FBI Steals 800 Safe Deposit Boxes in Trump-Supporting California Neighborhood

We’ve been trying to chronicle the criminal Biden regime’s abuses of Trump supporters ever since inauguration day, when they started locking up peaceful protesters from the January 6th costume party at the Capitol building. The FBI has been busy rounding up those peaceful caped crusaders, even raiding the homes of Americans who look similar to protesters. But the FBI has been up to much more than that. It turns out that the Biden administration has its FBI brownshirts raiding the safety deposit boxes of hundreds of Americans and seizing their property – without warrants. We’ll give you one guess as to why.

90210 is undoubtedly one of the most famous zip codes in America. Heck, if you turn your television on right now, you can probably find a show that was taped there, featuring vapid rich housewives, shady sheikhs with questionable immigration visas, or Hollywood starlets vomiting off the balconies. Located just to the south of Rodeo Drive, there’s a private security company that many of the wealthiest Americans in the 90210 zip code store their valuables. And for good reason – the neighborhood is a prime target for burglars.

US Private Vaults, Inc. offered (past tense) one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the modern world for rich people to store their paintings, jewelry and other belongings. It had 24-hour armed guards, lasers, dogs, retinal scanners, a moat filled with alligators, and so on. It was the sort of place that Tom Cruise is always breaking into in the movies. The company also had about 800 safe deposit boxes.

The FBI raided US Private Vaults back on March 22. The agents had a criminal warrant to seize the property of US Private Vaults. However, the warrant specifically exempted the safe deposit boxes of the company’s wealthy clients. But that didn’t stop Joe Biden’s FBI. They took all 800 safe deposit boxes anyway.

One woman told Reason magazine that the FBI took, “$100,000 in gold and silver coins, some family heirlooms like a diamond necklace inherited from her late grandmother, and an engagement ring she’d promised to pass down to her daughter.”

Even though she and her husband had their contact information printed on top of the box, the FBI never contacted them to let them know it had seized their valuables. The only reason she found out about it was she tried to stop by, only to discover that US Private Vaults had been permanently shut down by the federal government.


The FBI won’t say why it raided US Private Vaults. And it’s not giving the valuables back to the 800 safe deposit box renters, despite the fact that they did not have a warrant to take the boxes in the first place.

The people who have lost their valuables are furious with the FBI right now, but their lawyers have been unable to get any answers at all. And these are people who can afford the best lawyers in the country. The median home price in their neighborhood is about $15 million.

No one has any idea why the FBI stole the contents of 800 safe deposit boxes – but I have a theory!

A huge swath of Beverly Hills – from the Los Angeles Country Club all the way up to Trousdale Estates – was won by Donald Trump in the 2020 election. If you think back to last year, the media and the Democrat Party were dumbfounded by the sudden avalanche of support for Donald Trump in the 90210 zip code. There were Trump rallies, Trump car parades and giant Hollywood-style TRUMP signs popping up along the highways. There were Trump yard signs, flags and bumper stickers everywhere.

Trump won two of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Beverly Hills and it wasn’t even close. And just across the street from those two neighborhoods is… or was… US Private Vaults, Inc.

The corrupt Biden FBI stole millions of dollars in valuables, without a warrant, from a privately owned security company in the wealthiest Trump-supporting zip code in the world. But that’s probably all just a coincidence, right? They seized gold, silver, jewelry, bearer bonds, family heirlooms and who knows what else. If you own or rent a safe deposit box yourself, you might want to rethink that. If they can rob the Trump supporters who can afford to live in 90210, they can rob any of us as revenge for how we voted.

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145 thoughts on “FBI Steals 800 Safe Deposit Boxes in Trump-Supporting California Neighborhood”

  1. This is the first hearing of this seized property. If this is a true fact the FBI and whoever gave the ok to do the rides, where it be Biden, Harris or whoever should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law Bar None!!
    This double standard of our laws is not a Standard for our country.
    The United States Of America was not founded on a double standard. God created mankind as equals not one standard for one, another standard for another. In Biden’s world it’s a different world from yours and mine.
    It’s time to get in the real World
    Lock up all the of the guilty ones.

    1. Why blame Jos.A Buydem,he is just a puppet,everything he says and does is controlled by the ventreloquist Obahma Mama.

