Wow – Dominion Voting Systems Sure Ran Away Quickly at the Moment of Truth

Dominion Voting Systems was scheduled to testify before the Pennsylvania legislature. Oh no! This is it! The company is voluntarily coming forward to lay waste to the kooky “conspiracy theory” that they rigged the election software. Trump’s legal case is going to completely fall apart, and we will all have to roll over in shame and admit that we’re crazy for thinking that voter fraud took place in the 2020 election. Doom! Gloom! Oh, wait… Hey, does anyone know why Dominion Voting Systems just ran out of the room?

For an event so anti-climactic, I can’t stop laughing at what just happened in Pennsylvania. This was Dominion Voting Systems’ big chance to clear their name. If the voting machines used by 1.3 million Pennsylvanians are clean-as-a-whistle and just provided a fair-and-square election, all they had to do was sit down for a couple of hours and present their case. They’re the ones with the data, and this was their opportunity to hit us with it.

And… they’re gone.

At the very last moment before the hearing was set to start, the Republican-controlled legislature in Pennsylvania was informed that Dominion had left the building. The company would not be testifying or presenting any data, and if the PA legislature wants to talk to Dominion company executives, they’ll have to contact Dominions’ lawyers.

State Government Committee Chair Seth Grove asked, “How hard is it to say, ‘Our ballot machines worked exactly as promised and they’re 100 percent accurate?”

I have a sneakin’ suspicion we’re never going to hear Dominion Voting Systems issue that statement under oath.


Pouring more salt into the wound, Rep. Grove continued: “Why would a vender of public goods fear discussing their product sold to the public for the public good? If Dominion’s products were successful and operated as they were supposed to, why wouldn’t Dominion take the opportunity to publicly review its success?”

Hahahahaha! I don’t know anything about Rep. Grove, but I like the cut of his jib. I hope he runs for US Congress for the good people of Pennsylvania one day.

Those are all good questions. They’re very fair and honest questions. The taxpayers in more than two dozen states, including Pennsylvania, paid Dominion Voting Systems millions of dollars for their voting machines and vote-counting software. The taxpayers are the customer, and they have a right to know whether these machines are reliable and accurate, or if there is something more nefarious going on?

Why is it so far-fetched for someone to believe that a voting machine that’s hooked to the internet cannot be hacked or manipulated? It happens to the banking system all the time!

If hackers can set up an algorithm to swipe one-tenth of a penny from a million randomized bank customers and transfer it to an offshore account, and then let it run to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, why is it a “conspiracy theory” to think that vote-counting software can’t be programmed to flip one random Trump vote to Joe Biden at set randomized intervals?

Spoiler alert: That’s absolutely possible and any first-year programming student at a community college can tell you how to do it.

If Dominion Voting Systems is on the up-and-up, why did they just run away and refuse to answer questions under oath?

This really was Dominion Voting Systems’ big chance to stick it to their accusers on Donald Trump’s legal team. It was the company’s opportunity to clear their “good name,” if they have one. To be honest, I had a seed of doubt that was making me feel a little bit nervous about the hearing. What if the president’s legal team is just blowing smoke? What if Dominion walks into this hearing with hard data that proves their machines are so well encrypted that tampering with the results is impossible?

Trump’s legal team is not blowing smoke. Dominion Voting Systems is not going to let anyone look at their vote-counting data, which is supposedly on servers located on foreign soil where it can’t be subpoenaed. Isn’t that convenient?

In lieu of answering any questions or providing any proof that they didn’t attempt to steal the election for Joe Biden, Dominion Voting Systems would like us all to just take their word for it.

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204 thoughts on “Wow – Dominion Voting Systems Sure Ran Away Quickly at the Moment of Truth”

  1. President Trump should impose MARTIAL LAW ! This is the worse case of insurrection,maybe in the history of our country.The democrats are attempting to overthrow or government , and they are getting closer and closer to doing it. If President Trump goes quietly into the night , it is all over! After he imposes it ,the military should arrest every conspirators ,try them and execute them for treason!

    1. I could not agree more! Whether this is treason, sedition, or any type of criminality against us it must be addressed before it is too late! Trump exposed so many criminal acts and this is why the so-called establishment and MSM have been afraid of him trying to cast Trump in the worst possible light…and anyone who glows the criminals are no better…PEOPLE THEY HAVE BEEN ROBBING WE THE PEOPLE BLIND ENRICHING THEMSELVES ON OUR POOR BACKS! I had to walk away from the Dems! Although I am an Independent voter I do have some liberal leanings as well as GOP leanings and Libertarian views as well! Why do any of us have to belong to parties, particularly when we do not agree with everything in either of the two main parties? We have brains and need to use them! I don’t like being pressured to align myself with either one! Do you agree with everything in either the Dems or the GOP? Your thoughts are welcome‼️

          1. Sidney Powell is great and is fighting for We the People. The system was rigged in favor of Biden

          2. No, Sidney is one ‘sharp’ lady. I was disappointed to learn she’s not a part of the president’s ‘legal team’, though. Rudy made some statement about that ‘her’ agenda and that of the ‘team’ are ‘different’. Didn’t go into it much and I still don’t understand the ‘problem’. Sidney has a reputation in the courts for being ‘tough’ and successful. Apparently she does not make statements without proof!! That, alone, is very reassuring. Sidney also implied that ‘her’ proof and that of the ‘team’ will ‘interact’ and bring a great deal ‘together’ when submitted to the court. She claims that the evidence she has uncovered is pretty incredible. ‘Releasing the Kraken’ is her motto. Can’t wait to see this play out. Wondering what the MSM will ‘do’ with the reporting, though. How much will they release to the public and how much will they ‘cut away’!!!!

        1. The answer to all this is: If the Presidency has term limits then why not should these morons in the congress have term limits? Think about this: The career politicians hate President Trump because he was about to expose their game. I hate one thing. Have a politician introduced as a 4,5,or 6 term congressman/senator. None of this will end until we the people stand up and demand term limits for all these swamp creatures. Does anyone besides me wonder why people without two nickels to rub together can spend millions to win a state election??????????? Somebody is paying for access to that stooge’s help. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

          1. I agree Bob that we need Term Limits on All Politicians and as you said the President is only allowed to serve a two term limit and that is what all Politicians should be allowed. They all become Multi Millionaires once they get elected and when they do leave office they get Free medical and other benefits that they should be able to pay for themselves.
            Your right that President Trump was getting to close to putting an end to the corruption in D.C.

