2 Trump Supporters in Solitary Confinement After Case Against Them Evaporates

It’s been almost four months since the Capitol protests on January 6th. We finally know that Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick (pictured here) died of two strokes the day after the protests. He wasn’t murdered with a fire extinguisher by Trump supporters as the media initially claimed. He also didn’t die from bear spray, as the prosecution and media next tried to claim. The medical examiner cleared that up completely. Sicknick had two strokes – and nothing else contributed to his death. But the corrupt Biden regime continues to hold two Trump supporters as political prisoners and is still trying to pin Sicknick’s death on them.

Those men are George Tanios and Julian Khater. Like dozens of other peaceful Trump supporters, those two men were arrested by the Department of Justice and are being held without bail in DC jail. They’re being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and are being subjected to the same sort of jailhouse beatings other jailed protesters have described.

After the story of Brian Sicknick being bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher, prosecutors rushed to claim that Sicknick instead died from chemicals contained in common bear spray. Both Tanios and Khater had bear spray canisters in their possession on January 6. It’s a common legal product that you can cheaply buy at most sporting goods stores in states where bears live in the woods.

Prosecutors are still trying to claim that bear spray killed Sicknick – and these are the two guys who contributed to Sicknick’s death by spraying. The two men are being charged by the DOJ as a single case. Their lawyer maintains that neither canister of bear spray in the possession of the two men was ever actually fired on January 6th – and the Department of Justice knows this.


To bolster its case, the corrupt FBI released a video that it claims shows Khater and Tanios spraying Sicknick with bear spray. But from that video, you can’t actually tell if Khater, Tanios or even Sicknick were involved. It’s not clear that the spray in the video is bear spray or something else. It’s not even clear if the spray hit a police officer, let alone Sicknick who – again – may not even be the police officer in the piece of video that the FBI is using. But we’re just supposed to take their word for it.

Tanios’ lawyer got downright contemptuous with the FBI agent who arrested the two men, because the agent couldn’t give a straight answer to one question: Were either one of the bear spray canisters in Tanios’ and Khater’s possession ever fired?

The agent just kept being dodgy during the deposition, claiming that the investigation was ongoing. From the transcript of the deposition, the attorney finally asks:

“You don’t have any reason to believe that the bear spray was deployed at all, do you?”

The agent finally admitted that although he has the two canisters in his possession, he hasn’t gotten around to sending them for forensic analysis to determine whether Khater or Tanios ever fired them (let alone fired them at Sicknick).

And they’re in solitary confinement for that, which I keep screaming from the rooftops is considered an international crime against humanity. We don’t treat innocent-until-proven-guilty prisoners this way in any nation in Western civilization.

There’s one more problem with the corrupt Biden regime trying to claim that Tanios and Khater contributed to Sicknick’s death. There’s never been a single recorded instance of a human being dying from bear spray.

The capsaicin in bear spray stings and causes your eyes to swell shut. It makes it tough to breathe as it temporarily closes the mucous membranes in your nose and throat. It causes snot rockets to dribble out of your nose in an embarrassing fashion. But you can’t die from it. The Environmental Protection Agency keeps track of all Americans who die from coming in contact with chemical substances – and it has never recorded a single instance of any human being dying from being hit by bear spray. Oops.

Why are these two Trump supporters still being tortured in horrific conditions in a DC jail, even after the case against them has completely fallen apart? You know why.

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77 thoughts on “2 Trump Supporters in Solitary Confinement After Case Against Them Evaporates”

  1. The Biden Crew is not going to change, they are like children.
    If they don’t have their ways they
    Have temper Faris.
    If theirs no proof let the Trump Supporters out! No one would keep a wild animal in a cage with no Human contact for 23 of 24 hours. Now thats inhumane!!
    Mabe Biden would like to take their place!!
    If you’re going to charge them charge them if not let them out now, Enough is Enough!!!

        1. Yet BLM and antifa who have caused violence and death are allowed to roam free in Biden regime. This smacks of communism. I guess you may be a part of that.

          1. This is a crime against humanity. Why isnt action taken if there are checks and balances?. Biden dhould be impeached along eith the dept of justice .This is not America

        2. these two are being held illegally, they are not your common residence of prisons/jails….wtf, there isn’t some legal whiz that will take these two cases and at the least, get them out of jail!

          1. Wonder if ACLU would take on their case?
            Looks like a higher strength agenda needs to be implemented to free these two.

