All the News Not Being Reported about “the Thing” We’re Not Allowed to Talk About

It’s the Streisand Effect all over again. The more you try to censor and suppress information – especially in a country where we still have the ability to talk to each other on the internet – the more attention is drawn to that censored subject.

We are NOT supposed to talk about “the thing” that happened back in November. That was all a Big Lie from Donald Trump and QAnon conspiracy theorists. It never happened. Joe Biden is totally 100% legit and to say otherwise is now a fire-able offense.

It may soon be a jail-worthy offense. But that doesn’t change the fact that even more Americans now believe their own lying eyes.

“The thing,” of course, is that absolute joke of a 2020 election. The national media has clamped down in full “never happened” mode and is ignoring the growing consensus among Americans that “the thing” was a fraud. There’s actually a lot of news related to “the thing” that we continue discovering, despite the media gaslighting us 24/7 and hoping we’ll all just move on.

For example, the New Hampshire state House Election Law Committee just voted unanimously (20 to 0) to approve a full forensic audit of the machine votes that occurred in Antrim County and primarily in the city of Windham. There were some close races in that county in November, so a recount of the votes was done. When the recount results were completed, every single winning candidate had exactly 300 more votes than they had in the initial count. Every candidate.

That’s too bizarre a coincidence for any rational, thinking adult to look at it and think, “Yep. Sounds legit!” Something clearly went wrong there.

To his credit, the New Hampshire Secretary of State has agreed to have the vote machines audited by a professional, independent, third-party team to determine what happened. Secretary of State Bill Gardner hasn’t shredded any ballots or dumped the machines in the lake or carried out any other evidence-destroying shenanigans like we’ve seen in so many other states.


Meanwhile, protesters gathered at City Hall in Green Bay, WI on March 12th, as the narrative continues to unravel there. Green Bay’s city clerk recused herself from the 2020 election, because she was so concerned with the city mayor’s election shenanigans with left-wing activists. It turns out – and this is brand-new information we’re just finding out in March 2021 – left-wing activists were granted access to sequestered absentee ballots both before and after the November 3rd election. Which just so happens to be total violation of Wisconsin’s state laws, in addition to the fact that city mayors aren’t supposed to be overseeing elections instead of city clerks.

And then there’s the ongoing effort to kick Republicans out of Congress for refusing to bend the knee and kiss the ring. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) apparently doesn’t have any problems to solve in her congressional district. She’s released a 1,900-page report detailing the reasons why Republicans who objected to the January 6 vote certification must be permanently removed from Congress. 1,900 pages! That’s longer than the COVID pork bill, so you know she’s been really busy.

Her biggest targets are Arizona’s Republican House Members: Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs and Debbie Lesko. Even though Donald Trump was found completely innocent in the Impeachment 2.0 trial, Lofgren claims that the Arizona GOP members are guilty of the same crime and should be removed from the House. She claims that the Arizona Republicans “betrayed their oath of office” by helping Donald Trump to incite the violent insurrection coup of treason and buffalo horns on January 6th. And again: She’s making these claims right now, in March, after Donald Trump was found “not guilty” of inciting an insurrection.

Doesn’t matter to the left. Anyone who doubts the media’s fairytales about “the thing” is a “threat to democracy” and will be removed.

If we’re supposed to accept Joe Biden as the “totes legit” winner of the “the thing,” why are we still finding new evidence of wrongdoing four months later? Why are people still rising up and protesting as new information comes to light? And here’s the same question many of us have been asking for months: If this was a legit contest, why do they want to criminalize and censor any discussion of it?