          2. I think most ‘thinking’ people realize the ‘need’ to get term limits enacted for Congress and those in the Supreme Courts, as well. When it comes to having this enacted–this is where the ‘public’ tends to fall short on information. As of this time—We the People have the ability to direct ‘how’ we are governed. We trust representatives to reflect our wishes. They often fail this duty and the public has been rather ‘slack’ on making them responsible. Now it has come to ‘critical mass’ and we need to be educated–very quickly, I’d say, on taking back ‘our’ responsibility. WE need to get the wheels going to implement the changes we want. YES–term limits! YES–Voter ID! It seems appealing to our state representatives is falling on ‘deaf ears’!!! Getting responsible representatives voted in is failing due to a ‘broken’ voter system–rift with corruption, cheating, liars!!

          3. That why we the people need a Convention Of the States our Constitution has provided us a way to amend the Constitution by Article V.

          4. proverbs 25:26
            (Good people who don’t stand strong against evil are like springs that have been polluted or pools that have turned dirty and muddy.) We have a lot of rino Republicans in this swamp. Never mind what our President has accomplished in 4 short years while being impeached and harrassed by these socialist . They hate him because he’s not one of them. We need to with hold these liberals salaries and see how fast they high tail it out . They are greedy and evil to their cores. Pray without ceasing .

          5. TERM LIMITS for CONGRESS…………A little over a year ago I wrote to my senator asking how term limit legislation could be brought up to a vote………..NO ANSWER………….These bums do not want to kill the golden goose……..”James Brown” Waters, Nancy “ice cream” Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, and all the notable DNC Demosocialists/Marxists have NO interest in THE PEOPLE…………Waters does not live in the same community as her constituency – she lives in an expensive mansion in a gated community–she was once on welfare!………Auntie Nan was on a video bragging about her expensive freezer and gourmet ice cream while children in her constituency go to bed hungry every night…………This is a “good” Catholic………another, like Biden, who place NO VALUE on human life, but value their bank account above all else. Reminds me of the rich ruler who tore down his barns and built larger ones to hold his grain which he valued above all else. He paid with his soul and his life! Regardless of what happens, He is ever present and watching. Biden and his ilk are consumed with their own lives. In reality, they could care less about WE the PEOPLE. Their goal is CONTROL……….and SUPPRESSION……….NOT MY PRESIDENTE’………EVER! The ultimate goal is to destroy this nation and the work of our Founding Fathers.

      1. I’ve been saying for a couple of years now, Americans need to start walking away from both parties, and insisting their elected representatives do the same. Any candidate who is not willing to pledge independence from party affiliation AND lobbyist support, IMO, has no business running for elective office.

        1. What I don’t get is during the campaigning,why do the taxpayers have to foot the bill to elect any of these idiots into office. I say idiots because they know that they themselves would never spend millions of dollars of their own money to get elected to a job that will only return a small fraction of the money spent to elect themselves in the first place but if it is someone else’s money then what is that someone else getting in return?

          1. where have you been? the campaigns are run by the demon rats party, as is the republicans. you can read the amounts that were/are donated by the likes of Wall Street, Soros, Clinton foundation, gates foundation, and the likes of tiny mike Bloomberg who paid 100 million so the poor down trodden criminals who couldn’t pay their court costs in Florida could vote….. look how much was spent, over hundreds of millions, to elect demon rats in tennesee, South Carolina, Georgia, etc. to answer your question, they DO spend their own money also, because the grift they get back more than compensates their losses. and you know full well what these donors get back. their every whim is a law. I can’t believe you didn’t know this. how old are you?

          2. when Trump ran on his first term he ran on his own money. Some people did donate small amounts because that is what we can afford. The silent majority who are the hard working lower and middle people who the upitty Dems don’t reckonize. If they would have counted the ballots from the day of theelection and the few mail invotes that was requested and not the millions that was mailed in under some other name and they didn’t count them like they was supposed to do.

        2. Thats easy to say ,to walk away from the party because the party’s mony is what gets you elected .In sleazy Cal Cunningham’s case 110 million was spent on His election against Tom Tillis ,Sleazy Cal could never raise that much mony Himself

        3. I go ONE STEP FURTHER…
          There should be a Constitutional ammendment, call it the Congressional Control Act, that states:
          Congressional terms shall be limited to TWO SIX YEAR terms in the Senate, and THREE TWO YEAR terms in the House of Representatives.

          There will be NO vested retirement plan for ANY member of Congress.

          It shall be unlawful for Congress to pass any law affecting the citizens of the United States which does not equally apply to members of Congress. It shall be unlawful for Congress to pass any law benefiting members of Congress which does not equally apply to the citizens of the United States.

          It shall be unlawful for any member of Congress to also be either a Lawyer or an EDUCATOR (since neither of these groups have EVER lived in the REAL WORLD).

          1. I left ONE VERY IMPORTANT PART OUT:
            It shall be unlawful for any person elected to the Senate to then be elected to the House of Representatives. It shall also be unlawful for any person elected to the House of Representatives to then be elected to the Senate. (THIS clause locks the “revolving door” of the congress, ensuring that we ALWAYS get fresh people in the Congress.)

          2. Lynn E-Utah: Agree, but we all know that the politicians will NEVER inflict that upon themselves! They’ve got a good thing going. And they do not even have to have any intelligence for the job… witness AOC! A barmaid dumber than a squirrel. And she’ll get a colossal pension for life! And as dumb as she is, the people who elected her are even dumber. America is sliding down the drain, and we’re doing it to ourselves. We just had an election that shows much evidence of cheating, yet the media, the Hollywood elites and even the courts show little concern just so long as their “guy” gets into office. How can we ever trust elections again! We are close to having a one-party system with no checks and balances. Socialism and Communism have never worked anywhere… why should it work in America! God help us!

          3. I strongly agree. We,people of the United States need to stand up to get rid of all these rediculus benefits to all retire Congess members,ex Presidents and families.

      2. This is the biggest fraud in American History! Does anyone believe Biden got 10 million more votes than Obama ever did? What a sham, fraud and a travesty! I am so mad, it doesn’t register!

        1. I am with you Larry….we all should be livid!! I want my vote to count!! This is such an un-American thing done with this election. We can’t just let the ones who allowed it to happen or played a part in it, to go with just a wrist slap. The entire Democrat Party has proven themselves the juvenile delinquents of the government…can’t be trusted….up to no good…..out for themselves and filling their deep, deep pockets. IT MUST STOP….if not, now….when??

        2. The DNC had already informed Biden of the voter fraud plan. That’s why he sat in his basement the whole summer and didn’t campaign any. What candidate for anything does not campaign? The sad part is, the FBI and the CIA were in on it. They had all that information from Hunter Bidens laptop and just sat on it. Twitter and Facebook were in on it as well. I believe that this was the worst conspiracy in US history.