        3. Murders? They didn’t kill anybody. How about the policeman who shot that woman in the neck? That’s murder!

          1. Shot the unarmed non violent American hero women in the neck murdering her. 4 no just reason what’s so ever.

        4. Did you not read the article? Or listen to the news? Not fake news either. Sicknick died from two strokes, an autopsy proved this. These men are innocent. Their word is better than any word from a democrat in office.

      1. BAIL ? Why would they need to post bail ?? There was ((( NO ))) crime here ! In USA laws , One can ONLY be held in jail for (( 48 )) HOURS without charges being filed !!! Seems more evident of the LAWLESSNESS of the democratic party ! MORE LIES TO COME !

      2. I have written Mr Toomey and he responded to what he is currently doing in the Senate. He did not address the criminal actions of the Biden administration. Under international law this is a war crime!! Maybe they can sue the head Commisar when they get out of jail. They are using Soviet tactics and the FBI , as a cowardly force know it and will not do anything about it. They are truly pathetic.

    1. Biden and Harris along with their minons, are going to turn the United States into fodder, for the rest of the world to devour! Every enemy that we have, are licking their chops , waiting for the right moment to strike ! They won’t nuke us because the land is what they want, so they can relocate their army’s and then fight each other until only one government remains! These people are not here for you or me , they want us gone , we need to come together and fight back ! There are over 75 million of us and that is a pretty sizeable army , the greatest enemy we have ever faced! We need to stop ignoring what’s happening and start pushing back! Start by dragging them physically out of those people owned offices and put their terrorist asses in solitary for a while, the rest of their miserable lives should suffice, finish what president Trump started drain the swamp and crush everything and everyone you find in it !

      1. I agree completely and have been preaching this since day one. Grab these POS and hang them or lock them up forever! This is the only way to stop this, get rid of the problem permanently!

      2. that’s our problem tho, isn’t it? we don’t retaliate soon enuf and for that, we get walked on. and they are, as you said….licking their chops, salivating as it were, at the thought of the prize, this beautiful land of ours The United States of America!

        1. The Biden administration and Hitler’s Nazi hoodlums are part of the same malicious cabal! They should be taken to the Guantanamo prison and tried immediately in a military Tribunal!

      3. That sounds like a wonderful idea if only we could get people all over America to come together !!

      4. As long as “these people” remain in the WH Soros will be in charge,,,, there is no ‘Social Justice’ until our country is another Hitlers Germany—you think ANY color will be safe in the end ? Ha – The Elites will win (Soros,Hilary, ‘n Bush ‘n the rest)) ‘n we will all die -no matter what color ‘n no religion allowed,,, wake up! Before there ‘r no roses to smell! I weep for America!

    2. What country do we live in?
      We certainly must to be concerned about the direction Biden and dems are taking us!

    3. See, the leftist, racist, commie pigs, know absolutely, that conservatives have no spine, no huevos, and won’t do anything like the terrorists called blm and antifa would do. If this were reversed, those two terrorist groups, would go on a rampage until their komrades were let go. We have “morals”. We obey the “law”. Working out real great for us, huh?


  2. The Biden regime are using socialist tactics that Hitler used on his own people . The corruption of the government in the USA has got out of control , just like it is here in the UK. Sadly nearly all politicians are corrupt, personally I would like to see Trey Gowdy as your president , time the likes of George Soros should all be imprisoned ,they’re all our enemies

    1. No one in power here wants to make a move that.volatile -most Americans do not know what is going on within the ‘power lines’,,, the sad thing is ,the ones in power that can do something don’t have the courage to ‘step forward ‘ with like minded, intheknow people and tell what is really going on ,,,, I only pray they see in time -Real Americans are smart – they don’t lack courage– they just need leadership,,,

    1. Bidden isn’t a dictator , HE IS A PUPPET on 5 strings ! Yes those puppet Master’s are the dictators and need to be removed from their so-called powers !

  3. Some guy in NYC has committed 42 crimes, some of them hate crimes, and the judges keep releasing him because of their bail laws and the Feds can’t even make a prima facie case against these two and have them in solitary. Are we now East Germany?

    1. well, socialism covers, communism, nazism, fascism and dictatorship so take your pick all so similar that the differences do not even merit discussion. Yes, we are now and have been for four months a communist nation. what biden is doing is very similar to what the chinese do. I think he is going down the list on the communist manifesto. Remember jill stating their agenda was going to be the manifesto. I heard that before the election but communism has been growing in our country since the early nineteen hundreds. they have been infiltrating our society.

