It’s Here: The Big Tech Anti-Trump Censorship War We All Knew Was Coming

We all knew that this day was coming. On the verge of Donald Trump’s historic reelection, Big Tech has stepped in to implement mass censorship in favor of Trump’s opponent.

We saw the videos four years ago: Their employees were crying and devastated the day after Hillary’s defeat, and the Big Tech bosses vowed “Never again.” They promised their employees that Trump’s populist presidency would be a “blip” in history. They would do whatever it took to stop a second Trump term. And now we’re here.

As of this writing, Twitter and Facebook have blocked or throttled the accounts of a multitude of people and entities we all know. The list includes the official Trump campaign, the House Judiciary Committee, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnaney, journalist Jack Posobiec, conservative actor James Woods, gun rights champion Dana Loesch, and one of the biggest newspapers in the world – the New York Post.

What led Big Tech to panic and begin the single largest act of mass censorship against America? The New York Post is publishing a damning series of reports about Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine and China.


If you’ve missed the origins of this bombshell, here goes:

Several years ago, Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop at a repair shop. Hunter Biden signed a contract with that repair shop, much like you have probably done if you’ve ever had a computer repaired. The contract stated that if Hunter Biden didn’t come back to pay the bill or pick up the laptop, the computer was forfeited to the store.

Much in keeping with his character, Hunter Biden never came back for the laptop. As I’ve mentioned previously a time or two, Hunter Biden is prone to going on drug binges and forgetting where he left stuff – like the time when he left his iPhone, his ID, credit cards and crack pipe in a rental car in Arizona.

According to the New York Post, the store owner then checked the Hunter Biden laptop – which was now the store’s laptop. It contained thousands of emails of the Biden family’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine and China. It was the dirt that we’ve all suspected was hiding just beneath the surface all along: Joe Biden’s quid pro quo over a Ukraine prosecutor that he got fired for investigating Burisma, ridiculous amounts of cash from oligarchs to the Bidens, and so on.

The computer also contained a multitude of Hunter Biden’s personal photographs, including at least one of Hunter passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth.

Realizing that he was in possession of evidence of very real crimes, the store owner copied the contents of the hard drive and stored them in a secure location. Then he contacted the FBI and several Members of Congress to try to turn over the evidence. The FBI took possession of the computer more than two years ago – and then did nothing. Let that sink in.

Since the FBI and Congress were unwilling to do anything, the store owner went public and provided the evidence to the New York Post.

The Post is the oldest continuously running newspaper in the US. It was founded by Alexander Hamilton, once upon a time. Rupert Murdoch owns the conservative-leaning paper today, and based on paid subscriptions, it is the fifth-largest paper in the world.

And yet Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have decided that they are your masters. You are not allowed to see this information printed in one of the oldest newspapers in America – because that information helps Donald Trump in the election and hurts the Biden family.

Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson, he once said that he is opposed to every form of tyranny over the mind of man. That’s exactly what this censorship is. It is tyranny over the minds of the American voters. Some of the most prominent people, news organizations and even a congressional committee are being blocked from sharing this information with the public. The White House Press Secretary can’t even get into her personal Twitter account right now, because she tried to tweet the New York Post story about the Bidens.

There are a lot of people to be angry with over this situation, including the corrupt Bidens, the Big Tech overlords, the FBI, Attorney General Bill Barr and others who tried to sweep this under the rug. But the people who deserve the most scorn for this right now are the Republicans in Congress.

We gave the GOP control of the House, the Senate and the White House four years ago. Big Tech said this day was coming and we warned the GOP about it. We demanded action, and they played the fiddle as Dorsey and Zuckerberg poured gas on our republic and lit it on fire.

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49 thoughts on “It’s Here: The Big Tech Anti-Trump Censorship War We All Knew Was Coming”

  1. Sounds as if it is time to discontinue the FBI. They are corrupt to the core. Hire rank and file police officers and deputies to fill the personnel slots and DEEPLY VETTED Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs to hold the supervisory positions. The rank and file officers have been defended but have shown this was not warranted. They have covered for their bosses and not done their job.

