New Findings: Thousands of AZ Ballots Missing Valid Serial Numbers

It turns out that the Maricopa County, AZ election audit isn’t over yet. The report that was issued to the state senate a few weeks ago was only the “finalized report” of the audit portions that had been completed to date. The auditors still have work to do.

Most Americans should be thrilled by all this openness and transparency, but the press and the Democrat Party are having fits about it still. Wait until they hear the latest!

If the multi-stage audit that took months to complete somehow felt incomplete to you when the finalized report was issued, that’s because it WAS incomplete. This is a multi-stage process, and they’re only partway done after all this time.

One of the most helpful ways to audit the votes would have been a door-to-door canvass in Arizona. That’s when auditors would go door-to-door and ask voters whether they actually cast a ballot in the 2020 election. If a voter says they actually didn’t vote, but there’s a record of their mail-in ballot being cast, that’s yet one more obvious case of fraud that took place.

But a door-to-door canvass was forbidden by a court order, using the usual racist liberal logic. Black and brown people, we have been told repeatedly for years by the Democrat Party, are not intelligent enough to obtain a state-issued ID. Therefore, voter ID is a white supremacist plot to disenfranchise all of these unintelligent people.

The new thing we learned after the 2020 election, which only came to light the moment that it was announced that the Arizona auditors were going to do a door-to-door canvass, is that door-to-door canvassing is suddenly racist too.

If an auditor knocks on the door of a black person to ask if they cast a ballot in 2020, it will spook them. They’d be disenfranchised and might never vote ever again. Black voters are notoriously skittish and introverted, as you may have noticed during the $2 billion worth of BLM riots that they carried out in 2020 (and stopped right before the election for some reason). So, no door-to-door canvass for the 2020 election in Maricopa County.


One thing that the auditors are still doing, however, is examining the adjudicated ballots in Maricopa County. Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett explained how that process is going during a hearing last Thursday. Bennett says that thousands of adjudicated ballots – which had to be duplicated by state election workers – had missing serial numbers. That’s a huge problem.

An adjudicated ballot is basically a ballot that is messed up for some reason. There are a lot of reasons why a ballot could end up being adjudicated: The voter fills in the oval incompletely, circles the oval, draws an X through it instead of filling it in, and so on. We also know that the SharpieGate scandal in Arizona, in which Republican voters were given Sharpie markers to fill out their ballots, the ink bled through the pages and damaged a lot of ballots. A ballot can also be defaced by something like spilling coffee on it.

As many of the audit volunteers explained once their non-disclosure agreements terminated, there were tons of ballots that were torn or ripped up. In some cases, only ¼ of the ballot remained. All of those ballots went to adjudication, in which election workers take the ballot, try to determine the voter’s intent, and then fill out a duplicate ballot for that person.

In the 2016 election, only 1.2% of all ballots went to adjudication in the Trump vs. Crooked Hillary matchup. In the 2018 midterms, 2% of ballots in the US went to adjudication. In the 2020 election in Maricopa County, 11% of ballots went to adjudication – more than 200,000 total.

When ballots go to adjudication and a duplicate ballot is cast after being filled out by election workers, the only way to go back and check whether the duplicate really matches the original ballot is the serial number. The original ballot AND the duplicate ballot must have matching serial numbers. This is the only way to tell if the duplicate ballot was filled out honestly and accurately, or whether an election worker cheated by switching a Trump vote to a Biden vote. You also cannot tell, as Arizona Senate President Karen Fann noted, whether a ballot missing a serial number has been duplicated one time or ten times.

Bennett did not reveal the total number of adjudicated ballots that are missing serial numbers during Thursday’s hearing. So, we don’t know whether this is one more example of potential fraud that is greater than Biden’s 10,000-vote margin of “victory” in Arizona. (As if we needed another example of that.) But Bennett says the number is “in the thousands.”

