Wait a Minute: What Happened to Officer Sicknick?

The details surrounding the death of US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick stink to high heaven. We’re being lied to again by our garbage establishment. Officer Sicknick’s death, while certainly tragic, is being used as an emotional manipulation talking point as Democrats try to slither their way into impeaching Donald Trump. The only problem is that just about everything we’ve been told about Sicknick’s death has been a lie. Hold onto your hat, because this is a truly weird story.

First off, we mean absolutely no disrespect toward Officer Sicknick or his family in talking about this case. It’s always awful to lose a loved one under any circumstance. But Sicknick’s death is being used to manipulate the entire country and we’re being lied to. It doesn’t appear that he was actually murdered, yet he was given a state funeral in the US Capitol. They didn’t even do that for the sitting Member of Congress who just died from lung cancer last week. The American people deserve answers, since Sicknick’s death is being used to smear the 80 million people who cast honest ballots for Donald Trump.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a few weeks, then you’re probably at least vaguely familiar with this story. It was initially reported that Officer Sicknick was killed during the Capitol protests when redneck hillbilly MAGA terrorists bashed him in the head with a fire extinguisher. We were told he died of the fire extinguisher injury the day after the protests. This had to be true, because the New York Times reported that “sources” had told them this. The rest of the entire media then ran with the story by citing the New York Times.

The Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump, which blames Trump for Sicknick’s death, states that Trump supporters “killed a Capitol police officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher.” The New York Times claims Sicknick had a bloody gash in his head when he was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support.

But hold on.

Officer Sicknick’s brother says he had a text message exchange with him the evening after the riots, when Brian Sicknick was supposedly in the hospital on life support. Brian Sicknick wasn’t in the hospital. He was back at his precinct station after a long day at work when he texted his brother to tell him he was “in good shape.” He said he caught a couple of pepper spray blasts from his fellow officers throughout the chaotic day, but he was otherwise fine.

The following day, mainstream media reporters stared calling Officer Sicknick’s family out of the blue. They wanted to get a statement and know how the Sicknick family felt now that Brian had been murdered by insurrectionist Trump supporters in MAGA hats. Huh?!


Yeah, so now the story starts to get weird.

According to Sicknick’s brother, they hadn’t received any notification that Brian had died from the hospital, the police department or anywhere else – but the media was calling and asking about Brian’s death. This is especially strange because… Brian Sicknick wasn’t dead on that Thursday afternoon when the media was calling, according to US Capitol police. The police issued a statement on the evening of Thursday, January 7 that Brian Sicknick was alive and that no police officers had died as a result of injuries in the protests the day before.

After that statement came out, the family finally received a call from the hospital that Brian Sicknick was in fact hospitalized and fighting for his life. As the family was driving to the hospital, Capitol police issued a second follow-up statement that Brian Sicknick was dead.

Sicknick’s family was told that he died of a stroke. The stroke must have happened sometime between Wednesday night when Brian told his family he was fine and the next evening, but nobody knows for sure when it happened. The US Attorney has vowed to track down the MAGA murderers who were inspired by Donald Trump to murder Brian Sicknick with a fire extinguisher.

Yet there’s no video of anyone hitting Officer Sicknick with a fire extinguisher. He obviously wasn’t on life support from a head injury as he was texting his brother that night after work. A month later, the autopsy report hasn’t been released. Oh, and Officer Sicknick’s body was immediately cremated after the autopsy, and it’s unclear whether the family authorized that or whether someone just did it so no one can go back and do further analysis on his cause of death.

This whole thing stinks, and we hope that Brian Sicknick’s family gets some answers about what really happened. And the statement in the Article of Impeachment that Sicknick was killed with a fire extinguisher is a complete and total lie.

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78 thoughts on “Wait a Minute: What Happened to Officer Sicknick?”

  1. This is disgraceful…. putting a family through so much anguish based on lies…. how can these people in the Demonrat Party live with themselves and sleep at night!!! This shows that these people have no regard or respect for the AMERICAN PEOPLE…. they are our employees and they should all be recalled by their states …. that is if they have any conscience or thrown out of Congress … is that allowed by our Constitution….a mass impeachment of these “no good servants “ of ours …. they are a disgrace to us and our country! There is justice coming as God is still on His throne and sees what is happening!!!

    1. The Democrat Party has been acting like ruthless communist pigs with no respect what-so-ever for the integrity of our great nation. Their grasp of reality and reason has morphed into a deranged spectacle of total deceit that far exceeds competent rationale. LITERALY THEY ARE ALL NUTS AND NEED TO BE COMMITTED TO AN INSANE ASYLUM !!!