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75 thoughts on “All the News Not Being Reported about “the Thing” We’re Not Allowed to Talk About”

  1. Because Biden and his Studies wount to shut all of us Down, they don’t want any discussion of the 2020 ELECTION!! But I said it. If Biden feels like he needs to come after me have at it. They think people are scared to speak up,
    We’re not! We haven’t forgotten about how the 2020 election was stolen not only from Trump but the People of these United States.
    We’re being treated like children.
    We don’t know better. We Do
    It’s time we stand up and speak out against Biden’s agenda! If we don’t We’re heading straight for a socialist party. And sooner than we think! Just look at how much this country has changed, I almost
    Don’t Recognize where I was Born and Raised! It’s unreal. One would think something couldn’t change so quickly next their coming after our gun’s before you known it next It’s going to be us.
    I for one Refuse to go down that Road it has to stop and that time is now! You’ll remember Schumer told us they’re coming after Ga. Next Change America!! Well their doing it. Right in front of our eyes!

    1. I agree with you 100% DOT! I really hope Enough of the country wakes up Real Soon! They are Already trying to take Elections away from states, and, make them ALL under FEDERAL RULE!!! We most Certainly CANNOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN, or, it’s All Over

      1. It is all over since you still don’t grasp that it was a coupdetat by CIA and sectors of Pentagon and FBI of course. Biden, Harris, multigender ZE, systemic racism against Negroes, women, pedophiles, all detractions of reality of a new kind of Nacism that implemented , together with their control of mass media, a masterful coupdetat, so that everyone in the world is confused and lost. The master piece was the virus that was blamed on poor China, but manufactured inbbio war US army program.

        1. You dead right…an on target..the Swamp and CIA sent Fx and Saran gas from Iraq to Wuhan back during the Iraq War an had to hunt an kill Hussein in order to cover up the truth, One of our own military intelligence officers uncovered the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that Busch sent to Iraq.

          MY Family served with this gentleman in Vietnam an served on President Nixon’s Honor Guard at western White House while in the U S Coast Guard, my family member did 3 tours in Nam.

    2. It’s true, but many people I know don’t want to talk about it. Guess they’re scared. But God has a plan for the American people and it’s coming true every day, believe me when I say that because something no one is talking about is what is going to happen to the USA. Not socialism but something much bigger than anyone could imagine. Do you know what an EMP stands for? All this time senators have been in office and no one of them have done anything to protect the American people. But what would happen if a warhead would come across America soil? 290m people will die and the rest will be fighting over what’s left. If you don’t believe me, read the book of Revelation chapter 17 and 18 because we are mystery Babylon and the lady who sits on the water is not who you think she is it’s the whore of Babylon Ishtar. This is in the Bible. If you look at today’s world the old Babylon is a desert,we are surrounded by water. That’s in the Bible as well. So please if you see a video of how God’s plan is coming turn on the volume and listen closely. Also not only are they trying to take everything from us , it’s not going to happen. China gave the virus to the world as a bioweapon. But Russia is the one who will take out the USA.

      1. SIN in this world is what brought the virus to this world and to our country , people need to turn from their wicked ways and repent of all the sin that is in their lives , 2 chronicles chapter 7:14 , God destroyed sodom & gomorrah with FIRE and it could happen to this country if their is not change , we all know how to live right , we just don’t want to .

      2. I am not surrounded by water and ND is not Babylon. Sounds like New York City to me‍♀️ Even if it is the entire country or continent- I am good with my God and myself. I have no control over the results of the world sins and I’m not going to pretend I do. With a mask or anything else.

      3. I have have the same Bible and the New Babylon is America. I am saved and will be out of here Rev.4-6, but God have mercy on those not ready because it is horrible for those left behind. God is in control, not the Dems. Pray like your life depends on it because it does. And it is the bear from the north , Russia who comes for Israel. That will be your one clue it is nearly over. Pray, pray, pray.

      4. You should start by reading the book of Revelation chapter 6:1 , because that’s the first seal that has been opened. The one that a lady talked about the beast coming from the water is after all the seals are open and he’s coming after the trumpets start with the angels. Enjoy your voice, your day and weekend and have a blessed whatever. God bless us all as he has done so many times in the past! God speed and stay safe and please be careful with whatever you do.