          1. The deep state at work. I don’t care how much money President Trump raised, as soon as mail in voting came about it became a lost cause. The American people are being screwed by the very people we voted for. Thank you left wing voters, I hope you enjoy being dismissed as scum so the Biden admin and the deep state can ruin our country. Apparently you are so wrapped up in the fake news media you haven’t spent any time THINKING. Well now you will see what you have wrought for your children and grandchildren. Hope yo are the ones who lose you job to an illegal who also gets all the freebes promised, THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR.

        3. Seems like a good time to remind Americans that there is a higher power that, in the end, controls EVERYTHING.
          A quick refresher course in “life”
          signs of the End Times include such things as
          Good being called evil
          Evil being called good
          This is where one needs to think or maybe RE think their personal opinion of Abortion…
          Abortion is MURDER
          MORE sever storms
          Rampant disease
          NONE of these things , by themself, proves anything about “end Times” but individually they have been foretold to be signs where thinking peoples may see biblical prophesy being played out
          The rising of many false prophets
          NO ONE alive knows the time of Armagedon! but there ARE signs that Humanity is entering the end times of the Bible
          Question would then be HOW far has humanity gone into the “end times?
          My answer; NO ONE knows!!
          Why does/would this matter at all?
          It matters because… at some point… this world WILL end.
          WE, have been chosen/instructed by our maker to live in certain ways. NONE of us actually does.

          We have lived through 45 presidents with a 46th to come onboard soon. None of us has ever been promised a tomorrow, so, if we are to survive as Americans with our form of freedom intact it is becoming abundantly clear that WE must see to it the liars,cheats, immoral among us must no longer be given any political power

      3. Right on it’s time to take control of our lives. Let’s take it to them. I believe the only reason theCIA director has a job is because she was in with trump to catch these treasonous Democratics once and for all

          1. Sounds great!! It will never be done though. Wish I felt positive about the future of our country with the swamp and Hillary back on team BIDEN. PRAY for our country that Donald Trump can take them on with help of the courts

      4. I appreciate your candor and agree with you. Nobody has all of the answers to our country’s problems by themselves. It takes collaboration and compromise because when we are all involved, we make decisions that are acceptable to everyone. However, what we are truly dealing with are Corrupt and greedy Career Politicians, on both sides of the aisle, that see being a public servant in the American Government has allowed them to enrich themselves at our expense. Now, we are seeing the biggest greedy power grab in our lifetime. Greedy Politicians, Hollywood and the Wealthy Elite are gearing up to take even more power and any wealth that the American taxpayers have left, in order to Rule the World! What a crock! (very Pinky and the Brainish). However, I am a Christian and I believe that only Almighty God rules the world and everyone of those evil, greedy power hungry elite will soon meet their match! God abhors evil and will have His way on His Day of Reckoning that is coming for them. May God bless America and open blind eyes to the truth!

      5. I agree with you. I became an independent because I didn’t like either party. Like said you both have some good ideas and some bad ideas. No matter which party wins if one party controls the Presidency, the Senate and the House we’re all screwed because they want negotiate with each other. So much for fairness.

      6. I think that they should have re election 2 day and use paper ballots and show id. No mail ins. Go in and vote. If no id. Not elegable. To vote.

      7. The question now should be “why federal bureaus and agencies such as the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), HLS (Home Land Security), and DOJ (Department of Justice) have not began investigating these allegations against Dominion and potential “fraud and conspirancies” within state election boards and commissions?

        1. They haven’t started investigating it because they were bought by the demonrats. They don’t want the people to know the truth.

      8. I’m not a party guy but a PARTY ON! guy. As an Independent now I was a Libertarian for years though not agreeing 100% with platform or policies. Sadly, the concept has been perverted too now. It’s a haven for every misfit other parties don’t want not matter what the principles of the misfit. Bill Weld “Weapons Expert” paired with a very good candidate was the last straw for me. It takes more than “Democrats is Toopid” for me to endorse someone.

      9. Declared Independent? Can’t vote in primaries. So you have to vote for a candidate you may not like or have picked. I am a R but cannot deny I dislike those R’s that are two-faced, tell you what you want to hear then do their own thing. I’m pro 2A but hate Toomey.

      10. Military is top heavy with BO appointed senior officers. They will disobey Trump. Previous President retired all senior Level Christian Conservatives.

      11. YES, do it Pres. Trump! Too many assaults, attacks, slanders, and now this massive massive election FRAUD!

      12. Not the Democrats first time with cheating vote machines! Why does nobody remember the DIEBOLT vote flipping machines???? And not one Democrat went to jail! You can still see it on youtube under black box voting! This is no joke either!

      13. DrTina: Check the FEDS Law about vote tampering!! It is ===TREASONOUS==!! This was ===PLANNED on 01/20/2017 @ HIGH NOON!! I trust that the ATTY GEN. of the USA will seek $$$$$$$ HEAVY TAX PAYERS $$$ RECIPROCATION $$$$$ on BEHALF === TAX PAYERS USED ==TREASONOUSLY ===!! Then === ALL THOSE ENVOLVED == “”” BOOK em DAINEL “”” floods the === SINATORS == & == CONINGRATES==!!

      14. This is not about parties but about the battle between good and evil. Trump was chosen by God to save not only America but the world from the Satanic NWO. If you chose the side of evil that is on you.

    2. And when all the facts come out I would bet Buden , Pelosi and many of the corrupt Democrats are the ones that set this whole fraud up! Sounds like something Joe Biden would do! He is the main snake in the grass!!!

      1. There are some Republicans in the swamp involved as well, along with top ex and possibly current law enforcement officials, business owners, Big Pharmaceutical,, etc. When you are going to down the playhouse, spoil there plans, expose the guilty, and lose big money they spent 4 years trying to oust Trump.

        1. Absolutely! After being spoon feed and coddled his whole life he believes he can do anything with impunity. Worst President ever. He had so much political capital when elected he could have made extraordinary changes to this country, but governing was hard and he wanted no part of that. Liked giving speeches, and kissing babies. But governing takes work and compromise. He squandered his opportunity with his hubris and arrogance. He needs to be investigated.

          1. He needs to be indicted, convicted, sentenced & executed for sedition/treason, by a firing squad.

        2. Finally . I thought we were few and far between . I would like to see millions of responses from those that agree. Lets send in responses Please

          1. OBAMA bad for WE THE PEOPLE and the world.Remember the sixties when WE THE PEOPLE spoke out about what we believed in.You couldn’t turn on tv any channel and find WE THE PEOPLE standing for what WE THE PEOPLE thought was right.WE THE PEOPLE need to rise again and stand tall for what we believe in the AMERICAN way of life.If the American way of life fails so does the world.Like the sixties it all started with that little group in a small town some where in America sending a message out it’s time to make things right in America and the world and WE THE PEOPLE are going to make it Right.Drain the swamp got our attention now AMERICA LETS MAKE IT RIGHT.

