Dr. Fauci Plans to Inject Young Children and Babies with Radically New Vaccine

Despite young children and infants not suffering ill effects from the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci wants to shoot them up with the vaccine. The question American families need to be answered is whether the seemingly good doctor is another government puppet or a villain. Credible evidence exists to make a case for both conclusions.

“With regards to children, we’re doing an age de-escalation study in elementary school children from 12-9, 9-6, and six months to two years. We anticipate we’ll have enough data to be able to vaccinate these younger children by the first quarter of 2022,” Dr. Fauci reportedly said.

What everyday Americans may not realize is that Dr. Fauci tipped his monstrous hand when making that statement. According to the National Institute of Health, an age de-escalation study involves exposing people to the vaccine. This type of clinical trial tests the vaccine on older groups and incrementally injects younger and younger children. By the end, Dr. Fauci and his cohorts will be injecting babies to see if they survive the newly-crafted vaccine. Keep in mind that even the government-controlled Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data admits nearly 2,000 people from the vaccine in 2020.


The Biden Administration has kept a tight lid on vaccine data and has placed gag orders on multiple government agencies. Given that everyday people can no longer rely on fact-based information from previously credible sources, it stands to reason that far more people are dying from the vaccine than will ever be disclosed. As Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden ramp up fear, it’s highly likely young children, and babies will needlessly die.

What makes the pressure to inject younger populations suspicious stems from the information Americans had access to before Joe Biden ended government transparency. There are reportedly 23.6 million children and infants under 5 years old in the country. Only a minuscule percentage contracted the virus, and only a fraction of a percent died due to underlying conditions or weak immune systems. The CDC indicates that more than 29 million people contracted the virus, and 539,000 Americans died while infected with COVID-19. Some controversy persists whether they actually died from the virus or simply tested positive at the time of death.

That being said, a reported 2 percent of all cases were children under 5 years old, and the number of fatalities was remarkably less than 0.1 percent. The same held true for minors 5-17 years old. It seems both counterintuitive and reckless to use a radically new vaccine on people who do not get severely sick or die from this disease. If injecting them sounds monstrous, consider what the establishment media has been concealing about Dr. Fauci.

The National Institute of Health reportedly followed the good doctor’s recommendation to funnel $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory experimenting on the coronavirus in bats. It doesn’t take a detective to figure out Dr. Fauci may have helped caused the pandemic that has killed millions.

And recent reports raise other red flags about Dr. Fauci and the vaccine. He continues to claim there are no long-term implications to putting the vaccine into the bodies of children and infants. When questions about the possibility the incredibly new vaccine could alter DNA in children, he quickly shot down concerns.

“There is really no biological reason at all to indicate or even predict that you would even see any modification of a genetic profile when you’re dealing with mRNA, which has no way of integrating into the genome of a cell,” Dr. Fauci reportedly said.

What proves problematic about his knee-jerk reaction is that no one has studied the long-term impact on health, wellbeing, or genetic implications. The vaccine is too new for any of that research to have been completed.

What everyday Americans are seeing is a man who may bear responsibility for the plague, monstrously pushes to have babies injected, and shows a reckless disregard for long-term health implications. Dr. Fauci is both a villain and Biden puppet.

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68 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci Plans to Inject Young Children and Babies with Radically New Vaccine”

  1. Time and time again it has been proven that this administration cannot b trusted. For the American people to believe their lies and propaganda only showes the brainwashing and childish ameriican inteligence

    1. I agree Michael. Brainwashing by the MSM bought and paid for by the demented Soros bunch. People need to wake up and get educated on the facts…not the fantasy land fiction they try to peddle. They tell us we are the conspiracy theorists…but what are they?? When our conspiracy theories come to be proven true…then some may finally be awakened. And it can’t come soon enough.

    2. Fauci is no doctor. He is a blue ribbon liar and a murdering thief. If we don’t tar and feather Fauci he will gain enough power to make Josef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death look like a saint. Tar and feathering sounds interesting, but not until he is given several doses of the real covid vaccines. Not the fake doses he took to demonstrate that the vaccine is safe. He is a evil man. JD

    3. First; let’s inject some “nanobots” into ALL fooci’s family members, and ALL politicians. Then, let’s set back and watch to see what happens to them!!

    4. Fauci was paid 1 million dollars and now he’s experimenting on babies by injecting his crazy vaccine formulated in Wuhan China and paid by the WHO. Anthony Fauci Mengele has gone off the deep end with the fame and fortune and wants to kill infants now. Stop him!