      1. I absolutely AGREE. These past 4 years have brought out the most disgusting despicable behavior by these mentally ill demo Rats. The biggest problem in this country is the brainwashing of the media and seems like the majority of Americans are so uneducated they believe everything. This is a multi faceted problem in our society today and will only get worse until we do a 360 degree revamp

        1. I totally agree with this statement. But like the statement before this one.” Who is going to put a stop to all this mess. SURELY NOT THE DEMOCRATES. ALL they want is Power to destroy everything the American People has worked for from the beginning of this Great Country. Our legacy from our great grandparents to now has become a joke to those now in power. But I do know who can, because this Nation was based upon this Mighty Slogan” IN GOD WE TRUST” THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS STOOD UPON, So let’s don’t discard it now. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL, Let’s still trust in Him, and bind together in Prayer and see what happens.

    2. I worry there has been a much more sinister plot carried out to make the story somewhat plausible. The Clintons have been long rumored for having those murdered that know too much or too little but are in the crosshairs of their plan. The NYT’s gave they retracted their original story of lies?

        1. To finish, all of these commets are right on the money. But these evil people are dropping one by one. Obama is not with us any more either.

          1. He never was with us. He’s always been about the new world order and complete control of all the American people. That’s why the Biden administration look like a 3rd term for Obama.

          2. Was Obama ever with us, after all it was he who told the Russian leader-wait till I’m elected again!

      1. “Absolutely disgraceful” and “totally unacceptable behavior” ! RIP Officer Sicknick and Prayers for his Family, that through this horrendous loving loss, God will wrap His Arms around you to give you the strength to walk through your healing.

      2. My husband and I live in Kentucky and we now totally regret having voted for McConnell. To say he is a major disappointment is an understatement! His name is probably “MUD” as far as conservatives are concerned here so we totally understand your sentiments!

    3. Satan is the author of all lies and they are doing his bidding whether they know it or not. It is apparent that if these Democrats are breathing they are lying as it seems everything the media reports is a half truth and the left is behind it. This is bigger than you may be aware of it is a battle of Good vs Evil and we know the final outcome according to the Bible but a lot will suffer before the Lord returns and takes care of business.

      1. Very true.All that are in doubt needs so start praying. Just talking to the Lord will be fine. Belief and faith is what it takes. Love the Lord.

      2. Doug you have never made a more TRUE statement then I’ve read my anywhere! A LOT of people politician’s and every day citizens will suffer for what they have done and continue to do. God is watching to see who does what . When he’s saw enough he will take those like Soros and pelosi who have NO CONSCIOUS and give us our country back! KEEP PRAYING FOR TRUMP AND OUR COUNTRY!!

    4. Mea, My son in-law who is a capital police stg and Brian Sicknick was in his unit that day took him into the office and he clapped on the floor and then transported to the hospital. My son in-law Justin Cohen rode with him in the ambulance to the hospital and stayed with him until about 3:00am when he was relieved. at that point he was still alive. Some time later is when he passed away. Yes he was in a comma during that time. I don’t know who sent the text message to his brother. Yes with any head concussion you do have strokes. ps: don’t you love how the media can screw up something as simple as this.

    5. You are absolutely right. There is so much evil in elected officials; in us congress, state legislatures and judges. The PEOPLE elected Trump but elected officials stole it from Trump. No true Christian could do the things they have done. I think they think that all they have to do is confess to a priest and all is well. When you side with the devil I don’t think any amount of confession is going to save your soul.

    6. Democrats can live with themselves, because they don’t care. Police brutalized and some killed by Antifa and BLM at the riots, children murdered, property destroyed, businesses destroyed, Federal buildings that they tried to destroy and much more. To top it off Democrat politicians including our present Vice President Kamala, that bailed out those home grown terrorists, Johnson encouraging to do those of us conservatives in. They think they are above the law & for now they are. I pray they get theirs someday and I don’t mean physical harm but political demise. They are so crooked it’s pathetic. The whole party is totally a farce. They run the government as a personal piggybank. They spend money like water and frivolously while enriching themselves to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones, placing the burden on the rest of us and our great grandchildren to the 3-4 generation.

    7. Amen sister. Even King David, God’s chosen faced judgement for his sins. There will be consequences. Unfortunately, all the excuses that justify wicked behavior will not be excused by our Almighty God, the creator of us all. These corrupt politicians need to read the Holy Bible and take to heart God’s word in their lives.