    3. Anyone who can not or will not admit this election was a monstrous farrago of cheating, fraud, lies, theft and all forms of chicanery is either blind, stupid, insane or lying. It really is that simple.

      I would like to know who dreamed up the meme that Democrats overwhelmingly vote early, absentee, or otherwise by mail, and that most Republicans vote in person.
      I never heard of this until a few weeks before the 2020 ‘election’ and I
      seriously doubt it’s true.

      This is exactly the sort of trope that would be used to justify skewed election results by magically discovering thousands of “mailed in” votes just when they’re needed to reverse a candidate’s lead (or, conversely, to inflate that of the beneficiary of the mischief.)

      1. It’s the dominino machine that changed the votes from one to the other party. That’s how they did it, but I don’t believe he be president much longer, since he’s already called Harris president a few times.

    4. I agree. Come try and take anything I own. They w8have hell to pay. I’m 64. I ain’t laying down for Biden or any other Democraps. Like Ted Cruz’s hat said, “come and get get”.

    5. AGREED! The election was totally rigged! There is no way this puppet in the White House was legitimately voted in. No way someone who couldn’t garner even a dozen ppl at
      his rallies (the few he had) and then I am to believe he was the most popular President elect EVER!
      I too agree “have at it” there are too many of us to cancel out! I won’t bow down to what is happening to my country! This is not the America I believed in…not under Biden…not under the now socialist democrats.
      A party I once belonged to until I woke to the stench made by them.
      I know I won’t be standing alone. And if I am…so be it. Stand for our country!! God Bless the USA!

    6. This the reason for the national guard and high fences preventing the American citizen from access to those whom are supposed to. Be representing them and governing on their behalf.
      The deep state knows it will be just a matter of time until the citizen starts acting against a tyrannical government.

      1. It’s in the Constitution that we the people have the moral obligation to remove a corrupt government.

        Too many career politicians
        Term limits are needed

    7. I don’t like cheating and fraud but the Republicans are going to have to do some like the Democratic’s did so we can take back our country. Republicans are going to have to learn from the Democratic’s, Republicans are going to have to produce Millions and millions of Ballots just like Democratic’s did. We will have to have them packed in suitcases under tables and pull them out after all the voting is thought to be done in 2022 midterms so we can fill the House and the Senate. It will be fine if Republicans produce to many votes per county because Democratic’s did, there were more votes than voters. With all the illegals coming in by the Democratic’s, they will be able to vote and that’s why they did this. Republicans better get all the extra votes printed and ready to push them in the voting machines. I Truly hate to say this! But Republicans need to be prepared to act!! We can’t let our Wonderful Country turn into a Communist Country! These Communist countries use these machines so they can Rule over their countries! Each state Must have Signature Verification and give mail in ballots to only the voters that qualify and that ask for them. States Must go back to Paper Ballots, in person and Each person that Votes should be given a Copy of Their Vote before they leave to prove their vote was given, counted! If Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin had given each person a copy of their vote we wouldn’t be in this mess today!! Florida and Texas watch their voting pretty close and had their counts in on election night not a month later counting fraudulent mail in Ballots! Again name verification, paper ballots and given voters a Copy of Their Vote, and very strict on mail in ballots. Vote in person!!

      1. If we the American people can talk to some of these people the Republican party might have a better chance of winning in 2022 , but we’ve got to do it together. If not all is lost and they’ll have won. How does anyone become president when he didn’t have any rallies and stayed in his basement is beyond me. Theft did take place, but we can turn the tables if we can talk to some of new people coming into the country. Ask them if they want to work or get a hand out from the government? The answer might surprise many people?