    1. I have some air male for him in the form of a 50 caliber delivered through a Barrett Sniper Rifle


    2. Exactly, This S.O.B. ever comes near me or my family with the Dumbocrat DEATH JUICE it will not end well, I promise.

  2. ” …. (CDC) data admits nearly 2,000 people from the vaccine in 2020.”. Nearly 2,000 people whatted from the vaccine? The article nicely left that unimportant little word out.


    Dr. Faux Cheat MAKES BIG MONEY from this vaccine that is MURDERING people here and even more in Europe. Remember the Hippocratic Oath? “First, Do No Harm”. I guess the medical community threw that part out in favor of “First, Make As Much Money As Possible No Matter How Many Die”.

    And We the Sheeple just keep lining up, 6′ apart, masks on, to get shots that killing thousands!

    1. That’s ONE thing but now fungimengele is announcing he wants to inject BABIES with his toxic poison.

  3. doctor QUACK QUACK fauci, needs to be removed and sent home, cut loose from where ever , he thinks he is right , this man has flip flopped for over a year, I think he takes his order from a DRUNK CLINTON, For one thing he is way over paid , 417,000.$$ a year, that is TAXPAYER money, he sounds like one of those doctors hitler had working for him in WW2, HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION , now suggesting testing babies, turning them into guinea pigs and lab rats, this MAN IS SICK, sick in the head. He is the root cause of this virus. and all of these vaccines, I read have caused 30,000 deaths. But let’s get back to the issue, HE NEEDS TO GO and SHUT UP. I would never believe this man, NEVER , anything he says I take as a LIE.

  4. Why on earth would anyone want to listen to Fauci He probably had a hand in the lab in China and probably has a finger in the pie of the making of the vaccine I for one do not believe anything the man has to say because he is to in love with the microphone that gets shoved in his face.

  5. What surprises me the government is letting him do these terrible things to people and now children. Come on America lets get smart. This sounds to me like what Hitler did to Americans years ago.

    1. Remember, history repeats itself, and that’s exactly what’s happening now. Another Fauci Hitler!!

  6. Never Trusted Fauci from the start!!
    I’m not saying I don’t trust the vaccine! I’m saying I don’t trust Fauci.

    1. All these libtard idiots laughed when Trump said we will have a vaccine, in a year. They all said it will take 3 to 5 years. What a bunch of no nothings.

      1. Trump was right !! Why can’t everyone see this ?? The Dems should be removed and stuck in a prison somewhere for what they have done. If we all sit back and let them do whatever they want. we will not be in a position, in a year. to do anything to stop them. NOW IS THE TIME BOYS !!!

  7. first of all god to make ur body to be filled with drugs which is unkown what u taking are putting shots in your arms its all politicians drug companys giving doc something to sell to people they all got their hand it cookie jar i am 67 and dont take no kind of medicine i say if god says its my time it is hell with keeping politicans doc and drug co in bussiness rest of your life doctors tell u that u have to have stuff and u beleive because we were taught to beleive one they all have their own opinion well lets try this if it dont work we try something different they are a big business they want u as a customer till the day u die so biden dr fake u can stick ur shots up your ass take the crap off the news period people die from taking it people fall for the bs because their insurance will pay they dont care what it cost its not about nothing but greed now

  8. this quack was bought and paid for – medical training? – by soros…is it any wonder his behavior and flip-flopping change daily? no….have nothing to do with any vaccine this moron recommends….

  9. Sorry I can not call this idiot a Dr.. Too me he is a crook, who has stolen millions from the American hard working people. I never asked him to work for over $400,000.00 per year to do absolutely nothing that benefits us. I think Italy was right and just when they asked to be able to prosecute this jerk and Gates for this “pandemic” crap. Giving false information to make themselves look important and make God knows how much off this sad situation. This idiot changes his mind according to what those in the White House need to be done to side step us from seeing there real agenda, to try and keep our reliance on them while they suppress, and destroy our country for the agenda!