        1. And who do you think she is running it for??? She lied about Benghazi and for whom? Hillary and Barack…

        2. Who cares whos running the sHOW? he/she is destroying it for Gods sake. We must do something except talk about it. Where in the hell is SCOTUS?, the military? Is everyone AFRAID in this great country after a CIVIL War, >korean war, and 2 World wars???? Damn! I thought we were WARRIORS! Where is the HOME OF the BRAVE?

        3. Appears the commie, nazi, dem dictators are the obvious U.S. enemies to eliminate ! A nazi hitler again !

      1. Hang on! Why hasn’t any of the 800 complained publicly. Can it be that it was all stolen by them in the first place? Just another day of the Obiden administration.

        1. What? Do you think they haven’t complained publicly? They went to their lawyers and have made end roads in finding out what we know here. They have to go to court about this siege and it won’t be pretty when it is done. But this is just skepticism. since we don’t really know why the FBI targeted these people or their belongings. Might have to do with the company itself.

          1. If this is the stuff that is happening after only 5 months in, we Will be in a nazi type situation before long. Public executions, broadcast on live television, and gulag type prisons, where conservatives will be slave labor to zuckerpuke and Soreass. Sheeple better wake up quick. And liberals. If you think you are safe, then you are stupider than we thought you were. I mean really. You truly believe there’s 72 sexes, and 2+2 can = 5? That’s just stupidity. But thinking you won’t be imprisoned when they need more slave labor, is just plain dumb.

        2. With most of the media in the hands of the Leftists, any public complaints about this will rarely see the light of day. It is pretty clear from your statements here that you side with the Democrats which is your right but perhaps you really need to do your research and just maybe, just maybe, you will see the light of day peering directly at you. The FBI is becoming the Stasi of the 1930’s and 1940’s and the US is heading the way of Cuba, Argentina, and Venezuela sadly…. People need to start listening to the immigrants from those countries and look at why they left there.

      2. I called Biden a “parrot”. Only repeats what he hears.What a terrible president for our America He ruined a beautiful nation He is not a leader and should die in HELL for injustices he single handed made law. He is UNAMERICAN, a liar and a thief. {mentally should be challenged and examined by reputable neurosurgeons} he is demented!!!!!!!!

        1. The left don’t believe in hell. They believe he who died with the most toys, wins. Going to be a shocking surprise for them, is all I can say. I wish them luck.

          1. Right on the end for them at the left will be bad. There master is happy witj thete sin

          2. Right on the end for them at the left will be bad. There master is happy with there sin

      3. Absolutely, Obama the terrorist is the one pulling all the strings in the whitehouse!! He should have been arrested a long time ago, he was afake President, not being an American citizen at all !! His father is an african king.

        1. His father was Malcolm X…Just look at photos of X, Obama and Obama’s brother…and Malia Obama has the same long jaw line. Compared to the round face of the stand in who did so to get entrance to this country from Africa. It explains where all the money came from for Obama to travel the world as a penniless student. Obama’s mother worked for X who hated white people so could not let the truth emerge.

    2. This is definitely something hitler would have done. IF you don’t believe this is a marxist, (*communist_) country what more proof do you need. These I am sure the people that voted for their WONDERFUL biden. Are you really happy now. The best is still to come. It has only been about nearly five months they are just getting started.

    3. No one in Washington will be prosecuted, and wouldn’t be if the DOJ decided to start a weekly target practice exorcise using US citizens as targets. The average citizen in this country has no protection under the constitution or the Bill of Rights, they have slowly been stripped away by both the democrat and republican parties. Biden has made the most visible moves but they are no worse then what Bush did right after 9/11 by forming the Department of Homeland Security, allowing Washington the ability to keep records of and share records on every citizen and imprisonment along with property confiscation without due process of the law, without the person being accused of or charged with committing a crime. Thinks to Bush and the members of congress we are living under the same totalitarian government as Russia, China and any number of single party third world governments. Sadly the states who always have their hands out for money from Washington have become willing accomplices.

      1. Well said. Dubya stood up DHS after the 9/11 false flag to initiate a domestic police state for Kissinger and the rest of the one world government cabal while Cheney and Company pillaged Iraq even though Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11.

      2. MTG is right, AOC is a Twitter wonder, in real life she just will not meet the muster. That is why she wont go on a stage to debate, and explain, and justify her agenda. Things like the green new deal, why it would be so good for the country. Why it would not be good for China. Why she has nothing to say about China’s carbon foot print. Doesn’t she think that China should be making electric cars for China. Why does she support Antifa or BLM terrorist insurgents groups. Why does she support illegals, why does she support human trafficker’s, why does she support drug dealers, why does she support criminal illegals, that injure or kill Americans, why can’t these people fight for their country, are they cowards, so they come here to mess up our country. AOC and the squid squad are a bunch of kids with idealistic ideas, but no common sense as to how to do anything. should not be in congress, to young, no real life experience, needs to come back when she is at least 50.