        3. Of course Biden is behind it! Why else would he want President Trump to concede! Looked how he cheated in the debates! He is as corrupt as the day is long!

          1. Biden has no brain! He’s just a puppet. On his first agenda is to hire back all the crooks that Trump fired! Then hire Bernie Sanders (another brainless idiot) Then bring back the Obama health care act (that only three states benefits from) . so it looks like his (democrats because he can’t figure out anything by himself) plans are to undo all the good Trump has done! Nothing even mentioned about stimulus help, unemployment help! We the people got put on the back burner! All the talk about the democrats offering us more was just to make the people vote for them in hopes of us getting a bigger pay out! Such a shame. People losing their jobs their homes! And some their lives! (My mom died. 4-28 my dad died 5-10 Covid 19 my father-in-law 11-5) I’m so sick of crooked politics, crooked Facebook, tv ads with brain dead Biden! Even on PCH games that between every game is a freaking Biden ad!

        4. I agree, real piece of pond scum. That muslim, and no one will convince me otherwise, is still pushing to make this country into another 3rd world shithole.

        1. Betsy — that has been their goal for many years and it would have already happened if the witch clinton had been elected to carry on with obama’s destruction of America. President Trump threw a monkey wrench into their plans which is why they want him gone so badly.

        2. Yes, that is the goal of a certain core of Americans. looking back in our history there have been some that LOVED Communism, the Soviet Union etc, since it started in the riots of 1917. The basic ideas have never gone away just faded in and out of or vision. Look at present day Commies: Bernie, Brennan, AOC and her crew, BLM, Antifa and other anarchists. It’s nothing new. McCarthy wasn’t wrong. Nothing new at all, just presented differently. Same old stuff.

    3. Don’t be surprised if martial gets enacted once this corruption comes to court, the election results get over turned and those paid to create havoc BLM, Antifa, etc. try rampage cities once again. These people will be tried in a military court for treason and the longer this plays out more of them are exposing there true colors. Trumps executive order that he issued in 2018 on what happens to those guilty of election interference is pretty clear cut and dry. There are many individuals involved and businesses that will feel the impact of what is about to happen.

          1. Let us not forget, people, that there are over 60 million law abiding armed citizens in this country. If Biden succeeds and sends his cronies out to confiscate those weapons, there will be bloodshed. Let’s pray it doesn’t come to that, but if that is what it takes to preserve the nation and the Constitution, so be it. America should not die without a fight!

    4. I agree with you that a Martial Law is the best solution before the Dems turn this USA like Cuba or Venezuela. The system Dominion Voting Systems made by a Canadian co. , is a conspirator with the the Dems to remove President Trump.

      1. How will martial Law be effected when the FBI, cIA and DOJ are part of the Democrats’ plan!? It seems there’s no accountability for crooked politicians. May the Lord arise and defend the USA.
        The citizens who love the country need to mobilize since the law agents (judges, lawyers, etc) are for one-party system.

    5. Southern Man… I agree. This insurrection May be the most heinous crime in recorded history!
      Of course we all knew, hell, the whole world knew the Dems weren’t going to play nice on this election. Why would they. They tried everything they could for four years to get Donald Trump out of office, and they took this opportunity here to make sure he doesn’t get back in.
      “G”…. you’re correct about republicans in the swamp too. I was a democrat for years, but the Clintons and Obama cured me of that affliction for good. I changed my party affiliation on behalf of DJT, but I’m really disappointed at the Republican reaction/response to this completely tainted election.
      I know for a fact that there are 80 million Trump voters that feel just like me right now. Each time I turn on the TV and have to hear the rhetoric that the entire media and then some are spewing at us like we’re not worthy citizens, or we’re lower on the totem pole than these scum, I want to puke.
      Kamala Harris as our leader??!!!!!! This is a F’…. in nightmare!! Seriously, this IS CRAZY.
      These machines that handled this election should be scrutinized throughly and Dominion should be held accountable. If the Deep State pulls this off, I don’t forsee another GOP candidate ever to step foot into the White House.
      Mr President…… martial law is in order.
      I don’t know what it is the people on the left saw theses last four years,
      our country rebounded in the most prolific way from the travesties the Obama administration created. Donald Trump inherited a hornets nest, came in and fixed this country in a way I didn’t expect to see.
      Energy independence, immigration reform progress (FINALLY!!!!!), tax cuts that put lots more $ on my paycheck each month, progress in the Middle East, ( when in your lifetime can any one of us remember that scenario?), tariffs on all foreign entities who’ve been taking advantage of lesser men (Baracky and Willie the sex snake)…… and of course there’s lots more he did for this nation despite the monkey wrenches the Deep State continually threw at him, look……. one last monkey wrench.. God help us!
      The bottom line is this, our great leader is being railroaded like nothing I’ve ever seen and we are all aware of what it is that manifesting here.
      Martial law…….. NOW!! Have these criminals rounded up and put into holding until they can be brought to trial. How in the name of all things sacred is Joe Biden even allowed to run for office with the allegation hanging over his decrepit corruptive head?!!! This is nuts!!
      The left, and the mob media, have been referring to Donald Trump as Hitler, or a dictator, my thoughts right now, go ahead and be that dictator Donald. Dictate the hell out of this country until you get these people behind bars where they belong. This coup can’t be allowed to run off with this election, there are 80 million of us that have to make sure of that. We don’t turn this travesty around, we lose EVERYTHING we know as a country. Everything. My grandfather died for this country along with hundreds of thousands of others to make sure we had the best world a human being could ever ask for.
      Donald Trumps administration turned this country into the America it was 50 yrs ago. Quite refreshing…… if Joe Biden and this , this, woman… make it into the White House, America as we know it (knew it?!) will cease to exist. God bless America and Donald Trump

      1. You are exactly correction regarding all these issues mentioned! Yes, if over 80 million legal voters voted for Trump, where in the hell are they??

        1. Evidently Anita, they threw out as many Trump votes as they needed to to get this done. Reprehensible! Just heard the govt awarded the election to Biden. Wow.


      2. I like your ideas Johnny!
        Round ‘em all up just like they did Paul Manafort. 3 o’clock in the morning with a group of military troops taking care of the arrests. Don’t they deserve to be held in solitary confinement too…… before their respective hearings?!!
        What these slithering reprobates are trying to pull off here is ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, and just plain communistic. We’re not commies.
        You’re correct Johnny…. time for Trump to become the tryrannical dictator they’ve been saying he his. If the democrats can do to Manafort what they did, why can’t he have these CRIMINALS rounded up exactly the same way they did it to him.
        At least they’ve got EVIDENCE against all of these people. Hey Adam Schiff…. you piece of Shit, are you seeing this…. they actually have evidence, not unfounded allegations!! Moron!