    2. Dont forget about the guy from Antifa that filmed Ashley Babbit getting shot. He got released on bail and sold his videos to the fake news for 70k.

    1. Republicans won’t stand up because Biden’s false narrative makes the politics impossible. If the stand they’ll be accused of supporting “the insurrection”, another lie as a set up,but it wouldn’t stop me. I’d stand & rip apart the lies & send a criminal referral to the US Marshalls for these DOJ guys. The politics of not doing this are worse than doing nothing.The lowest rungs on the ladder to hell are reserved for those who,in a crisis situation,choose to do nothing.

    2. Good luck with that. We got our “moral obligation”, and our “laws” we gotta obey. Plus, can’t miss the big football game this afternoon, ya know. Doesn’t matter that the sports teams hate us. We will still support them, cuz, you know. Morals

  4. How come that Antifa guy Sullivan is out scot free, come on Republicans check these things out. I hope these two guys sue.

    1. And what judge is gonna help them win? The 3 losers Trump put in? Yeah, good luck with that. Gorsuch seems ok, but the other two are communist and fake church goer’s. Trump was led astray on just about every person he chose to help him. He couldn’t have picked worse people to lead the FBLIE, DOInjustice, and those two communist pigs he installed for life in unSupreme court.

  5. It’s all been said over and over and over again! So, Americans, are we to just lay down and take this? Did any of you ever watch the animation movie “A Bug’s Life”? About how a bunch of ants took over the smaller bunch of bullying grasshoppers. Didn’t raise violence – just a lot of common sense and standing together to ward off evil.. We can be better than the “high-school babies – Dems”

    1. I read not long ago that there were SEVERAL OF THESE GUYS still incarcerated. somewhere between twelve and twenty I cannot remember the number. It was stated that they were beaten regularly and one guy was hit so hard in the face he had a retinal detachment in one eye. I don’t know if they afforded the option of surgery to repair it or not. If not repaired these thing will continue to detach and then the eyesight is totally gone in that eye. None deserves that.

  6. Rome fell for the same things that this Government of ours is doing to our citizens.

    Let’s not forget the antics of our elected officials and their appointees,







  7. We must demand that these people who are being held have their day in court. The law says a Fair and speedy trial. Charge them with whatever and bring to Trial and resolve the issues. Their rights are being violated right now. None of them were there to overthrow anything. If they broke a law. Charge them. The fact is biggest charge is trespassing and even that is questionable as the Capitol is a public building paid for by our taxes.

  8. What? You think our COMMUNIST government follows the laws set down clearly in the US Constitution and elsewhere?

    COMMUNISTS and Democrats follow their own laws and our “brave defenders” just snap to attention, click their heels, salute and “just follow orders”.

    So, ummm, where are the lawyers that supposedly are standing up for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of these political prisoners? And importantly, WHERE ARE THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES and the Gutless Old Pussycats Party?

    I’ll tell you where. Cowering if fear in a dark remote corner somewhere while these two men are BEATEN, ABUSED and DENIED LEGAL RIGHTS. And you thought that only happened in places like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia?

    Sorry, but it is happening here too, in Communist USA. And NOBODY is doing a thing to stop it. Did you have a happy May Day everyone? Biden banned Independence Day.

    1. I hope July 4th is celebrated at least as joyfully in 2021 as in years past.
      Let Biden curtail his own weekend if he chooses.

  9. Thier being held because they aint bidan puppets if they can’t control you your a threat to them that’s a sign of a coward.

  10. This is really outrageous. How can they keep these men in jail and solitary confinement when they have not even had a fair trail. What is happening to our country? It sounds like Nazi Germany not the USA. Even the FBI is corrupt.

  11. You know what I can’t believe; is why isn’t there an outcry about what Biden, Demarcate, Progressive and the BULLIES on the LEFT are doing to our COUNTRY and the Republican are pushing back, AMEN!!!
    I ask you, who are looking out or will support the 70,000,000 people or more of the American People, Amen!!!
    My Senators are Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, and I would like very, very much for them to ADDRESS THIS MATTER; because if there do not; I will look at another CONSERVATIVE, AMEN!!!

  12. We need to fight back but tweeter and Facebook will shut u down if u say anything. And writing to Senator (swamp) don’t give a shit if there’s no money in it. So……. pray for George and Julian

  13. Just makes a person proud to say he is American..or should we start calling each other comrades..

  14. Proof once again of CORRUPTION at the highest level!!!!—-If you are republican or conservative you are fair game–

    BLM and Antifa can do as they please—–REDICULOUS!!!!!!