        1. The stupid c**t doesn’t care and she doesn’t have to debate anyone. Her district is full of f***ing morons who’ll vote for her forever. NYC has lost 350,000+ residents, but those are mostly the more able, financially mobile or intelligent, and even they are likely to go elsewhere and vote the same stupid way. But the rabble that does stay in those increasingly Marxist districts are the rabble, scum of the earth and lazy vermin with no product or hope in their pathetic lives. As long as they blame others for their failures and believe this twat brain can take from those who produce and give it to them, AOC ain’t goin’ nowhere!

      3. Actually, I don’t hear Russian people complain about anything. China is obvious, but Russia actually seems more free than the USA.

    4. I agree with you if this is a factual story and if it is why haven’t the general public heard at least something. Since they apparently have lawyers handling things, I would have thought that they would have been filing lawsuit after lawsuit. I would not put it past the Biden Administration doing something like this and with the media helping to cover it up.

    5. Wrey should be placed on suspension for even allowing this to take place. He is complicit in the illegal search and seizer of private property, for political purposes, and use the FBI to target conservatives, is a violation of their constitutional rights. Also the AG should be removed for directing the FBI to act in an illegal manner, and the president should be remove for violation of the constitution. also the weaponizing of the FBI against American citizens. It is not only a violation of the constitution, it is a violation of his oath of office to serve and protect American citizens, Democrat or Republican. So much for unity.

    6. Our Liberty and Freedom is based on Equal Protection under the Law; the problem is that some are more equal than others and the result is exhibited by unruly people who believe that they’re exempted from the Law.

    7. The problem is that the regular rule of law as it used to be doesn’t work here anymore. The U.S. is saddled with a corrupt, thieving left wing communist govt. that has no qualms about stealing from the populace, especially right wing white people. The federal govt. of today is just as despicable as the govt. was in communist Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, you name it. Courts, judges and laws are all useless in situations like this. The only answer is to somehow get these corrupt communist thieves out of power and put in a govt. that will uphold the rule of law instead of just existing to steal what they can.

    8. Biden has (with his handlers orders & permission) weaponized the F.B.I. against the non Marxist Trump supporters—and AMERICA’S MIDDLE CLASS—-Akin to Hitler’s BROWNSHIRTS.
      America was created from whole cloth by people escaping European Royalty and State Religions. America had a CONSTITUTION prior to 9/11—and now January 6th—One can only pray that Our country can endure these sad days of occupation by the Marxists in Washington’s District (not State) of Columbia. America was not founded by Atheists and We refuse to be ruled by Marxist Atheists.

    9. The FBI should be completely abolished it was completely corrupt even when J Edgar Hoover was in charge totally unaccountable do anything just like the CIA we the people don’t control it they control us it’s time to shut them down they keep talking about the Insurrection at the Capitol the truth is there should be up Insurrection at the capital we should overthrow the government that’s in place right now the Insurrection that the FBI claims happened actually happened because of them because of the cabal because of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers they are the true enemies of America along with the FBI and CIA

    10. This is COMMUNISM ! Confiscation of goods that dont belong to you is COMMUNISM, MARXISM, NATIONAL SOCIALISM! Remember hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, MAO, Chavez, Franco, They all did the same. its in their blueprint book.and now jo biden the pos. When are WE Americans going to start fighting for our country?

    1. Who’s going to prosecute Charles ? These are supposed to get the top cops of the country. It’s the wolf guarding the chicken coop on steroids. We’re getting to the point of a major gunfight is the only way out

      1. The day of reckoning is coming. Fear not. There are more patriots in this country than traitors.
        “Who’s going to prosecute Charles ? These are supposed to get the top cops of the country. It’s the wolf guarding the chicken coop on steroids. We’re getting to the point of a major gunfight is the only way out.”

    2. Disband the F.B.I. as outdated and politically corrupt—do what J.F.K. wanted to do to the C.I.A.: Smash them into a Thousand pieces. Our federal government’s #1 job is to protect Us from INVASION—and with Biden’s “open border mandate” they have failed US.
      SHRINK GOVERNMENT AGENCIES—-v/s de-funding police departments. Where is the F.B.I. when it comes to hunting down the looters that burned cities and attacked police officers”””????