      3. Ever hear of the French revolution? Or the American revolution? Time for that to happen again? let us take to the streets and let our voices be heard and demand that dominion voting systems be investigated. Demand that this fraudulent election be over turned and those involved go to jail!!!!! Will we stand and fight or will we just sit and complain? Which will it be? As for me and my House we will serve the Lord!!!

      4. Trump is a real visionary and loves the country. Most of the others have no vision for bettering the country, just want to go back to their normal ways of hungering for power and enriching themselves through crookedness. The media played a big part in the outcome of this election, they need to pay for hiding the truth from the public. Thank God for a few like Rush and Hannity who are free thinkers and love the country.

      5. I agree 100% JonnyJ with your post. All those involved in this Treason should be locked up and placed in GITMO until their Court Hearings, this includes All Politicians right down those that were suppose to be counting the ballots. Then we will see how many start to give Affidavits about the Fraud being committed

      6. I’m so relieved to know that I’m not the only person who feels this way. I’m actually heart broken. Why does the media want us to believe that this election was fair and square? Biden and Harris aren’t just a pathetic joke of a pair, they’re a threat to our country. I’m a fourth generation well educated Catholic woman. I would love to see a woman as leader, but a good and decent and brilliant woman like Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Kamala Harris actually turns my stomach. She is a shameful , repulsive excuse of a human being. She claims to want to help the minority community. If that were true she would do everything in her power to put an end to planned parenthood. Instead she defends and wants to protect them instead of unborn children who are aborted by the millions by them. Most of whom are African American babies by the way. She is evil. Biden is excommunicated from the church because of the persistence of his immoral policies . There will be huge droves of immigrants coming here for free everything. It’s insane. I fear for our country. Maybe it’s punishment for all the immorality this country has turn to.

        1. GOOD FOR YOU,Cara
          BTW… Abortion is MURDER!!! sooooo, no “real” CHRISTIAN can be a Democrat!
          President Trump is FAR from being perfect but… he HAS fulfilled every promise he made as a candidate. Senator Harris is the Female equivalent of Bill Clinton, a very sick ,depraved and flawed Human being.
          Mr Biden is simply old, sick and medically unfit for office
          If in the end , President Trump does NOT prevail… America and to an even extent the World, are SCREWED!!!

      7. Jonnyj: So well said! The crooked politicians both Democrat and Republican who are behind this coup should be taken out and tarred and feathered. While at it, George Soros should be kicked out of the country!

    6. I have been saying for years now that the government has no respect for the people. The government uses us as a meal ticket. They treat us like serfs as they as the Lord and Ladies of the land. The biggest problem we have is that we empowered our government We the People empowered them and they are not going to release that power back to the people. So we as American Patriots are going to have to make a choice sometime in the future are we going to be those Serfs or we going to be Patriots that fight for our rights are freedoms our liberties our constitution.

      1. Craig — that decision is NOT in the future — IT IS RIGHT NOW !!!!! If we allow this election to stand — America is doomed. We will be owned by China and dirtbags like biden will do everything in their power to turn us into Venezuela. Every store in this country will become a walmart with 95% of their merchandise being chinese made crap. This is not an “in the future problem– it is a NOW problem”.

    7. Clearly this election was stolen from Trump, Trump needs to stay and not acknowledge illegitimate Joe Biden and not let a coup remove him from office with massive voter fraud.Martial Law is what has to be done if all else fails to right the wrong of this stolen election.

    8. Do you know anything about martial law it’s not anything like you see in the movies I’m a Vietnam Era vet and I served in the Mo. National Guard for a year after 3 years in the Army, martial law is meant to be used for the purpose of quelling any problems and is only supposed to be a temporary measure not for anything long term like you see in a movie!

    9. I think, this problem is much bigger than any one person. Other countries could be involved via the CIA, Brennan, so I have to assume whoever directed Brennan…. This could be a 2 track system for Trump, the civil as Rudy is doing and the military route w/o doing marshall law. If and when goes to Supreme court, they will present both and watch the shit fly… If the military thinks it was/is on the verge of a USA take over by some means, a coup, you can be sure they are doing their own investigation and they will handle thru their military court then to the Supreme.
      I see powell as a very real person, not a phony or a fake. Something is going on behind the scenes… there were 100 military aircraft dispatchec to Germany to confiscat the servers. The airplanes must have been used to intervie/interrigate all the gate keepers of the servers by military lawyers and or use them for mobile prisons. We do not know… We do know the military seized all the servers used for our elections..

    10. Indeed I agree with you, Biden wants to put Hillary and Obama on the Supreme Court they all have lost their license so how can they be on the Supreme Court Michelle as well.

    11. If Dominion is subpoenaed , aren’t they required by law to testify? How can they refuse to testify? We better get tough. Biden and Harris are a pair of evil, disgusting individuals.

    12. It does not pay too waste our time and vote. If they change your vote or bring in unclaimed votes. Where I vote you have to show vailed ID too vote and should be backed up by paper voting also. This is the worst election ever. The good Lord will take care of the thief’s, something may happen to their love ones.

    13. Absolutely! No question about it. If Marshal can be imposed the honest people of American need their chance to take this country back from the criminals we allowed to overthrow it. Yes! For Marshal Law. Let’s take America Back!

      Yes! To Marshal Law.

    14. I am not going to advocate for Martial Law, but everything else, I agree with.
      The only way I will support martial law is if antifa and blm are also rounded up.

    15. You are correct sir ! Those Dummycrats are stealing our MOST effective President Trump in my 69 years of life ! Keep fighting Team Trump !!!

    16. This would be REAL JUSTICE! But not in America where every Liar & corrupt politician is protected and get away with murder.

    17. I agree whole heartedly! Our President should use ALL HIS POWER and prove to ALL the nay sayers just what the dems actually did during this election, the Democrats primary and the 2016 election. Set the record straight, there was no Russia involvement with Trump, couldn’t be found. It was a cover up to take the focus off Obama’s actions to spy on Trump and his family.

  2. Mind boggling to say the least! Personally I am sick of hearing about the salacious behaviors! As an American citizen I can see that our country is soon to be controlled by commie socialists! My family lived through that and it was not palatable for them then nor is it now! Guess what I am trying to say that if people who truly hate America are so unhappy, they can leave!

    1. And of course one of the first things Bidin/Harris wants to do is earmark 34 billion dollars to dis-arm the honest public citizens of this country. Ban AR 15s, ban other semiautomatic rifles and pistols. Ban high capacity magazines and what ever. This means they will force registration on you and if you forget to mention the little Marlin semi auto .22 plinking rifle in the closet that has been in the family for 50 years, they will arrest you for having an illegal gun in your possession! They are following in order what other communist countries have done in the past. Read up on Venezuela and you will see what Biden/ Harris have in mind for you.