    1. My opinion they should not have have special exemption, they have proven for years their partisan ways. They take sides and block articals that they dont agree with and support politicians they agree this is acting like a communist news org,
      Blocking articles from the people.

    2. This corruption and cover up is unconstitutional and must not stand. File court actions to release the truth. Action should be taken to remove Joe Biden as Presidential Candidate immediately.

      1. So we get Joe to step down ( and that day the asteroid hits the earth) and Kamala is now the Dems best shot. Someone who polled miserably in THEIR primary will be the top banana to run against Trump.
        Close your eyes and keep saying “ There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”
        It worked for Dorothy. 😉

    3. Our media has damaged, manipulated and control people in America for years. But many Americans are now realizing what has been happening and how it has manipulated our social, political and religious lives. Pushing immorality and lack of values and if you stand up for anything you are labeled a bigot. As Trump states Fake News. And these so call influential entertainers or celebrities who use the media to push their agenda because they are bias, too. All Americans are aware of the games being played by all. Our forefathers warned us. This is not their America which was founded on Judeo-Christian values, constitutional rights, etc. Prayer is needed now.

    4. So, what else’s new with these disgusting liberal pieces of worthless SHIT? Really as these anti American ASSWIPES are in California, this somehow isn’t surprising. That being said, time long overdue for the Federal Authorities to investigate blatant voter fraud here in California along with the other socialist run states controlled by the liberals. What ‘s the delay? The American people deserve better than this BS. I could go on but what’s the point? As we’re less than 3 weeks from the election, i hope and pray the people of California have a wake up call, an ‘Ah ha moment’ and realize the liberals have done nothing for the residents other than keep jacking up the taxes and allowing the place to become more third world and unlivable.. They’ve destroyed the place and will continue if the voters don’t wise up and vote each and every one out of office. in all elections until they’re all gone. Not all Californian’s voted for the liberal thieving and lying ASSWIPES driving the quality of life in this former golden state that’s golden only in the piss and SHIT littering the streets, sidewalks and parks of the big cities. San Francisco. the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA’s a perfect example. After all who in their right mind votes for this worthless liberal trash?

      1. Thank you William for hitting it spot on…. I moved to this insane state 22yrs ago for a job opportunity. Now I’m months from retiring and wanting passionately to get the hell out of here. CA is literally a cesspool…SF is the new Shit capital of the world indeed William. To walk the streets of “the city”, one revels in the aromatic nuance of feces and urine. This tyrant of a governor (related to the Pelosi woman too I guess) has in just a few months wreaked havoc on his constituents lives, did nothing there as mayor and now with our plandemic he has yet another tool for tyranny. It amazes me just how many of my friends are still voting blue, I tell them what’ll happen if Biden-Bitchho were to make it into the White House and they laugh at me..mock me. These assholes hate Trump so much that they’re completely blind to what it is they THINK they’re voting for. Truth be told, they love CNN MSNBC etc so much that the reality is…… they don’t have a clue what they’re voting for. They really don’t see what’s going to come about….and we know how long it won’t take.. for the love of all things sacred, Trump will win. So many stupid, stupid, idiotic people here in CA gonna vote blue anyway… tragic really, I mean, regardless of anything happening here right now…Pelosi’s district probably would vote that c… back into office again. Insane. I hope my vote gets counted honestly, legally…. but I’ll never know what they will do with it here. At the end of elections here in California, things never play out the way you saw them the night before. Trump 2020

  2. It is time too get rid of the “FBI” and the “CIA” or fire all of the Heads of these two institutions, they have become “Political Institutions” or really the “Swamp Deep State”, they need too be exposed for what they are, and it is not for “We the People”, they are on an agenda (COUP) too remove a Duly Elected President Trump, and must be exposed and restructured or just removed completely and start over!