  2. Sick and tired of the double standards. Corrupt liberals continue to get away with disgusting breaches of law without consequences. Americans need to stand up fir our freedom before it is lost forever!

    1. That true! Time to put on the big boy pants! Stop kissing those liberals and Marxist lies! There a time to live and a time to died! Same gone with a country!

        1. They probably did it to have money to pay for MS13 activities (bringing babies in) OR to pay for an attempted hit on Trump OR to pay for other illegal activities. They are disgusting!

  3. The FBI is corrupted completely and should be disbanded, rebuilt using NONE of it’s current players. We need to purge these rogue agencies but themarxist dems are the cause and root of the corruption and the cleanup will not happen until the real President Trump is in office!

    1. Nope! Trump should had fired all of Obama people! The very first week!ike Obama did all of Bush Jr staff! That was a huge mistake by him! It going to take a coop from these former General or a civil war to solve the problem. There are to many involved and it getting ugly!

        1. Yep. And when he called out the “insurrection” on Jan 6, it sealed the fate of any patriot that was dumb enough to go there. The day he asked people to show up, was when he tossed his chance of having a hearing on fraud. He blew it bigly. Everyone is entitled to a mistake, but at least own up to it, and don’t throw your followers under a bus. That actually made me extremely angry.

          1. It was a peaceful protest. Nobody was thrown under the bus. The media and Democrats along with some others made it far worse than it ever was!

      1. Pres Trump was a ‘novice’ when he went to Washington. ‘Smart’ but still a ‘businessman’, not a politician. When you jump into a ‘snake pit’, which ‘snakes’ do you trust?? Yet, he had to have someone working with him–he wasn’t allowed to ‘go it’ alone!! He had to find out–trial and error! Bound to be more ‘error’ than not but, not his fault. He did actually find a very few trustworthy people. Now, we know the names of the traitors and ‘back-stabbers’ in our government–thanks to Trump!! Obama already had his ‘henchmen’ lined up, Trump didn’t. Even ‘he’ was astounded by the ‘width and depth’ of the Swamp!! Still, bit by bit, it CAN be ‘drained’ with persistence by the public!! We ARE doing it! Keep at it. We need to deal with our Courts, as well. Too many ‘traitors’ in their ranks to not be addressed and challenged!!

      2. Wyatt: ABSOLUTELY! He also should have had Soros arrested and tried for treason preferably put him n stocks in the public square to await trial. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed for far less.

    2. All the agencies in DC are corrupt, however, the area DC is ultra liberal so getting help that is not left is rather difficult if not impossible. Include DOJ, maybe CIA.

      1. Six counties around DC are the richest in US—our money they are dividing among themselves( stealing )

      1. Let’s call it what it is.
        LOOTING by the feds.
        Of course we all see that looting is apparently no longer a CRIME. TOTALLY DISGUSTING!

  4. FBI is violence the rights of the people. These agencies are putting themselves in harm way! Don’t be surprised if there a couple of them shot on sight! Knowing they (FBI) are breaking the laws! Don’t care if it was order by the mental illness Biden or SUSAN RICE! They had no real reason to seized personal property! When the truth come out, I hope these agencies involved can hide! They have become our enemy! We all know OBAMA said something to them in 2008! Since then these agencies have gone against their oath and the laws!

  5. I am shocked!! Orwell was right, but it wasn’t 1984, it was 2021! I agree with all comments above!
    It is time to dispose the corrupt government! Impeach all of them, rid our country of this pestilence!

    1. How do we impeach when there is no one in control who would initiate the impeachment? You saw what happened to Ms Greene’s impeachment of Biden? It went into the trash bin.

          1. Whistleblowers only serve a purpose when there are people in power who want to purge the government of corruption. Sadly, this current administration is in power only because of corruption and basically thrives on it. Whistleblowers only put their own lives at risk when criminals are the ones who act on their reports. Think Seth Rich.

        1. Watching the big game, of course. You really need to ask? Then they tell how they will never watch another game. That is my brother. I’ll never watch those communist pigs again. Next day I call to see if he wants to go to Costco. He can’t. Watching football or basketball. Yeah. All talk.

      1. Take back the House and Senate next year then we can start to clean up the mess! The only way justice can and will be served.