  2. Our government and media are so corrupt and lie so routinely, it’s a waste of time trying to determine what’s true and what isn’t. In the case of Brian Sicknick”s death, obviously, something was very wrong with his reported death and the immediate autopsy. The only source of information is from rumors that the NYT (undeniably a democratic tool for propaganda) is reporting 2nd hand information or hearsay. A criminal investigation should be started immediately but since the entire department seems to be “in on it” we may never know the true story.

  3. Socialist/Liberal/Demwits lie all the time and want to destroy Donald J. Trump, Private Citizen, out of their hatred for him!

    1. Don’t forget they hate us too. They think going after Trump will scare us but they are wrong. TRUMP 2024! They will not change my beliefs the lying scum. Both impeachments are a sham based on lies

    2. why should we the American tax payers pay for these impeachments???? Let the ones who started it and voted on it be responsible personally!!
      After all, did we get a vote-perhaps then they would stop their nonsense. And I’d like to know why Pelosi and her bunch cannot be impeached and why none of the news on Biden’s son, Obama, and Clinton have

      not come to light?? Let’s also look at Harris and some of the others as being arrested for their remarks I was brought up to speak about our president in their manor was treason


  4. The transformation of the First American Republic into a Chinese-controlled dictatorship is going precisely according to plan. The Capitol “insurrection”, taking place a half hour before President Trump spoke and a half hour away from his rally and now known to have been organized in advance and carried out by Antifa and Burn Loot Murder operatives, is the horrible attack that starts the emergency. Officer Sicknick is the Horst Wessel or Sergei Kirov of the false flag operation, whose supposed “murder” by the enemy is the pretext for roundups and repression. Horst Wessel, supposedly killed by communist attackers, in fact died in a fight with a pimp over the his prostitute girlfriend, and was immortalized in what became the Nazi battle song. Kirov’s shooting triggered the Great Purge, in which millions died between execution, imprisonment and famine, and we now know that the killing was done at Stalin’s order. There is reason to think that Officer Sicknick died in a hail of bullets from Nazi Pelosi’s police, in which case he would be the third victim of the American Communist Party, after unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was definitely shot in the back, and the disabled woman carrying a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, whose death is still mysterious. Down with the dictatorship! Biden delendum est!

  5. There was a time not too long ago in America that many if not most believed that there would eventually be judgement for how a person treated others. The reason that the main stream media and many politicians lie, is that they don’t believe they will face any judgement. This is what happens when a society turns it’s back on God.

  6. Is there a way to hold the Dems responsible for the evil things they are doing or do we have to wait and never get justice?

    1. Put more Republicans in Congress and put more pressure on your Congressmen but also support them. This is true for the Senate also.

      We all need to help more and try to get Nancy and Chuck out of power. Get young people to see what is wrong also. Boycott the TV channels that are especially bad.

    2. what about the riot’s in the west Seattle, Washington state where the Den told them to riot ,burn, steal and make chaos.

  7. The US Government has no particular monopoly on truth, basic honesty, credibility, candor, or any other form of political “righteousness” over any other national governments. This latest incident speaks volumes about the prevarication and mendacity which inevitably appear in high places in what appears to be a never- ending battle with “the truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth”!

  8. Arkancide? The scum that stole the election stops at nothing.

    We are living an a horrendous era. How many people have they killed to promote communism?

  9. Both parties are guilty. One standing by and punishment not done. This is just as bad as doing the evil. The strength of evil is the lack punishment

  10. The newspapers will print whatever suits the Democrats agenda and the TV stations will of course run with it without any supporting facts. A good example is Springsteen’s November arrest for DWI not showing up until he made an appearance for his buddy Biden and a Jeep commercial aired on the Super Bowl.

  11. This is classic socialist/communism at work.Believe nothing Biden the Democrats or the media tell you. They believe the bigger the lie the more it’s believed. That’s how stupid they are and they believe the American people are stupid.

    1. Analysis of 2020 Election tabulation sheets has been determined 80mm Trump 68mm Biden. Demand Forensic Analysis of Ballots and count machines

  12. We can’t take anything at face value anymore. We don’t have respect for our elected officials or the media, who don’t have any respect or concern for us at all. Dems lied, cheated, and stole to win an election. Their people spewed violence and hate. Then they turn around accuse President Trump of every thing they can think of to erase him. They change the Constitution to suit them and make up new rules. The RINOS who have been duped into abandoning the President have lost any respect or integrity they may have had. The COVID thing is being used to push an agenda that doesn’t care about the people. Even Biden is being controlled. Who would vote for someone who has spent 40 some years in public service and done nothing and doesn’t stand behind his faith over someone who isn’t a lifelong politician and has kept the promises he made and has stood up for the people. Yeah, his personality is abrasive, but he truly cares.