    8. The swamp creatures take away rights of the citizens constitution and the Bill of rights of our nation and her people: because they don’t want the farm animals to find out the truth of the matter of globalization groups taking away what you hold most dear the American dream of a United States a republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: but they didn’t think that the mule,dog,cat,and the rooster heard the trumpet of freedom of speech and worship God and bear arms in this nation : blowing in the wind: so they went to the thieves window and brayed,bark,meowed,and crowed: the constitution and the Bill of rights of the United States a constitional republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: gives the freedom for us to stand up for America and our families in authority to question the government and their dacronion ways and the swamp matter.

  2. Pray like you’ve never prayed before. God will deliver us if his people repent and turn from their wicked ways.
    God bless America and God bless us

  3. It was astounding to see the the level of voter fraud with your own eyes. Biden and his administration are a total fraud. Biden is illegitimate. President Trump won the election that why they have razor wire walls and the National Guard in DC.

    1. That is exactly correct, not only about the walls, fence in DC but the fact they produced HR1 and a leading EO to stamp in all future elections. In fact, just the way the last election was won with all the safefuards removed or disregarded. If they could win fairly or if they were not marxist and power was all, they would not do this.

      1. they put a fence around the white , but can’t or won’t put one around our southern border , action should be taken now

    2. The Democraps are scared to death. And they should be. Biggest fraud in US history. Now they are trying to get criminal charges on Trump. He has them running scared. That’s why there is barbed wire and troops still at the capital. They are a bunch of chicken shits.

    3. Remember 2016 election? The Democrats tried to cancel the election results calling it fraud and Hillary is still trying to convince everyone she lost because it was stolen from her!
      Remember, the Democrats chanted “Trump’s not my President!” For four years!

    1. Interesting thought. Isn’t that not only the right but the duty of every patriot? To defend and uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Every patriot, and that includes every legal (LEGAL!) resident will want to defend America and preserve liberty, because without liberty there is no life, no property, no way anyone can pursue happiness.

      1. timing and approach is everything. Also the FBI is intune to any gathering of this sort. Be sure to barbeque your ribs throrughly during the next holiday. remember Biden promised we could do that if we behaved ourselves and wore mask etc. while they cross the border with the disease.

        1. Yes Maxine , so “ Presidential” “ that our beloved CIC will “.grant” us a holiday IF we comply with his vaccination wishes.

          F you Joe Biden, and your coke whore of a sham of a wife of a sham of a “ First Lady”….. using the latter with sooo much sarcasm.

          They steal this election and talk about imprisoning DJT when the people who need prison time are in complete control of MY LIFE and YOURS. They want to finally get rid of Cuomo….. not because he KILLED 13,000+ grandparents who were innocent of anything humanly possible…… but because he’s JUST LIKE OUR PRESIDENT. Why is no one going after Joe Biden ?!! What’s happening with the Hunter “laptop” scenario anyway?!! Something else we’re not allowed to discuss?
          Joe Biden is as guilty of infidelity and groping unsuspecting, innocent women for YEARS….. but no one cares?!!!!! C’ mon Man, this double…. triple standard bullshit is just that!!

          This illegitimate administration needs to be held to account and dissolved before any more irreparable harm comes America’s way.
          Just seeing our vice president in her mask standing in The wings salivating is enough to make my stomach turn. God help this nation if she ever gets the call

          1. Food for thought:. Ever wonder why ex president Obama is hanging out constantly at the White House? He did his two terms with Biden as his Vice. But evidently he doesn’t want to be done. Biden, with his mind fogged with Alzheimer’s, appears to be relying on Obama to “assist” him in all he does. Why is he really there??? This election was a farce and it is now being proven there was voter fraud all over the US. The US was looked upon as “the supreme country” that others looked to for assistance and example of what others should and want to be. Now it is the laughing stock because of all that has taken place since this farce took place in Nov 2020! Are we all just supposed to sit back and watch as our country rapidly goes down the toilet?

          2. We’re the laughing stock by all the major leaders around the world, Biden is scared of Putin and the member he sent to talk to the Chinese people was a joke, because like they said we are not a super power anymore.