  6. ONE QUESTION: At one time in our COUNTRIES HISTORY the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION was a RESPECTED Government Agency ABOVE THE POLITICAL BIAS of the Party in Power. Were are the REAL FBI AGENTS that are NOT BIASED or has the RANK and FILE been corrupted as well? If there are any REAL FBI AGENTS LEFT it is time for them to stand up and STOP the LUNACY!

    You had WHAT MOST AMERICANS believe to be the most ETHICAL HONEST TRUSTWORTHY Investigative Agencies in the WORLD, the Agency was considered to be the BEST along side Scotland Yard!


    1. I think if my mind is still working, the FBI was in the same type trouble under The leader ( I believe he was murdered._ ) J. Edgar Hoover. Unless it was Hoffa believed to be murdered. Don’t remember that detail to well.

  7. What does our US Constitution say about how citizens must deal with “oppressive and unjust government?
    It is their duty to overthrow and institute new! Get er done.

    1. I think that is what they want. A full scale war, where they have all the weapons at their disposal. I really think we should rethink trying to overthrow the government. So far we have proof that there was fraud in Arizona, and if we keep at it we can find proof of fraud in all the questionable states. If that proves to be true, then we should initiate that no one can vote from home, without lots of proof of who is voting, and no mail out votes without requests made with proof of who you are. ANd one thing more, I put my name on my ballot, and no one can challenge that vote.
      Plus they cannot get rid of it, once I have signed in the registration book. So, I think that we should write our names on the actual ballots so that they cannot be stolen.

      1. The problem with writing your name on the ballot is that if it is counted by a human, say, on a recount, it won’t be a secret ballot any more. Secret ballots are essential to keep the corrupt powers that be from retaliating against people who voted against them (like the FBI is retaliating against a whole zip code). The problem with vote by mail is that it separates your name on the envelope from the ballot itself, so if the ballot box is stuffed, the recount will get the same fradulent count every time, because the ballot has no information about who voted the ballot. Eliminating vote by mail eliminates the easiest way to create fradulent ballots, and to switch ballots from one candidate to another. VOTE BY MAIL MIUST BE ELIMINATED, AND REAL-ID REQUIRED TO VOTE IN PERSON. REAL-ID IS FREE.

      2. Ballots were found in dumpsters. They cheated once and didn’t have near the control they have now. Why wouldn’t they do it again? Push the Republican Party,back the true Americans that actually are doing what is right, vote out rhinos, and push back against their unamerican agendas. But be ready to militia up.

    2. Unless you are BLM, or antifa,anything you could do would be considered a supremacist move. And therefore a Terrorist you would become. Given how this administration acts, military would be sent to eradicate us all. I have no interest in harming anyone that is doing their job, but I am also ready to die for my country and the freedoms many others before me have died for. Deplorable Forever!

  8. The FBI is just a lot of whimps.
    Too scared to go after real criminals.
    This whole criminal department needs to be dismantled. They are so anti American.

    1. The problem with the FBI is not the whole FBI, i.e. not all the agents. The problem is the ones at the top of the FBI hierarchy. Think of the FBI like you think of the military. If the power is not divided up between separate branches of government and between Federal, state, and local levels like it is in our Constitution, then if you have a “president” with absolute power (a tyrant), all he needs to do is partner with the top generals, and the country is totally screwed, exactly like Iran was, North Korea is, and Columbia is. If you are in the military and you don’t follow orders, during wartime you can be shot on the spot. So all a dictator has to do is to have corrupt generals at the top, like we have corrupt FBI at the top. The citizens cannot stand up to the US Army. No military force in the world can.


  10. The FBI (Follows Biden’s Instructions) just salutes, throws out its rigid right arm, clicks its heels, shouts “Jawohl!” and rushes out to commit its latest crime.

    The most common defense during the 1946 Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals was “What could I do? I was just following orders”. Same here with the US version of the Gestapo – the former well-respected and efficient Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    Every one of them is now a scum-sucking government robot just following orders. The law and things like their Oath of Office mean nothing to them. They’re simply human garbage now. ALL OF THEM – the ones who carry out these illegal, Unconstitutional thefts and the ones who sit by watching without saying a word.

    Hitler, Stalin and Mao would have LOVED these guys!

    1. I really wish you would think before speaking. We cannot subvert the government. They have all the power at their command. Even the military would be hesitant to do anything against them, as they could be shot for not following orders when it comes to shooting at civilians. If we do anything, it must be done publicly and within the law. And it must be done so that the left is held accountable for years to come. Putting our names on our votes would be one way of making sure that they cannot steal an election. And making sure that they cannot mail out votes without having been requested first is another way. Oregon mails out votes nilly willy and they are never going to see republicans get elected there. That is why we must do things very publicly and very righteously and lawfully. Otherwise they have us at a disadvantage. and they can do us harm.