  15. Garland is clearly the point man for the purges and show trials that are coming as the now-dead First American Republic is interred and replaced by a “people’s democracy”. He even looks like Andrei Vishinsky and used the same words to describe those rounded up after the January 6 Reichstag Fire operation – “traitors and wreckers”. It is past time for an outcry; it is time for an outburst. Once the Maricopa County vote audit confirms that the election was stolen we must cease to treat The Dotard like a legitimate occupant of the presidency. We must tear off the masks, tear up the communist and fascistic decrees cranked out by the senile corrupt pedophile rapist usurper and tear down the barbed wire behind which the Chicom puppet regime now crouches.

  16. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY AND THE TRUE PATRIOTS. Everything the demon rats are doing is following the policies of Hitler 1) Media spews the lies that the demon rats want, leaving people with no way to discern the truth. 2) Using race to try and divide the country. Their target instead of the Jewish people, it is just anyone who is WHITE. These young idiots who are basically following and rioting and protesting believe all of the crap they have been brainwashed to believe since childhood(by liberal teachers) think that what they are doing is going to improve the world, what they don’t seem to comprehend is that they will not be the beneficiaries of the changes, because they are not of the elite class, but will suffer along with the rest of the population. They are only the puppets of the demon rat party. They have never been taught the true history of the wars that our Country has suffered through, but there is no excuse for the so called adults in the room, Piglosi and her ilk, they are old enough to know better, but are so power and money hungry that they would rather sell out our Country. AND WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS? MOST APPEAR TO BE HIDING BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID THE DEMON RATS MIGHT CALL THEM RACIST. WAKE UP AMERICA WE ARE DROWNING!!

  17. all of you political people better start getting it right or we the people will and I’m sure you won’t like the way we do it

  18. Totally lost faith in America, not only because Biden is an illegal usurper, but because wimpy Americans sit by and let the crime go unchallenged. Light on the Hill? More like damp squid in the gutter. Pathetic.

  19. What can we do as citizens to release these two men on these fake charges? This is against all the laws I have ever heard of and I am 86 years old. Let them go back to their families and stop harassing us Trumpers.
    We will be back.

  20. America was a very blessed nation. Not anymore. We have forgotten where we started. A new day is dawning and it is obvious that we know that fact. NO, we do not like it. Will we go back to normal? I am sorry to say again NO.
    I recall people saying that if Trump was elected they would move out of the USA. Now, what are they saying? As the saying goes, God Bless America!!!!!!!!

  21. We now have no right to call out China or Russian for holding political prisoners. America is fast becoming a police state and a totalitarian government.

  22. “June” is right, if you get on social media and speak your mind they will shut us down!! Then they call you recess, even thing except what you really mean and stand for. We the people can talk out with each other and have a real conversation going that has a meaning but the Media company’s will not let it go any further like it’s hit a brick wall!!
    We have got to hold these media platforms accountable for the injustice they’re causing the very people who are the reason they all have jobs if it can be called a job. It’s more than two or three people that’s causing the problems. That’s the one’s we have to cull out of the program.
    If we can’t hold those people’s feet to the fire we’re just spinning our wheels!! SOCIAL MEDIA Must be held Accountable for their Actions. Biden’s cabinet members are Haters, they hate anyone who’s associated with or has any ties to Trump period.
    These people are Spying on regular citizens in the United States right now. WHY? Because we have either said or made Remarks the Left doesn’t like or is against their agenda.
    To Biden’s bunch of idiots those remarks Spells Trump.
    Look at what FBI is doing to Rudy Trumps personal attorney, that man got New York back in order!
    America is not the American I once knew a very short time ago.
    Freedom Of Speech where’s that at? Our Constitutional Rights are going down the drain if we don’t Stand up to these hard line Left people and say NO MORE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
    We the people have to be the one’s to put a stop to all this nonsense.
    We’ve got to call our Senators and tell them how we feel That’s all we can do, I’m not sure that’s enough! These Senators so-called on the Right say they’re for the people that remains to be seen.
    Come 2022 let’s hold these Senators on the right Accountable
    Vote !

  23. 80 Million deceived Americans voted for deceit and lies. Not their fault entirely as Our President Mask Boy is a liar and a puppet. Bird Brain leadership. It’s a discrace.
    We did it folks …. we meaning Americans. We can fix it.
    Doesn’t it piss you off to be lied to? To be subjected to a media that is all opinion and no facts. To have states lead by the likes of Egotistical Morons like Cuomo and Newsome.
    Everyone gets a trophy was the beginning. Corrupted by school curriculum teaching children to be weak. Parents that are to wrapped up struggling because they have been conditioned to be sub servient and gutless.
    These are the facts and results folks. We did it. We can fix it.
    America, grow some balls.