  13. Evil comes in all forms we have got to ask God to show us how to over come it the fact that we are being kept in dark and broke give fact of there power We have to vote them out and pray daily . For answers remember evil s powerful and we have to get our children into faith so righteousness will be ours ?Pray

  14. What I want is to Subpoena all Democrats in congress, upper and lower houses and the White House For all communications, voice mail, text massages, conversations and other communications with all left wing militant groups, starting one week before to one week after the Jan 6 2021 protests in Washington D.C.. Left wing to include but not limited to Antifa, BLM and others. The purpose of this investigation is to determine who in congress in the DNC was trying to setup the peaceful protesters, that were trying to make their voices heard. Also people in law enforcement that aided the militant groups by opening up the capital building and allowing the militants to enter the building, and who told them to do so, and directing them where to go, and allowing them to do property damage, and kill peaceful protesters. Yes I am accusing Antifa and BLM of murder, and others that are complicit with them. Please share if you want the more the better.

  15. Here we go again! The New York Times, is still not worth using as toilet paper,
    Just another rag that “reports” lies, rumors, and propaganda.
    These “reporters” should be ashamed of themselves for reporting something so sick.. Unfortunately, nothing will be done to hold these rumor-mongers accountable.
    These so-called “journalists” aren’t even fit to write for the National Tattler, because the Tattler has higher journalistic standards than the N.Y.T.

  16. The end justifies the means. I hope this comes out for all to see and know but rest assured it won’t come out in the MSM. It will all be brushed under the rug just like Vince Foster and so many others.
    We must find other ways of getting the truth out. The “truth” as defined by the MSM is what they want it to be. Journalism in America is as dead.

  17. As I read this article I realized once again how much the left hate, Donald Trump. Is there no end to the lying. What a shame. To put this family through this nightmare of lying. Let’s call this officer’s family to testify at the latest sham impeachment. Let’s support the family as they seek legal action against the news source that started this obvious lie. Help this family Lord in their time of loss.

  18. Since January 6th, I’ve read numerous articles (mostly lies of course) on the Donald Trump incited “insurrection”. Every one of those fabricated stories had to mention that 5 people were killed in this melee’

    Let’s do some math. One, I’ve been under the impression that this police officer was bludgeoned by a “Trump supporter”. The story has been repeated over and over again…. now we find out the poor man died from a stroke.
    Two, Ashli Babbit was gunned down by an officer for no apparent reason other than the fact she was in the wrong place (I guess) at the wrong time.
    That leaves three deaths over the course of this ill fated day. Those three deaths were all medical related instances not having anything remotely to do with anyone causing them harm.

    Read the papers, listen to the propaganda, and you’ll hear that Trump people were responsible for ALL of these atrocities. “ The Trump incited insurrection where 5 people were killed”. The bullshit that is spewed by our biased media is off the hook!! So, as it turns out, no one died because of our President, but then, we knew that didn’t we.

    Dems are evil people. Listen to these assholes, one after the other, accusing DJT of high crimes that have never even existed. If the Dems want to charge someone with crimes against the state, all they have to do is look into the Oval Office and they could start right there. Look at the piece of shit running our nation!! Ruining our nation is a better analogy.

    I truly wish that Republicans had balls enough to take care of business like the Dems, if they did we’d be watching Kayleigh at these White House press conferences instead of this know nothing bag of wind they’ve installed there. This entire scenario is a freakin nightmare.. God help us

  19. Cuomo’s lies:
    The media has nothing to do with legal decisions, and need not be considered when deciding whether to prosecute or not. It is evident that Cuomo lied to everyone, and should pay for the intentional murder of the senior citizens in the nursing homes. He was advised not to do this by a number of doctors and others, yet he chose to do it anyway. He knew what he was doing, now he must pay, there are no excuses, only more lies.

  20. I just want to know why! Why are the democrats, Media, Big business to mention a few, aloud to get away with this? The lies and devious manor in witch they do things, (like snakes) Everyone knows it, yet nobody does anything about it. What happened to no one is above the law?