      1. Sometimes, when things are going bad, you have to do what is necessary to right a wrong. Do you think when this country went to war against the British that it was going to just have fights in court? They knew the odds were against them, but the dream of being a country free from the British was worth it. That is the decision people have to make for themselves.

  11. Why are we not at their homes to collect what they stole from these people they might wake up if it happens to everyone of them???????????????????????????? LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can’t grt away with all of the shit they are doing. Trump won the election so lets take OUR White House back. They think that they have control of our freedoms. Well lets show the what it feels like to take their freedoms away. FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well Linda — are you ready for the consequences of what you are calling for ??? We will be fighting not only this pedophile administration and the fbi but our law enforcement and military who seem to be just fine with what’s happening to this country. It will get VERY bloody and destructive before it is over. I have fought in 1 war and am willing to fight in another to save our country but I know what it will be like — I don’t think many Americans realize what the cost will be. Just my thoughts — not arguing with what you posted.

      1. some would cross sides if something were to occur- liberty is not free, all awr is hell. evryone wants to go to heaven,but no one wants to die.

    2. Again, another person who is not thinking rationally. We do not incite revolution. We have a working system, we just need to make it work right. Those who advocate for doing harm need to be prosecuted, and those who break the laws, need to be put behind bars. We don’t want to be the ones prosecuted or behind bars. Got it?

      1. but when the foxes are in charge of the hen house it aint gonna work out unless you chase em out

    3. Relax India, Remember Ashli Babbit? These people have control of all the military. It’s coming, be patient a little longer.

  12. This is yet another example of the fascist scum now running America (into the ground). Sending their black suits in like Nazi Gestapo, without warrants is 30s Hitler’s Germany. When DT gets back into power, it will be time to turn the tables, time for the word TREASON, to be the name of the game. The original firing squad should be made the conviction of all these vile fascists, starting with Chancellor Pelosi, Soros, Obomination, and Zuckerberg. Then work down the massive list. If the demonics can carry out illegal actions against innocent people because they have a brain, and don’t vote for a jelly brained puppet, then those who really are guilty of plotting against the American people, and the country, ARE traitors, and need to be jailed at the least, and executed in public for the ringleaders. Plus, all their ill-gotten gains should be taken to aid paying off the national dept.

  13. We the People shouldn’t be alarmed, It’s Just another “Tax” levied by Pretender’s New Rules, Just a little something he dreamed up to let everyone know Who’s in Charge, and no one is any closer to figuring that out!

  14. I guess my question is what good did it do to take everything? It’s not going to make those people vote Democrat.

  15. I question this !!! If this vault company had so much security — why did they allow the fbi to just waltz in there and take possession. We have a Constitution, we have a Rule of Law that applies to EVERYONE including the fbi and the pedophile administration. Sounds very fishy to me. It seems to me that the owners of the vault company would be screaming from the roof tops, going on Fox, Oan complaining about it. We all should know that the pedophile administration(especially if obama & the lying dirtbag susan rice are running the show) and the extremely corrupt fbi(with the swamp creature wray at the helm) are capable of something like this but it is the first I have heard of it and putting it on a site like this only gives people like me or the other posters a chance to bitch about it but nothing else. Their lawyers should be hitting the networks every chance they get. If this is true — it is against everything this country has always stood for AND we can’t allow it to happen.

    1. GERRY: check out article on April 2 in “The LA Times”—it gives a lot of interesting comments about the raid including some legalese about the authorization from the courts!

  16. When we advocate for taking the life of others, remember that they can do that too. And they read the stuff you post. Are you really not that smart? We do need to get justice, but we need to do it through the right channels and in the right way. We cannot make assumptions, and go off half cocked. There has to be proof that the people you want to bring to justice are involved. There has to be trials, and there has to be the right kind of discipline for the crime. Killing someone is not the answer to every thing that happens. Now if we are speaking about what Kerry did, that is a crime that is treason and deserves the harshest penalty, possibly death if found guilty. But, like everyone else, he deserves his day in court, and he needs to be investigated for all his actions while President Trump was in office. He is the one person who is likely in bed with the enemy. And if he gives up his cohorts, then he might skate on death, but still be in prison without parole or ever getting a pass from a president. No traitor should ever get back out of prison.