    2. Please Mr President, put martial law into effect, have our great military round up all those treasonous Morons, prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law ( no more f…ing hand slapping), and lets get AMERICA back on track the way you started !(this time without Democratic interference!! ) TRUMP 2020– I , like many, many others will never recognize joe, mumbling, scratch and sniff Biden as anything close to a presidential figure !!!

  3. In your msg Do this before Joe Biden takes the White House….I tried to “do this” and the page went blank and would not allow me to complete my msg. Looks very suspicious!!

  4. The next article by this publication, has the question should Trump try again in 2024????? Why, does this publication think that the people hand over their country to a massive cheater???? Voter Fraud needs to be stopped and all those involved are traitors and need to be dealt with by Military law. Trump won in a landslide and for you to suggest oh well lets give Biden the win anyway, tells me you are just another deep state rag.

  5. Not only why did dominion run out, but How can that be allowable? Were they not subpoenaed to prove
    themselves clear of the obvious? They should be held accountable. They probably need more time to tweek
    their lies that they would bring forth. GOD Sees, PRAY!!

      1. This runoff in Georgia is probably the most important in the USA at the moment! The repubicans Laoffler and Predue must against the 2 ultra left wing radical USA hating democrats Ossoff and Warnoch! IF THE REPUBLICANS loose these runoffs the demoncrats will control the HOUSE , gsin control of the SENATE . They will add 2 more states to the UNION! They will pack the SUPREME COURT. do away with the filibuster. No REPUBLICAN will ever be PRESIDENT again!

    1. Google, U.S. Army seizes Dominion servers in Germany. You’ll really enjoy the article. This is probably why he ran. He has no idea what is already known. That’s why it became a matter of now having to contact their legal team!

  6. This action by Dominion is outrageous how can us citizens trust our elections ???? I think like a large portion of the public that these elections were rigged .

  7. Dominion needs to be held accountable. All those involved in voter fraud and voter suppression need to be held accountable. If that happens Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mad Max, warren, kam Harris, Schaffer, Schumer, and a whole host of others should take up residence in gitmo!!!!

  8. We already knew that these domestic terrorist organizations were going to raise kaos if their man Joe didn’t win the election. So maybe what’s going on now is to quell the kaos by making look like Biden is winning and then the truth will come out that Trump actually won by a lot. Yes both sides are corrupt but it seems the Dems exudes it. All of Washington needs to be cleaned out.

    1. Trump did win by a landslide.
      He just needs to bring it before the Supreme Court.
      Dominion not testifying is proof eneough they rigged the election.
      Soros, Biden,Harris, Obama,Hillary ,etc are all behind it.
      They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, for voter fraud.

  9. President Trump and all who voted for Trump/Pence should ignore all this rubbish and carry on as if there was no election… let the courts overturn this nonsense and let us vote again or carry on till 2024… the NEXT GENERAL ELECTION!!!! At the moment we have NO RIGHTS according to the first and looks like the second amendment too and the authorities have taken into their heads to stop us from gathering as family…. if we have no right then they too have NO RIGHT to make a change on 01/ 20/2021!!!! Let’s take our country back from these rogues and cheaters!!!! What’s good for the house is good for the gander!!!! No more parties … the Republicans are hiding behind the Democrats …, both parties are at fault..,. RUKE OF LAW APPLIES TO ALL CITIZENS….. not only us…. the “peasants”!!!

    1. So right. We will not except the Big Guy, who sold America out, to China and other nations, for his, and his whole families financial gain.
      Trump is our legal President, and if they think America believes that Biden won fairly, they have another thought coming.

  10. The Fifth Amendment protects people or entities from being forced to testify. No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    1. Pleading the 5th gives an accused the right to not self incriminate themselves. It does not give them the ability to abandon testifying. They walked away because they were not forced to testify under subpoena. My guess is they will be subpoenaed when they finally do get to the court of appeals or the SCOTUS. Until then they are trying to doctor their testimonies to claim there was no wrong doing and limit their chances of being charged with perjury.

  11. Don’t forget the Bushes are in the middle of this conspiracy too! Remember they are part of the swamp. They got rich off of foreign oil and our dear President Trump has allowed us to use our own resources which helps the working class. All those Bushes care about is lining their own pockets!

  12. Dominion stated that it worked just like they designed it to work, which translates to “who operates the machine controls the vote”.

  13. Even the democrats know this is a scam and the fraud was instituted by them. Anyone with a brain can figure that out. Donald Trump clearly won this election by a landslide, and using the dominion voting machines with democrats controlling them gave them a clear path for cheating. Case closed!

  14. This is actually criminal! The CEO of Dominion,should be suspended to appear in Federal Court and if he doesn’t show,Federal Marshall’s should arrest him.

  15. Anyone that walks out of a meeting or refuses to answer questions about their voting machine is definitely guilty. Remember when you were a child and you got caught doing something wrong; your first response was to run and hide. Totally GUILTY !

  16. come on man here’s the thing does anyone out there honestly believe creepy joe Biden thought this whole scheme up by himself??? maybe he plotted it all when he was hiding in his basement with his sock puppets for many weeks. they need to find out who the master mind is and it has to be some one or some ones with enough money to finance this scam. go trump be the man.

  17. “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” — Barack Hussein Obama – or whoever the hell he really is.

  18. What is Dominion hiding why did they refused to testify under oath? Maybe l was born at night but not last night. This national election has two many inconsistencies and questionable voting? There’s two many Mail In ballots that where apparently tampered with them there’s the three hour shut down and the Magical apparent of mail in ballots to appear? Then the mathematical impossibility of 100,000 ballots votes for Bide and not single vote for trump??? The democrats are behind this election fraud and corruption within the government agencies and the Democratic Govern swing states which is more Prevalent where this election results are questionable and their Board of Election is questionable? THOSES Electoral college votes should be place on Held on hold until theses discrepancies are resolved.

  19. they should re do the electionthe old way no rught in votes go to the polls and vote and dont use a croked company like dominion to use … trump had 70 million votes how could he lose .i hope when the final say with the supreme court picks a winner i hope they see how Trump was the clear winner

  20. Best way to cover up fraud, never have to testify or answer questions as to the elements exposed. Sadly a major ‘fix’ is being pushed to bury the voter machine issue. This by the way was why Texas refused accepting Dominion machines AND even some DEM Senators raised questions previously. The reality is there, just being buried. A travesty on a fair election!!