  10. This whole “pandemic” lie has been propagated by the MSM and CCP to destabilize the world economy for the benefit of China.
    It has been proven by doctors in Ecuador that this is NOT a virus, but is in fact a bacteria that causes your blood to coagulate and block your lungs. They proved this by doing autopsies on those who died from COVID against the demands of the WHO to have NO autopsies performed and to cremate the bodies immediately.
    These doctors found that by treating patients with antibiotics, anticoagulants, and low dose Asprin, all of these patients were CURED. The same treatment has been being used in Italy, and they have been curing upwards of 14,000 patients per day. The Ecuadorian doctor’s name is Jacinto Pichamaluco. Look him up and see his findings. The lengthy statement that he released is worth reading. This needs to get out to all of the people in the world, and STOP the insanity and panic, and outright stupidity over something that is easily cured.
    For the love of all our children, NEVER allow them to be given this DNA altering “vaccine”.


  11. Fauci and Biden are nothing but murders of the American people and i will not be taking the vaccine
    no matter what hose murders say . i will protect my wife and myself with my 2nd amendment rights
    so anybody who thinks they can come into my house and tell me i have to have that shit better run

  12. Sorry, but I cannot understand the American people, a nation that made a world reputation with Young dynamic people, creative, inventive, put the first human on the moon, Silicon Valley etc etc Yu name it. But now Yu are mistreated by people over 80 years old Faucy, Soros, Feinstein, Pelosi, Biden, even Trump, (but this guy is an exception in the lot) they continue to cling to power (thirsty for power!!!!!) while they should be in a retirement home from crown prince Cuomo in New York; and their substitutes in power will be around the same age when they take control…..(Schumer, Gates, Zuckerberg, the Twitter Bin Laden Dempsey etc etc all brainwashed with the Democratic Socialist ideas that have destroyed so many democratic countries….and nobody very bright to run the show

  13. Fauci should be in prison along with Birx and about 25 more! Bill Gates and a bunch of others are all for depopulating in the name of “for the good of the country”! But more like for money and power! Fauci, Sorros, Bloomberg, Clinton’s, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, and an elite group are behind this along with China! All wanting to force our country into Socialism and Communism so they have the power! Fauci has studied this Coronivirus for many years in that Wuhan lab all paid for by American taxpayers! He has helped make this bacteria or virus to use at the right time when he was told to use it. And since impeachment didn’t work to get rid of Trump, it was the right time! Destroy Trump because he was exposing them! He was draining the “swamp” as he said he was going to. Now they are trying to destroy our democracy and take our freedoms! Communist rule! I just wonder who will be the world leader when we have “one world order”? I am sure the Chinese dictator will not let it be Pelosi! Lol Their day will come in their after life for sure! I sure wouldn’t want to be in their shoes and have to answer to the one who made them, the true ruler over mankind!

    1. All of the list above should be taken out immediately. We need to add Fuckerburg and jack-off Dorsey to the list.

  14. This is a ploy to sterilize children and probably cause their demise. This monster built the COVID 19 problem in a lab in China then released it. We never hear about the deaths resulting from these experimental so called vaccine. This commy government is helping him do this stuff with tax payers money. I am glad I am on the downside of life. They will not inject me I know my rights. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day.

  15. Anyone who wants to know the truth about Bill Gates of hell, should look up the lecture Gates gave to the CIA in 2005.

    1. Yeah Bill Gates is determined to ‘depopulate’ the globe, Like fauci, he’s dangerous which is why him and his wife are in Africa so much, lots of natives to practice on. Gates and his old man were huge proponents of Eugenics.

  16. This may be a “Village of the Damned Scenario”, in which the vaccine or a serum later to come is used to change the genes of our children and grandchildren. It has always been said that freedom is in the DNA of Americans, but we may be seeing a plan to change the DNA similar to the illegitimate regime’s plan to change the population through a tsunami of illegal immigration. Once the system of vaccines and passports, which will obviously create a North Korea-style Songbun caste system (they are even coding people as “red”, “green” and “yellow”), the next scare or the next decree will result in further adjustment of the children and their DNA. In due course the children will be combined with artificial intelligence and rendered cyborgs, a plan that our Chicom masters are already working on and that is being advocated by Gates and Schwab of the Global Reset, The only way to stop this is to stop the Mad Scientist and to remove his Dotard enabler. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and Fraudci) delenda est!

  17. Dr Fausley has a Saviour complex. How many lies, and how long he has pushed fear disqualifies him from responsible service of free people.

  18. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations


  20. Fauci is demonic, not just a bad actor or a misguided man, he is an evil demonic puke who knows just what he is doing on behalf of his father

  21. Will the real Dr Fauci please stand up. This one’s a phony as is biden. A real Doctor would not want to submit children to an unnecessary vaccine. He has gone over the deep end and needs to be replaced.

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