      1. I prefer my armour piercers an exploding rounds better than just a chunk of lead… come get sum Commiecrats or Demorats as some prefer

      2. While we can. I’ve sent out this idea on other websites but heard nothing back…….
        What is stopping us from succeeding from this bi-coastal run over us fake media, Silicon Valley and the 99% Washington DC Democrat run “city “!
        We register our intent to all of the Red States , make it so, call all of our sons and daughters currently serving in the military to come home join each state’s National Guard’! In turn, we form our own military declare all military bases in our New American with the meat of our Constitution
        Intact my freedom loving countrymen! Declare the skies above are a restricted no fly zone for foreign countries which we would now consider those blue states to be. I would not be surprised to see many of those blues turn red in a heart beat!
        Heavy lifting sure but imagine what is was like back in the days of Valley Forge!!!!

  4. When will we realize that the political power change in Congress isn’t going to solve America’s problems with radical socialism? We need to take our country back and rid ourselves of the evil that is being forced upon us. We can make America great again but we must destroy the monster that feeds on us first!

  5. Yes! God will smite the unbelievers! It’s already happening in CA. Crazy leftists Dems beware! You’re next. Fire, pestilence, and disease!

  6. There was nothing legit about the 2020 election . The democRATS , the Media & Big Tech have suppressed the evidence & even the Supreme Court has refused to hear any of the cases . Now why could that be ???

  7. To what end. I do blame Trump for not fixing FBI. He had the authority and the smarts. And the DOJ, Barr showed his true colors early on. I dare say there are lots of decent people who could have got job done. We would not be having this conversation if he had I dare say. And lots of worthy people would be in jail

  8. IF the Deep State Democrats persist in their gaslighting and prevaricating in regards to the “legitimacy” of the 2020 election, the next time Republicans have the majority in Congress, they should introduce legislation OUTLAWING membership in the Democrat Party along with the Democrat Party as a whole! If Constitutionally feasible, the enactment of such legislation should shake the foundations of all the “woke” progressives in Foggy Bottom today!

  9. Nothing new here!!! We knew all this and the evidence that we had was not allowed by local governments and the joke of a court “THE SUPREME COURT OF SOCIALIST”! We all know what happened and now you see as Biden-Harris, Obama, Rice ruin America as Stupid Americans set back and watch!! But thank God there are 74,000,000,Plus American Patriot that have not forgotten and coming to a city close to you this summer!!!!! Fence razor wire or what ever “HERE WE COME”!! Fight! Fight! Fight!!!!! TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

    1. Republicans need to produce Millions and Millions of votes and put them in suitcases under tables and bring them out when the voting is thought to be done and take the House and the Senate in 2022. Turn over all the Communist agenda the Democratic’s have put in place! Hate to say this but! I don’t like cheating and fraud but Two can play at that game! Until we get out country back to normal! Then get rid of the communistic election voting machines! That’s why these machines were made was to give a communist leader the win! Have signature verification, strict guidelines on mail in ballots, only to the people that need it, and no one gets one unless they ask for it. Each person that votes gets a Copy of Their Vote before they leave, a citizen’s of the United States only votes, if there are more votes than voters in a county automatic hand recount of all ballots televised or any other audits televised so all can see!

  10. Let’s find the AUTHORS of “The Thing” and put them in FEDERAL Prison for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution . . . After being RECALLED and IMPEACHED for High Crimes and MISDEMEANERS. Remove them PERMANENTLY and ASAP (that’s CODE talk for NOW!). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  11. What happens when they prove fraud? Does the new regime get kicked out and the old one reinstated? Why was the new regime allowed to continue forward under such shadowy conditions. If that would have been the case, the investigation would move alot quicker and no damage would have been done.

    1. Everyone involved in this fraud should be held liable and placed in prison. (Gitmo is even too good for them). I’m appalled that this could happen here. What an embarrassment to everyone who thought they could get away with this!

  12. We all know the election was stolen. We must all go to work get it together.And follow the Trump campaign program. President Trump is the only president for the American people.