  21. Southern Man you hit the nail on the head! As you said I to think it time for TRUMP TO APPLY MARTIAL LAW! Dominion will NOT PROVE THAT HIS MACHINE IS NOT RIGGED! Even he said it that he HATE TRUMP! He knows he GUILTY of a crime. Now if Trump will fired all of Obama general from the military force. And put in REAL PATRIOT AMERICAN GENERAL. He could get to the bottom of all this BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR Start! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what or who is out to DESTORY AMERICA! Even the VOTER should remember JOE BIDEN WORDS—– I DON’T WORK FOR AMERICANS PEOPLE! Was this his way of telling us he IN BED WITH CHINA AND RUSSIA?

  22. Why hasn’t anyone (DOJ?) confiscated the hardware/machines suspected of fraud? Seems to me, forensic auditors should be able to uncover any smoking guns.

    1. think. they might be in on it too?????? Trump has scrambled a ton of nest eggs in the swamp. I dont think you can find a decent person in all of D.C.

  23. We can fight back by donating, even if it’s only $5, to the Trump/Pence organization to help pay for legal expenses to fight this. We can PRAY, bind the devil, keep informed, don’t call people names but give them FACTS about Trump’s excellent work for the people, and send money to the Georgia effort for the run off for the Senate. We can win this!

  24. what I would like to know is what are the odds of Trump always getting a demon rat judge????? look up the ones he has had so far. all demon rats, appointed by the great black dope. I can’t believe there are no republican judges. and what is this crap about Sidney Powell not being Trumps lawyer????? just read that they denied she represented him. hope not, she is the only one so far with brains. Rudy is all talk, no action….. can you imagine how fast Piglosi would scream impeachment if Trump would declare martial law? I wanted him to use the insurrection act on the burn Loot murder boys and girls, but that didn’t happen. I guess he was waiting to win re=election first, which didn’t work out so well. and IMO, Biden can’t think enough to tie his own shoe, let alone master-mind this farce/. I would vote for the great black dope, hilarious, Soros, Wall Street, bill gates, et al. they had the means, brains to do it. notice blm want their cut now also. biden refuses to acknowledge them, so that should be some entertainment when they decide to turn against him. they were a distraction so that the American people would not notice the BIG STEAL going on in front of their eyes. remember, Uncle Sniffy fingers said he had the best voter fraud network in all of politics. not a gaffe… same with his I don’t need you voters now, but will after the election…. again not a gaffe. or his I dont work for the American people. he wants us free thinkers to sing Kumbaya. this one will never do it. I plan to give them the respect they gave my President.

  25. Definitely, they are the same crooks and Ma Powel is very smart independently minded lawyer who knows everything about these false computers and it concerned Republicans also they became worrisome and distance themselves from her she became liability.

  26. Lock them up in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution with the REST of the DEEP STATE . . . Permanently. GITMO and LEAVENWORTH will be FINE. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  27. Throw out the election have a revote only for the President . This can confirm the vote or over turn it. Biden will fight this as unfair.

  28. I know in my heart of hearts this election was rigged. President Trump has had and continues to have an uphill battle. Does he sees these emails? So many of you have hit the nail on the head and have wonderful ideas on what our country should do as a whole and what we can do individually. I don’t want it to be a waste of words. I am 70 years old, and if Biden has his way, this world as we know it, will be no more. People THINK they have lived in touch times but no not those times. This Covid virus is leaving people weak, broke, and jobless. It is just the begining of the times. We all NEED to get ready. Even when Trump gets back on track, our world will still have a time of upheaval from the letters and numbers are growing to rob us of lives and belongings. I wish I was wrong, but I know I am right.

  29. And this is why The corrupt Democrats do not ever want voter ID. Now we can either accept it or we can do something about thought is we will just accept it like we have been doing for decades when our we going to wake up and realize we elect officials to serve at our pleasure not many times I hear politicians say that this is what the American people want and nothing could be farther from the truth cause they don’t know how to tell the truth.I too would like to see another vote for just president and all mail-in ballots will be processed and once it’s processed the envelope it came in will be stapled to each ballot so signatures can be checked and the identity of voter if we can’t do that then we should have in person voting only with a valid I.D.

  30. You have to have a fishing license why not voter ID. To compare the two I say that the Democratic party is the dead stinking fish. I was told long ago that George Soros manufactured our voting machines. Now here was an accident waiting to happen. No one even raised an eyebrow but concerned citizens such as myself. I`m fed up with the government pigeonholing me into a group of people I have nothing in common with. I am not a socialist. These people tried to take down America and that is treason. They have to pay with their lives for this. We can`t allow this to happen ever again. It`s time the Clintons Bush and Obamas pay with their lives. This is treason.

  31. Well I have always said that there is no way that that pedophile Joe Biden traitor to his country could have got anywhere near more votes than our president Donald John Trump there’s just no way in hell that more Americans voted for Haydn Biden then Donald Trump who has spent the last four years busting his ass to bring this country back to its former glory I will never believe that that piece of crap got more votes than my president Donald John Trump right now starting now we need to right now clean out our government there is way too much corruption criminal democrats and Republicans have to be Taken out of our government I think everyone of them should have to take a lie detector test and urine sample and blood sample there has been to many men and women that have fought and died for this country to let these criminals destroy it in a few months I believe we have enough patriots to clean up this government the whole world is laughing at the great American Idea and I would like to know how is criminals we know that committed crimes and spent four years lying in presenting false evidence on our president why is the attorney general of the United States not putting the first some bitch in jail is he part of the swamp to we all know there’s way too many swamp creatures it is time they all retire to that warm tropical island GITMO for life and the ones that committed treason well we know what should happen to themGod bless the USA God bless the Trump administration God bless our patriots no mercy for traders to our country!!!!!!!!!

  32. I know it and everybody else with common sense knows the election was full of fraud. Starters,the voters in the states in question need to raise hell for their officials to get the count right fair and honest in their home state. If we know anyone in these states we need to let them know that all of us are behind them 100 percent. If this and the court filings President Trump is trying don’t correct the injustice then it’s time for all patriotic citizens to organize and take our government back . For the people,by the people, and of the people. These crooked politicians need to learn they work for us!!

  33. This election should be null and void. First of all…How could the machines that Dominion used have servers in another country and not the US? Why would we even allow this? We can’t subpoena them because they are in another country??? This election should be a complete re-do and forget the write in ballot.

  34. Absolutely have a new election. This time no mail in ballots. One person one vote. I voted in person and I am 84. Also use paper ballots. We all know the deep state will never allow that. We all know Biden will never be President. We will be stuck with Harris the horrible. Must save our country.

  35. Like the Democrats say. Don’t let a big crises go to waste. They used Covid 19 far the mail in ballots. Anyone with common sense new this was going to be a F up mess before it started. Just a big waste of money & Fraud.

  36. Right now all bets are on the Supreme Court. I can’t believe they will not agree with Trump’s voter fraud case and call the election for the Republicans. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, If they side with the Democrat’s, Trump will have no other decision but to declare Marshal Law and stay on as President. Any other decision will cost us our freedom.