    1. I agree with where you are heading with this. It seems that the government has become more aware and dedicated to it’s OWN existence and no longer interested in serving the people that it was formed to protect. Why even have multiple agencies if NONE of them are clean and honest. Combine them – CIA, FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security – reduce the size, get rid of managerial layers, DEFUND by 50% and let their credibility be earned back.
      6 months to come clean or the charges – at least obstruction – get filed and you are on leave, unpaid, pending trial. No passports, no leaving town….better lawyer up and get ready to cover your own ass.

    2. Yes we should start new. I never believe in USA this corrupt,I though only in ASIA countries, in this world nothing more than money power which make people forget what GOD want us to be honest faithful to your country . It is very worry for next generation future.

    1. Obama and Hillary are getting a free pass for all the corruption and lies, with help from the FBI, CIA and others.

  3. It’s time to clean house of all of the corrupt politicians and anybody else. It’s time to start issuing indictments and start putting people in jail where they belong.

  4. The Republicans are slow when it comes to evidence. They are in fact so slow they granted Hilary Clinton immunity from charges in order to get her to testify in her own collusion case. Now the new FBI director has been sitting on this evidence on the Biden’s. If they don’t get him to testify on the Burisma (sp.) case with no strings attached then the entire Republican Party should face treason charges. What goes around comes around.

  5. Are you surprised ?? The eight years of the previous administration were the most corrupt in the history of America. It is time that all the heads of the CIA and FBI must be fired !

    1. YES! And when? The American people are blinded, by the democratic party! the Media!, and everything else that has spread lies! about out President! Even members of my own family! Hate Trump and refuse to hear the truth about the liberal democratic party! and anyone that is anti Trump!! They Are literally blinded by these crooks who are right in your face! Lying! to the American people!! Americans are not informed about how corrupted Biden, Obama’s puppet! And Joe Sorros! are, and social media controls the American People!! These Cartels are behind every! every devious scandal!! Against, our President Trump! They should be in Prison! But! This only happens through Prayer and Fasting!
      If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, PRAY and seek my Face, and turn from their Wicked Ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land

  6. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., ought to have their a$$e$ kicked and their heads handed to them for all the bull$hit harassment having to be put up with by Conservative America! George Orwell must have been quite the modern-day prophet in order to have foreseen IT and thought control here in 21st-Century America!

      1. Know wonder why they is censoring. Their plan of doing something, takeover of our government, rushing whatever ism they had planned. Exposed by a patriot & the conservative media and now they are like rabid dogs looking to destroy whatever is in their way. Biden clan and Democrats thought they were above it and would never get caught. Thank God its being exposed. All in His time.

  7. You left Yahoo out. They don’t have a comments section anymore because all the comments were conservative. Guarantee they have comments back after 11/3/20. Where’s Durham buy the way?

    1. M Moran, where is Durham indeed?! The whole Obama administration was/is crooked right from the start. FBI needs to be dissolved…. not police forces. Mr Wray is a complete failure….he’s had this evidence for two years and nothing has been done?!!!! Makes me wonder just who is scratching who’s back, one thing is for sure, they all all lining their pockets with millions of dollars while screwing the American people. This two tiered justice system is stemmed from a totalitarian, Marxist administration that’s completely against Americanism. And this ridiculous plandemic, Crooked Hillary said it “ why waste a good crisis” ….. and they all sit back and laugh. Our country’s economy was roaring when they implemented all of this lockdown crap and look at us now. We the people may have to be the ones to take care of business here….. Im republican to the core, but why can’t my party take the initiative and do to the Democrats what they’ve done to us. So disappointed that the GOP lacks the testicular fortitude that the nasty, vile, lying, cheating, donkeys have. Get it together GOP…. what’re you waiting for?!!!!!! So many prison sentences waiting to happen, and you’ve done nothing. Nothing. I’m optimistic that Trump is going to pull this off, and when he does, it’s time to let heads roll …… starting with our last CIC and his insidious Secretary of State….

  8. Repeal section 230! It gives BIG TECK too much power to censor any information with complete impunity.This is like the state media that was in the soviet union and communest china not the USA! As far as Bill Barr doing any investigatons don’t count on it ,he is neck deep in the swamp. He should be fired right now!