    1. wake up,no one in power is going to have trials, when the enemy doesnt fight fair-NEITHER CAN YOUthe constitution already has rules in place for such a gvnmt.

  17. Most of us knew when Biden “won” the election that socialism/communism was on the way. A senile pervert to be the false face protecting the swamp. The real ones in charge are the rich elites in our government who think every day people are just ignorant slaves to be used and then discarded like so much trash. Pelosi is the main so deluded one, but there are many more.

  18. There is also another reason why the FBI raided those 800 security boxes, it’s because the Great Reset means can not be Gold or Silver or any Jewels can be owned by anyone. When the world Fiscal Currency is wiped out and the 1%ers introduce the only option is their own Crypto Currency which means then all the other Crypto Currency can not use Gold, Silver and Jewels of value to offset all the other Crypto Currency’s. With Crypto Currency controlled by the 1%ers, 5G and these Experimental Gene Therapy shots not to mention Climate change is a recipe for disaster or Depopulating the human race until only 500M is alive by 2030 that’s their ultimate goal and will do anything to reach that goal.


  20. It’s no secret anymore. The Fake Bureau of non Investigation is corrupt from top to bottom. 95 percent democRAT agents, totally ignoring the law and using their power to push a political agenda. The entire agency needs to be disbanded and replaced. Time for military tribunals to rid our country of traitors. Try them, Imprison, or better yet, execute them.

  21. The NAZIs did this to the JEWS in GERMANY during the 1930s and 1940s . . . Looks like HISTORY REPEATS itself. Time to SUE the FBI and bring to JUSTICE these FBI agents with this CRIMINAL SIEZURE act. It is ONLY going to get WORSE! This is against the U.S. Constitution, and these peoples’ rights have been VIOLATED. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  22. Obama shortly after being elected shut down numerous private conservative business over bogus and falsified environmental violations. And once the companies went under virtually gave them to leftist friends and the companies were up and runing under the new owners. One was Les Paul Guitars makers of the “Epiphone” line of guitars
    The FBI/GESTAPO of the deep state does whatever the DC Backroom instructs it to do.

  23. So now it looks like we have lost the FBI to the socialist/communist demoncreeps. My God what is happening to our country? Where are the patriots in DC? I know some FBI guys just like some of the military guys and gals, the rank and file are not corrupt but their leadership is quite corrupt. All of these gov’t agencies, FBI, CIA, DHS etc. etc. need to be purged of the current leadership, even our military leaders are questionable. If we can’t get it done we will go the way of Venezuela and Cuba etal. Hang onto your guns because these assholes are coming for us. We can’t just surrender, we need to fight this shit with all our might!! GBA KAG

  24. When the law of the land break the law,
    then there is no law and we who do not want
    anarchy need to step up and become the law.

  25. What gives these crooked corrupt idiots the right to seize peoples property without a warrant or a reason. The time for talk is over. We need to start taking this country back by force.

  26. When the comes Republicans, win the house, senate, president that all hell will come to democrats, FBI, CIA, and all other corrupt groups, Big Tech, FAKE NEWS, BLM and their MILITARY BRANCH- ANTIFA, I see a whole lot of prison time and DEATH PENATIES FOR TREASON TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY—GOD BLESS THE USA…..

  27. What would happen if we all refused to pay income taxes next April 15th? That would cut off the funds for
    Dictator Biden and his Marxist cronies to use our hard earned money to finance their destruction of this country.

  28. Well, look at it this way. Ever since the Globalist/Communist/Democrat Party stole the election, they have spent every dollar this country had left on political pork projects and blatant buy-outs.

    Now they’re broke and need operating capitol. What better way than by plundering safe deposit boxes and moving on to bank robbery in the form of their plans to CONFISCATE our savings and retirement accounts?

    And yes! The Democrats are working on that! GRAND THEFT of the last of our hard earned and carefully saved cash.

    Yet IDIOTS and COMPLETE FOOLS still trust them. SMDH!

  29. Interesting question about this asks whether or not those valuable pieces have been gift wrapped for the agents’ own loved ones. Just sayin’

  30. Fauci: It’s ‘very important’ to vaccinate your kids, Important to who?
    Now that Trump is out of office, why is it so important to Fauci that we take this vax, what is Fauci putting in it, that he is not telling us. When Trump was in the vax was unsafe, now that Trump is out, it is a wonder drug, strange! The difference a name can make.