  13. Four years of Camel toe Harris and Biden, God Help Us! There will be nothing to save, everyday more is lost, I feel hopeless and robbed of my liberty and freedoms, I’m ready to FIGHT to save our great REPUBLIC from the Evil Democrats. Fight as in with guns and weapons! That’s how strongly I feel about my country USA!

    1. Carol Coyle ,
      So that is your invitation to the FBI ? You know that they are reading your comment just as I am . And you know that they have zero tolerance for people such as you !

  14. Trump knew way before the election that it was going to be rigged. I don’t know what could’ve been done about it then but it seems too late now. All the news OAN, Newsmax, President Trump, Fox News were calling the democrats radical left and deep state. They should’ve called them exactly what they are, Communists. If anyone has any suggestions what we can do, please share. I’ve been writing my State Senator and wrote exactly how all the men and women who died, imprisoned, and maimed for life to keep America free and now we turned Communist. Shame on America and its government.

  15. It very simple. If the democrats did not meddle in the 2020 election they would not object to audits. So obviously there is something they are hiding. Like I said simple.

  16. Real reason for the fence and national guard in D.C.? Biden and Pelose are afraid the American people are going to come after them for stealing the election.

  17. All this rhetoric is fine and dandy; unquestionably, and as conservatives we know the election was a fraud and is the initial stepping stone of this fake president of the USA and his minions to overthrow the Constitution and convert the USA into a socialist country like the old USSR! So what can we do about it? Turn to our Republican Party for help? That’s a laugh!! This past Wednesday, more than half, 27 Republican Senators, in defiance of the Republican Platform, voted to confirm Merrick Garland for Attorney General, the gun-grabbing socialist zealot who is utterly committed to destroying the Second Amendment! The agenda to overthrow of this country, known as a COUP, by the socialists is unending; ordering the continuation of ILLEGAL immigration, condoning of murdering innocent babies, advocating propaganda lies about racism and white supremacy, desecration of statues of historical importance and not condemning the continued domestic terrorism and violent rioting in Portland, OR, the continues acceptance of Islamist terrorists in our Congress, ad infinitum!
    I ask you then, where is the justice we seek? Who or what will it take to stop this insanity that has descended upon this land? We can’t wait for the remaining term of this senile idiot to expire, this country will be destroyed; it is absolutely imperative we regain control of our government and charge these traitors with treason!

    1. I believe the only hope is for the military to step in and take back this country for the obvious deceit and lies that this election was stollen! What is left is for a televised tribunal of everyone involved in the steal with the foreign actors that were involved in their behalf to enslave the American People should be punishable by death! And this is what needs to be the salvation of our country and hold everyone involved to the fullest extent for the coup d’état for the over throw of a duly elected government, one can be assured President Donald Trump wasn’t the only candidate who’s seat was stollen from them!!!

  18. It amazes me that we have a small handful of overbearing politicians who can totally destroy a country. I feel like I’m living in SE Asia again. The only difference is that Myanmar and Thailand have citizens who aren’t afraid to protest what their politicians are doing. Porky Pelosi, Crying Schumer, Camel Harris, and a few others should be tossed out of government before they can do more damage.


    1. TED ,
      The article in Time magazine laid it all out for us. The article told how the Democrat organisation had reached out to all of the judges months before the election. Now , why would judges go along ? Most judges at least at the lower levels are elected. Which means that the Democrats placed them in their positions ad the Democrats can just as easily remove them from their positions. And do not forget , money talks. At least two Billionaires were cited as making donations for the election project of 400 MILLION and 300 MILLION dollars. The Democrats actually had much more than that. There were a great many people that did not like President Trump. Heck , I did not like his personality much myself. But , I liked what he was doing as the President and bottom line , I did not need him to win personality contests. I wanted him to do a good job for me as the President. Which he did !
      Obama said at the U.N. ad I quote him , ” Americans have no right to be a free people !”
      And now the Democrats are making sure that will come true.