  24. Understand this people. This is no longer the United States government we are subject to. This is a Communist government we are being subjected to.

  25. The real criminals are running loose, some are in the White House and others we don’t know commonly known as the ‘deep state’.

  26. Why are they held in that condition? – It’s an old US practice:
    Remember Abu Ghraib in Iraq? The female soldiers were ordered to “soften up” the prisoners.
    Inside USA, you have those D.A. who suppress evidence (like a certain Ms. Harris) or create it.
    The best way is “to soften up and then, offer a DEAL” – in short: BLACKMAIL and COERCION!

  27. This has been in place for a long time The NWO and the globalist want a one government systems. The United States is the last country the need to bring into the fold. The NWO problem, is the with the second amendment. The Biden administrations and the Democrat party is creating chaos throughout the US to Federalize the police system and take over are country and then take our guns. Research all the fema camps around the US, the barb wire faces inward to keep people in, not out.

  28. The DOJ is keeping the two men in jail because they know the moment they are released a huge and indefensible lawsuit will ensue, proving beyond doubt the DOJ’s ineptitude and complete bias. Discovery alone in such a case is the very thing that democrats nightmares are made of.

  29. All democrats are evil and MUST be made examples of. We DON’T want to have to keep dealing with their utter and complete CRAP day after day. It IS time to end this NOW. Skin each and every democrat politician, judge, voter, etc alive , as they deserve, and any future communists craps will STAY under their rocks where they belong. Start today with the ones that you personally know, or are related to.

  30. I guess Biden is competing with China and other third world countries. I’m 82, and in my entire lifetime, I have never witnessed such a miscarriage of justice. The Joe Hussein O’Biden administration are worse than two year olds. Those of you in RED states, please petition your senators and congressmen to find a way to free these people. My state (unfortunately) is a blue state and my many letters for justice fall on deaf ears!

  31. Set them FREE o’Brien n Harris.. quit playing games with our country… Every one of you should be run out of the White House on a rail! I just cannot believe you Freaking democrats have gotten away with as much and continue to get away with the garbage that you’re putting us through! No words can describe the harm you’re doing..

  32. Well now the American people left or right are beginning to see just what has and is happening, THIS IS WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP KNEW HAD TO HAPPEN IN ORDER FOR THE COUNTRY TO BECOME UNITED IN CLEARING THE SWAMP!!

  33. Put shithead Biden and the rest of his Nazi corrupt administration in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.
    I hope that whole left wing Antifa and BLM bastards rot in Hell. Biden, you SOB

  34. It’s worse than you all think! The jail they are in is guarded by blacks that appear to hate whites and not only beat then but call them names. One Trump supporter was so badly beaten that his eye popped out and he is blind in that eye now. He was taken to the hospital. I hope he doesn’t have to return to that jail. His lawyer is trying to get him out! This outrageous! I don’t hear anything from our Republican Congressman about this! Are they afraid to speak up to help these prisoners? Are they cowards????
    I would bet the prisoners at Gitmo are treated better than the jailed Trump supporters.
    Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and probably most of the Demonrats in Congress are Communists! They are all evil satanists! I hope God punishes them and they all go to hell!

  35. We need keep close record of the corrupted jurisdiction prosecutors, and all criminals destroying our Country, our values and freedoms! And pay them back 100 folds harder way for injustices they have committed!. Also all fraudulant rats that stole election! Protest at the Capitol wasn’t riot, otherwise those criminals that took the office at the Capitol Hill would be executed instantly, and they would filled the prudons! Instead they are in charge corrupting everything!
    Don’t worry, God will set his justice soon! GOD Mills grinds slowly, and nobody can escape Holy Judge. Fools, you get older, soon you will die, and hell or heaven is ahead of you, according to your deeds, not political positions!?
    Our strength is not in violence but in keeping ourselves holy. Than The Lord will hear our prayers and defeat our enemies! God it!? Hold your peace! Victory is ours!

    Christ died on the cross not because he was demoniaks! Those evil rotten people that set death sentence upon him are under judgment of God. So are every wrong doing person! Be aware, that all of us are sinners, and need repentance!
    Someone claiming he lives God and hates his neighbor is a list, and there is no truth in him!

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