  31. Why I will never have a safe deposit acct again! If anything, bury it where my Mom was supposed to be buried, get it when I need it. Better than having it stolen by corrupt Bidens FBI Goons with no conscience!! Hoe pitiful!!
    More proof that the Election of 2020 was Stolen!! More and More Proif is coming out. They Demorats are more and more desperate to gather anything they can, knowing they will go down. So they are stealing all they can from anyone they can!! If course they will start at the too, with the Wealthiest Trump Supporters. Thinking that will stop them from supporting him in the future!! DUH!!! If anything, they will give more in the future to insure he wins!!
    Trump did actually win. Democrats know it!! Soon, Democrats, FBI, everyone else involved. Lots of others will be out of office, incarcerated for life!! Trump will be in office for the rest of this term! He should be allowed to be able to run for a third turn — as this term was stolen. When the SCOTUS returns the Presidency to him sometime this year, it will take him a long time just to out things right again. We owe President Trump a Third Term, because of what he has been forced to go through!! Our nation needs him as our President, with him we will thrive again, as we were before the start of Fauci’s Covid19 Financing Fiasco in China!! What an embarrassment some people we thought of as Heroes have become to our country. The world is watching, to see if we actually right these wrongs, or if our country is done for!!

  32. An article in “The LATimes” on April 2 documents that this story is TRUE! WOW!! I plan to follow this story closely!

  33. I do not believe what some seem to want to push. The now President, Biden said in his beginning he was going to let the Government run as it is designed, and not get involved, and that is exactly what the Constitution says that a President is suppose to do, not be an autocrat and tell the agencies what how to operate.
    The first thing is that no Law Enforcement gets a Warrant unless they have hard evidence that there is possibly more evidence that can prove crimes have been committed or in the process of being committed, a judge or multiple judges have to sign off on a warrant, information available is that 2 Trump appointed judges signed on this warrant, based on money laundering and stolen property.

  34. The F B I is just another criminal organization to be used by the totally criminal group called the democrapic party. This needs to end one way or another

  35. The FBI are the NAZI Brown Shirts of the Biden Criminal Reign !
    The entire bunch are nothing but a bunch of THIEVING B’stards !
    How do the Citizen Victims get their property back ?
    Was there an inventory made of each stolen box ?

  36. Anyone who voted the Democratic presidential ticket is equally guilty. They may well try to turn the U.S. in to a police zone, and try to control private businesses as well.

  37. FBI has become our enemy! Attacking honest people who love this country! This is a step in the way to a civil war! These guys can’t be trusted! So if you are smart you start planning your next move! Don’t let other fool you. Every American is in this sinking boat! These dumb college whites kids are the next target of BLM AND MARXIST! Even if they did help in the March! Time for us to PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD! AND FIGHT BACK FOR HIM!

  38. Welcome to the demonazi rule of America. Gestapo thugs of the left will break down your door if you voted for Trump. They will outright steal from you and make political prisoners of you. The new secret police is the FBI. ANTIFA and BLM are the new brown shirts and Pelosi is the new Gobbels.

  39. The FBI has long been the F***ing Bungling Idiots, with regard to their rank ineptitude on any matters of national security or importance. Now they’ve been made into the Brown Shirts (S.A.) of the Democrat party. Most of you posting are Americans by birth and are shocked by this outrage, one you never thought could happen in the USA. I HAVE seen this before, many years ago. My family left Castro’s Gulag in 1961, I was close to six years old. I remember they only allowed 3 changes of clothing per person, no cash or jewelry of any kind. People would find ways to hide it, but if you got caught, they’d turn you back from the flight and throw you in political prison! My uncle made leather products and many people paid him to pack gold in any form and diamonds into ladies’ high heeled shoes, removing the heels, hollowing them out, packing the gold and regluing them securely. The commies began to catch on and would weigh each shoe separately. People started to pack both shoes to weigh the same, even with small lead fishing weights! Sometimes the goons would simply tear off the heels, there was nothing you could do. My uncle also took fancy boar hair brushes apart, unstitching the leather cover. Then he’d cut open the wooden base, hollow it out, and hide gold or diamonds there. After gluing it back together, he’d restitch the leather cover back into place. Right now, we’re experiencing a Marxist police state in our nation. The only question I have is this, will the American people wake the f**k up in 2022 & 2024, or are they so bought off by “free money” and not working, that they’ll keep Dems in power?

  40. The !(one) thing the military taught me do not mess with a persons family religion, or money . Do this at your own risk, pay back is a witch.



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