE THE PEOPLE don’t stand up and say enough with this craziness. We want our rights back, no one else will.

    2. The democratic party has not learned from the past and will/has done the same. Remember the oil embargo by OPEC of 1973 against the u.S. following the 1973 Arab/Israeli war? America was about 50% or more dependant on their oil. Set the stage of oil black mail. That same policy hit England when they had the Belfast Declaration to set up a Jewish state. Let it be said,”that those who hold the product commands the price and or policy or both, a monoply”. Besides electric cars need fossl fuel plants to create electricty.Face it, a no win thing for the so called “green house” people/.

      1. Daniel, the left wants green energy and do away with petroleum products. Thebes’s a doctor down in Houston whose Tesla crashed into a tree and caught fire. It took 4 1/2 hours and 32,000 gals of water to put out the battery fire. THIS IS ONE BATTERY!! Imagine 1,000,000 Tesla batteries in junkyards and the preposterous amount of chemicals and whatever else goes into the making of these things….that type of pollution is exponentially worse than gas or oil ANYDAY!! The left, and anyone involved with this twisted takeover are without morals and literally insane.
        Do your homework you imbiciles, you’re making this planet much worse than what you think you’re saving it from!!!!!

        Damnit ……. am I the only one seeing this?!!

    3. A lot of people are jumping on the electric car bandwagon. ( Biden supporters) These people will be very surprised when they need their batteries changed. Most will have to park those cars because they will not be able to afford the batteries!! This is happening in Europe now. Shortly it will take speed in the USA.

  2. I think the author underestimates the damages that these two puppet clowns can still accomplish. Even if DJT gets back in office (where he rightfully belongs), some things will take a long time to recover from. Destruction is a lot easier and far less costly than rebuilding and Democrats are really efficient when it comes to destroying things.

  3. I have to agree with Jeff here. As well written as this article is, and I love the new nickname for our phony president .” Captain Geenscreen”Love it! Comrade Biden and his regime has done a lot more damage to our once great nation than mentioned in this article.Especially with all these illegal aliens streaming over our borders!! Not to mention our rights being stripped away at every turn. It WILL take a long time to recover IF we get Trump back into office again…..

  4. During Trumps tenure, a bumper sticker appeared. It read… “If you want a circus, vote for a clown”.
    That should’ve been held over for this ”administration”.


    People have been screaming the warnings that this was happening little by little for the last 50 years! All we got for our efforts was insulted and dismissed.

    Now HERE WE ARE. Under the big red boots of Communism and now everyone is “woke” to that and fearfully concerned.

    It’s TOO LATE NOW! The COMMUNISTS own the government, military, police and courts.

    But, you know, “It can’t happen here”. Remember?

    1. Exactly and so many of my friends still think it can’t happen here even though it already has

  6. Talk is cheap. The only solution is to vote OUT as many Democrats from both the House and Senate as possible in 2022. Effectively that will shut down all of these nonsensical Socialist Democrat plans that will destroy America. Nobody elected Biden to destroy the first and second amendments of the Constitution, which despite the babbling denials is what they intend. And those who think that would be an excellent idea, are in fact opposed to the Constitution of the United States of America, and as far as I am concerned, if you are not sold on the foundation of America you can go straight to hell.

  7. Stay the course, stand up for what is right Captain Green screen and solar panel chuckles will go away, we need win house and senate making veto proof so Biden will be lame duck president.

  8. Even if, a big IF, we manage to find a way to beat the cheating dems, do you really think the old pedophile and his ho, would pack up and leave? Remember how they kept saying Trump wouldn’t leave if he lost? They were doing what they always do, projecting their own intentions. They won’t leave. But first we must find a way to beat all the cheating. I do not believe that is possible, unfortunately.

  9. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and just like every other place where an ID is required so should it be for voting so the deceased/illegals/duplicate votes are not counted in the number of votes. If an ID is required for important transactions, voting is one of the most important rights every CITIZEN has and it needs to be restricted to CITIZENS ONLY.

  10. Biden what you’ve done to America has put you one foot in hell ! Your dishonest , lying , stupidity has strengthened the terrorist of the world , taleib presley sanders Omar aoc want America to fall . And your paving the way . You’ll be known as the dumbest , weakest , immoral, unethical , president ever . Nice one bozo joe !

  11. Z Z , agreed. The dumbest, most immoral, the biggest and most profound liar, and a veritable piece of shit he is.
    And I didn’t believe anybody had it in them to supersede Obama !!

  12. Ha, fed up
    People hasn’t just started worrying, I am 63 my grandfather warned me of these day’s in which we live to a “T” !!
    Our Constitutional Rights are being attacked every day, and if we don’t stop this attack we’re going to wake up one morning and it’s going to be Gone!!
    That time is close at hand, right around the corner.
    Then we can only blame ourselves.
    Bye the way, Biden and his idiots are coming after our Gun’s, Speach,car’s, meat, all the Freedoms we all hold close to our Hearts. Biden has even got “DHS” to start tracking social media accounts, which means,
    as in “we the people”
    Biden is already Forcein people to take the Vaccine while people are pouring in at our Southern Border. We don’t even know what desieses their bring. Plus we pay to put them up in hotels, motels while our Vets are sleeping on streets and park benches!! Thats what everyone should be “Fed Up With All this in Four months this “Puppy” is good, wonder who’s pulling Joe’s strings? Hell all of the Democrats are pulling Joe’s Strings .
    “We The People Must Wake Up”
    We must push back against the Left, we all know what’s Right, and we don’t need anyone telling us what’s Right what’s Wrong!!
    That’s the difference between
    “Right = Trump Supporters” and “Left = idiot Democrats”
    So everyone remember DHS is more likely than not “censoring” us!!

  13. Don’t forget that not all the idiots currently in Congress are democrats. The republicans have plenty of idiots
    currently serving. People just have to find out what a person stands for during elections, not just be judged on what they say.
    I was supposed to vote for a school board vacancy a short time ago. I didn’t know any of the 3 people running, and couldn’t get any information on them by searching on line. These positions, for our kids, are extremely important. In the end I didn’t sign the ballot and that’s the first time I have ever done that in over 65 years.
    Dear God, I hope this nightmare election fraud we are now living with ends with people being more careful of whom they vote for.

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