  37. You people must keep drinking the kool-aid, because Truth, facts and numbers all seem to be outside your ability to understand. In your mind, everybody is lying but the DJT, but thru out his career he never told the truth and has lost every significant lawsuit he has ever brought. Sad but true. Move on.

  38. I do strongly agree. We,people of the United States need to stand up to get rid of all these rediculus benefits to all retire Congess members,ex Presidents and families.

  39. Biden (yes, unfortunately, he will be installed as president) will be GONE as President of the United States within 6 months, or less, of taking office. That will leave us with Kamala Harris as President of the United States! At that point, THE SHIITE WILL HIT THE FAN!!! ARM UP!!! GET READY!!! IT WILL COME DOWN!!! IF YOU ARE NOT READY, YOU WILL BE SWEPT ASIDE, PUT IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP, OR OTHERWISE REMOVED FROM AMERICAN SOCIETY!!!

  40. I think Martin is drinking something besides koolaid as he can’t construct a proper paragraph so we know who he is talking about for sure. If it’s Trump, and he is foolish enough to believe Biden won fairly,God help the devil! You could sell him a bridge.
    I agree with others, we need a new method for electing and a revote. We have the technology using smartphones for most people, why not use it and have a real, honest – (sorry Martin, you must be. Dem and you have to lookup what “honest” means)- election not this disgraceful, sham, mockery of justice election.

  41. Simple solution; All votes must be done in person, at a polling station, ID required. Poles open from 6am to 6pm. No votes before or after will be counted. Only military votes done by mail and certified by station commander. Any voting by voters with medical/age problems must be conducted by two people from each party , with all requirements accomplished as stated above, and delivered to a proper polling station before the closing time.
    Any other ballots not in by 6pm will not be counted

  42. I’ve never understood why a government who is supposedly in place to serve the best interest of the people, begin the day by dividing themselves into two parties, forcing citizens to choose sides. Makes no positive or productive sense.
    I think the announcement of Sydney Powell being an independent represebting the republic was just a little curve ball to give the impression there is discord among the legal team. It proved again what the media does with the truth. Just like Dominion voting systems. Their company logo says, “Changing The Way America Votes”, with a ballot box, a red paper going into the top, and a blue ballot coming out the bottom. That’s pretty accurate.

    1. On the contrary. I agree with you in principle, but surely you recognize that if there is no difference in opinion and no contest then government can steamroll its people too. The good thing about there being two opposing sides is that they force one another to find middle ground. Change is therefore slow and calculated. Or it should be.

      That said, we were never meant to be a two party or any party system. Our politicians should be serving the people. That is true. But citizens will always disagree about this or that, and so too will the politicians they elect who were once citizens themselves. Polarization is inevitable, and its fine if its healthy and respectful debate and disagreement; its been perfectly fine for a long time, and in principle it should remain so. Its a good thing in fact to have such disagreement because it forces people to compromise, refrain from extremism, keep politicians grounded, compels gradual change, and the best kind of change hashed out carefully in debate. The last thing we want is blind agreement among out politicians.

      I suspect if/when the democrat party fails, the republicans are not long behind. Suppose democrats all just died out this day. Its inevitable for the republicans to then quibble among themselves about even subtler differences and finer nuances of governance. The remaining party will inevitably polarize too. The two party system is an unfortunate consequence of how we conduct our voting. Alternative voting methods exist to resolve the problem but getting America to implement them is almost impossible.

      Regardless, the dems are fanatics. Not recently, but always. They tried to secede from the union because they couldn’t get their way; they waged a civil war because they couldn’t get their way; they were the party of slavery, and when they couldn’t enslave with whips and chains they did it with fear mongering and an economic desperation that they created in the first place. And they continue to this day to try and destroy this country out of bitter resentment and a need for control. The democratic party is in itself a traitorous terrorist party, and they always have been. They were created solely to oppose the Constitutional Republic. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they advocate for unconstitutional legislation.

  43. Dominion Voting Systems Sure Ran Away Quickly at the Moment of Truth, they knew the voting machines were rigged and paid for by Soros, they also knew that all mail in vote would be changed and all the cheating was done by Anti-American Socialists and Illegals.

    Send out federal arrest warrants for these asinine TRAITORS, and place them in prison at hard labor, cleaning out county ditches with shovels to save the county money.

  44. Don’t forget who becomes vice president when Harris becomes president. Good old Nancy Pelosi. No wonder she pushed so hard for Biden to become president to become president because she knew she could be vice president. If I was Harris, I would watch my back. Could be a possibility you would have an accident.

  45. Dominion would be well adviced to admit guilt now or they will be assassinated by the Democrats. Once they cooperate they’ll be protected.

    1. Why would you protect anyone who deliberately acted to undermine the United States? They are traitors or terrorists at best. No deals. Find them guilty and hang them.

  46. Here’s a good question, imo.

    Why isnt there a warrant out for Dominions arrest?

    In what world can someone be ordered to testify before a state congress and simply opt out of going, without even sending lawyers in their stead, and the only consequences for it is social stigma?

    Was it ballsy for a republican to give that speech criticizing Dominion, or is their toothlessness just another example of Rino-ism?

  47. This was a coo a take over without firing a shot. It was treason and they should pay for their insurrection with their lives.

    1. I agree. Its long past time we brought back treason charges and death sentences for treason. And no one should be immune. In fact, I would argue that citizens should be treated more leniently than military or politicians who swear an oath to the US and her Constitution.

  48. I too am an independent. My state, Tennessee, tends to be a strong “Red State”. Having said that, the four largest cities, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville tend to vote democrat and they all are democrat leadership cities. Imagine that. The rest of the state by counties is “Red”. I have an intellect and I make every effort to do my due diligence before I make a decision, especially when it comes to politics and voting in particular. This heard mentality that the democrats use has to stop. The black voter is beginning to catch on and are leaving the democrat party in droves. They have come to the realization that the democrat party is nothing more than a political plantation.

  49. Does anyone find the name itself: Dominion, to be the slightest bit revealing? What kind of technology/company who is supposedly “democracy” would name themselves a synonym of “conquest” and “domination”? Tell me you couldnt see this coming? Whoever named the company committed a massive Freudian slip or else they are just bold and blunt as all hell.

  50. I already had stop watching Fox a couple months earlier Because they started to switch you could see gradually by the people that were on there. Mourn more I was watching OAN /or newsmax So I’ve been watching real American voice It’s a great variety of opinions What you could tell this was going to happen is when Nancy Pelosi major speech saying that they were gonna do Mail ballots she was just too excited Look at her face in her mouth she’s jist all excited about doing mail in ballots. But as far as Fox is just it’s too late for them, To many other good networks out there.

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