  20. How interesting ! I took a nap and have come back to this site. And now I find that none of my previous comments are posted !
    Gone ! Deleted ! I’ve been censured . Not too surprising as I have been censured before. I also along with President Trump have been blocked from speaking out on Twitter , U-TUBE and partially blocked on Facebook. On Facebook , it means that I am allowed to communicate with my direct friends but I am not allowed to make any comments to the general public. And now I have been censured here as well . Interesting as I do not favor action such as a civil war. Did you get that FBI ? Rather , I favor individual action. One person , one r * ound , and fade away. Never to tell another person , ever. For a secret told to another person is no longer a secret. That would be a l*ong dist*ance ro*und of course.

  21. if it is so lagit, why will the courts, including the supreem court, refusing to look at the casees.

    1. Another plausible exclamation, the SCOTUS was mostly their families were threatened to not hear the fraud brought before their Bench! If these thugs can threatened President Trump’s Legal Team during the election, having the majority of them resigning, what makes one not think this couldn’t happen with these spineless Judges????

  22. Do you realize that CANADA allowed Chinas Military to train in their country in order to get climitized to the north American Continent.

    Who is north of the US?

    Russia also loses in the missle scenario
    Mutual Destruction they know this
    It will be a ground war on our soil

    Nukes would come from China or Middle East.

  23. I for one, if I had any guns I would not register them as we need to keep them to stop the terney being inflected on us by the Biden Administration which is the purpose of the second amendment to the Constitution to protect us from the government. I like the bumper stickers in Tennessee. They say “they may take the guns, but they will take the bullets first”. Good going, Tennessee, the Volunteer State.

  24. If someone does not do their job, refuses to in fact, what happens? Generally they are fired and someone is hired who will! Too much real smoke around the country for there to be no fire. Let’s clear it up for every American dems and all involved in the election. Make everything public, all the evidence and also the testimony of all the Americans who gave sworn depositions. Then we the people can draw our own conclusions. What ya think?

  25. I have seen videos of votes switching and in Georgia I saw a group moving boxes of ballots to a sheriff’s office where they shredded them before the decision had been made NOT to do a recount, I saw enough that i know that President Trump won and the democrats are doing their usual lying, cheating, and stealing. I have read even more but I will wait til later to say it.

  26. Conservatives and Republicans need to STAND UP NOW!!!!!——–Democrats cheat and will do anything to win and push there agenda————Every Red State needs to do what they can NOW—–to bring integrity to Elections————————TIME TO ACT—————DISCUSSION OVER!!!!!

  27. Our Founding Fathers would have already been shooting people and hanging traitors. What is wrong with everyone? Are we scared? I’m personally not! I’ve served this country and it’s constitution for more than 20 years in the U.S. Navy and I’m ready to take up arms and take back our Country. NOW!
    Let’s physically expel the ass hats from Congress and the Whitehouse, have a convention of States right there, elect a new Government and HANG the traitors that are there now who are ripping us off, selling our country and treating the Goddamn Chinese like they are something special! They’re not ! They tried to KILL US ALL WITH A VIRUS. This means WAR!

  28. A covid bill 1.9 TRILLION dollars rated through congress. Only 9% going to the “covid emergency” who 171 billion 171,000,000,000, that is 3 zeros that are not going to covid. 1 trillion is 100,000,000,000. who is getting the rest of of the covid relief. Not the U.S.A. The cost to pay us $1400 each (if you fall within the perimeters) will cost taxpayers $5700 in recompense. Yea the democrats know what the people want and need.

  29. Only crooked politicians defend crooked elections. Kudos to New Hampshire. As for Rep. Zoe Lofgren, she’s as dirty as they come. Just like Joe Biden, she’s got 47 years of NOTHING.

    1. We are supposed to believe a man who showered with his daughter? This is what his daughter claimed in her diary.

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