  21. The C_A has a special gun that can be aimed at your head that emits a special frequency that can give you a stroke. At a different frequency will cause you to have a heart attack. Looks to me like this was the probable cause as they needed a death to be used at the impeachment trial. Seems like someone knew he was supposed to be taken out but called before it had happen. Like the announcement of the World Trade Center Building 7 coming down before it happened. May God Bless America and it’s people. Anytime they cremate the body right-away there is something fishy going on.

  22. The media & Democrats know no boundaries when it comes to spinning their wild Trump-accusation tales. Only this time it involved a young DC Police Officer, Brian Sicknick, who the media told the world had been murdered by Trump rednecks on January 6th at the Captiol, by hitting him repeatedly over the head with a fire extinguisher. Enter Brian’s brother who states he was alive & well that very same evening, texting with his brother later that night about the days events, and was NOT on life support, but very much alive. How relieved that family must have been! Then the phone call comes that Officer Sicknick is now in the hospital, having suffered what they say is a stroke, and sadly passed away. I pray that Officer Sicknick’s family can find out the truth, and get peace, because there are way too many red flags that this Officer did not die from a stroke, as he was by all appearances a healthy young man in the prime of his life. Many stood to benefit from his “actual death” once the story of his “prior death” news release was found to be untrue. My thoughts & sincere condolences go out to Officer Sicknick’s family, friends & fellow officers…

  23. Let’s see this mentioned in the impeachment hearings
    Now that they are planning to subpoena witnesses.
    To many unanswered questions for this Family.

  24. since mr sicknick wasfine the day after the riots and was cremated so quickley this now should open the door for a massive law suit by the sicknick famley, who orderd the creamation? who coverd up the death in the hospital? the best way to stop these people is to sue into oblivian

  25. Leave it up to the dems..( the devils children ) to even have the nerve to come up with such a lie…what else would we expect…

  26. Our Nation is going to Hell in a hand basket. And everyone who has kept silent is just as guilty as those who have done the crimes. Yesterday’s shame on the front lawn of the White House, was just that, a shame. Sure, there is unity, forgiveness, love, and whatever else they had, however, only for those who agree with their shameful evil ways. I have very little faith left for our voices to be heard in any upcoming elections. The Democrat Socialists have proven they can, and will do, whatever it takes to win. Does this mean we stand by and allow these non-Americans to take over our beloved Nation? No! We speak up wherever we are, we wave our flag proudly, we talk endlessly with our children and grandchildren about this great Nation. Sadly, nothing has prepared me for what is happening, and I believed I was knowledgeable in the Bible. Reading and living this Hell on Earth are not the same thing. I keep remembering Corrie ten Boom, Jesus is Victor. Her words are becoming my mantra.

  27. You haven’t watched the view lately, if you want to see a bunch of FUGLY old hags, this is the place to go. They are so busy trying to get a pound of flesh, they don’t understand that they can’t lose any while they are shoving more down their throats. They can’t lose any flesh, cause they can’t flap their jaws fast enough to lose any calories.

    1. Gary, those HAGS take themselves way too seriously. Joy Behar……. who cares what she thinks…… and Whoopi the Queen Racist, again, shut your mouth…… no one cares for your opinion. And FUGLY is the correct word. These women suck out loud. Their “views” are worthless to 99.9% of Americans. Why does the show even exist?

      1. There is hope for Meghan McCain. She “hates” Trump because of one foolish thing the President said about her father (which may be based on a story about possible collaboration with the enemy when McCain was in a North Vietnamese prison camp). But her husband, Ben Domenech, is often on Fox News, and shows a lot of sense. He’s definitely not a “Never Trumper.” All the best to the Domenechs, and their new child.

  28. they say we are dumb hillbillies, but i no buying votes is breaking the law. if we do it, we go to jail. is this not what biden did? when he told the people if they elected the demo in Georgia he would give them a check. so why not impeach him on voter fraud?


  30. Personally I don’t think the USA is a racist country and BLM in my opinion is the black version of the KKK and I don’t have any respect for either but they both have what president Trump doesn’t freedom of speech. The Democratic Party has become the communist party as they no longer care what their subjects say and don’t care. Just remember communist parties also kill their people without any cares. Wake up American before it’s to late who knows maybe history books will label the racists thugs who stormed OUR White House as patriots once all the truth comes out which it will some day. I don’t care which political party you belong to email your representatives every day and let them know how you feel make your voices be heard. Praise them if you agree with them and scold them if they are not after all they all are acting like little kids with not a clue how to run this country. Yes I sleep good at night because I still believe God is in charge.

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