  9. We, the people, have tried to get along with the left and have accommodated them for too long, compromising our principles to the point where Western Civilization itself is on the brink of all out conflict. We must unite and raise our voices against all forms of tyranny and corruption! The tech companies, academy, MSM, Hollywood, in collusion with the Communist Chinese, are determined to overrun us with their collectivist destruction of all that is good and holy and true. Hold fast, patriots! We will win because we must! In God we trust! Go get them, tigers!

  10. Whores traitors and democrats always show their guilt!
    If America lives they will pay for their crimes
    If Demscum win any of the elections America dies!
    Democrats must be eliminated with extreme prejudice and no mercy!
    They kill babies
    Burn cities
    Have destroyed law and order
    Destroy anything not evil like themselves
    May they all eat shit and their heads explode for their worthless excuse of existence and total lack of any human traits!
    Democrats ARE HATE and EVIL!

    1. By allowing all the Censorship about any negative information about Biden and any thing bad about President Trump. We no longer have a free Country. This is what Communism does. I sent by email a note to a family member.i received the email back with a note “your tweet was not sent , link identified ByTwitter Or partners potentially harmful “. Social media?

  11. We as citizens all need to read or reread George Orwell’s 1984. The time has come when this book is most pertinent to our times. Our minds are being controlled by big tech by not allowing information that would be useful in making our decisions for the election. Twitter and facebook have flooded us with false information about the Trump Russia collusion story. Now they are blocking a a story that pertains to Hunter Biden emails, they say the information was hacked but it belonged to the repair shop owner. When you drop and item off for repair at any auto shop or other repair shop you sign a contract that allows the repair shop to take ownership of the item if you abandon the item.

    1. We won’t Russell. Senatorial Slut…. and she’s the VP candidate
      Shows you JUST what we’ve become as a country

  12. 47 U.S. Code § 230 – Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material…has no implementing regulation, of which renders said statute null and void as if it were never written and contrary to the opinion of some Federal Judges there are no Federal statutes that are self-implementing. Furthermore said statute is not even listed in the Parallel Table of Authorities. Bones

  13. I pray every night that God comes back to help us save our country as he made it special. We need to get out to vote. we can show that we are American people and know what is going on and know who is lying. We are not dump or stupid. I also pray that all who is trying to bring down Prestident trump is charged and sent to prison.Please everyone pray for our country.

  14. But the Liberals are saying that it’s all a LIE!!!! Well, TOO LATE!!!! I’ve watched “Riding the Dragon” (on YouTube) and the Biden family is as corrupt as the Clintons!!!! BTW, Barry O (the untouchable one) knew about all of this….

  15. All who are against tyranny over the human mind are against tyrants such as Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg choosing information for us that they will give to people whom they consider their slaves – All together we must come to the elections and vote against these tyrants – for freedom of speech, for the first amendment of the Constitution – for Trump.

  16. And, here I thought that Social Media is supposed to be impartial and honest. Maybe “Social” should be changed to “Fake” so that its reporting is properly categorized.

  17. These Big Tech Twitter, Facebook, Google has to be permanently strip with the section 230. If they are playing like a publisher and censoring the Republicans remove their immunity once and for all. They are a bias platform that are just corrupt like the Biden family and Clinton. They should not be exempted from indictment. These big tech only get richer by doing absurd things. They should be punished. They are bunch of two faces and BIAS. They think American people are stupid that do not see what they are doing???? Trump should do a clean house of his DOJ, FBI and anyone that leaks and is distrustful. Clean the swamp.

  18. YES! Sounds like Communism to me!! There is no room in America for this criminal activity….this is AMERICA for heaven’s sake!

  19. Hell yeah You hit the nail right on the coffin!! They’ve been pulling their shananigans since the beginning of time JFK, RFK, MLKJR assassinations!! Of course it was those assholes!! They have a trail of evidence in their wake!!

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