We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, my advice for the illegitimate Biden regime is that they should maybe keep a box handy at the White House to pack their stuff in, for when the American people fire them.

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34 thoughts on “New Findings: Thousands of AZ Ballots Missing Valid Serial Numbers”

  1. It’s all bullshit nothing is going to happen. To the people of AZ why are you going forward with this phoney audit nobody’s gonna be arrested for violating voter laws and now it’s just too late to stop the Biden crime family from destroying America. PROVE me wrong!!!!

    1. You are probably correct, but do you not think that Dem and Rino obstructionism had a lot to do with slowing things down? Maybe no one will be arrested, etc, but there is always another election on the horizon. Big eyeballs on the last election has a chilling effect on vote fraud in the next election.
      The Wisconsin Senate has just voted to investigate the 2020 election. Pennsylvania is doing likewise. Democrats have been cheating for decades and it has the stop. All states need to do likewise.

      1. From now on I’m sure that all of the coming elections will be rigged. PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden.

        1. I wonder if the auditors are ‘tracking too much data’? Perhaps they may want to put all the Ballots in Numerical Order first to see any duplications or missing serial numbers. Then they can enlarge their database to verify for errors of name/spellings, addresses, etc. Perhaps they will more easily find a higher quality and more time conservative count. PLUS: Did you know that for more than a decade, only Dems are allowed to count the Ballots and without any GOP oversight, or that is what I read the other day. If this is true, I don’t know why the GOP allowed this to happen.
          WE need to put Referendums on the Ballot: ANY elected official that commits a crime while in office MUST PAY THEIR OWN LEGAL DEFENSE is one of my pet peeves— Corruption should diminish quickly; Any elected official must put their WAR CHEST in the PUBLIC TRUST, of give it to their Party while out of office and will be given a Credit if they run for office again; WE need to take the CAP OFF THE SOCIAL SECURITY TAX— ALL should pay the same rate; WE need to vote their benefits and raises; and ALL Elected Officials must follow the laws that they make for us;.

        2. These technics may be actual , but the voter registration needs to looked at as well. If the register is not up to date an election fraud is still open to happen

      2. If the 2020 elections isn’t corrected then you can expect to see it repeated over and over, or maybe there will be enough people who finally see what has happened and get organized and take direct action to correct things, which will not be a pretty site

    2. If people aren’t arrested in voter fraud then the DOJ is a disgrace and not doing their job under the Constitution.
      Everyone knows Trump won the 2020 election and those Democrats responsible for fraud should be prosecuted.
      Time for American citizens to take back our country.

    3. Electoral College Count– which was passed and signed into law many decades ago – is for all 50 states to hold a second election in Congress, in which each state gets one vote. When the Electoral College vote is indeterminate, Congress decides the outcome. With 27 red states and 23 blue states, Donald Trump is reelected as America’s President of the United States.

      Right now we have Wisconsin, Georgia, & Arizona supplying enough fraud to decertify their elections (after law enforcement proven) to reduce Biden’s Electoral 270 needed votes.

  2. I am happy that Arizona has done these Audits. They have shown other states how to conduct these Audits. There are at least 5 states now that show FRAUD! All 50 states are supposed to be doing audits. The thing I do not understand is , why do the demos act like the people of color are DUMB. I am white. America is NOT A RACIST COUNTRY! When I voted in the 2020 Election, there were blacks voting. In my state, we show 2 forms of ID. I have black friends. In my Dr.`s office the receptionist is black. She is very polite. My Dr.`s assistant is black. She is very nice to everybody. GOD created all Equal! Back to the AUDITS, WE THE PEOPLE WANT THE TRUTH! GOD BLESS THE USA!

    1. To answer your question: the behavior of the Democrats is called ‘ the soft racism of lowered expectations’. (You are too stupid to make it on your own, so sit down, shut up, give us your vote and we Dems will fight the racist GOP for you). The Dems don’t have the KKK or Jim Crow laws anymore, so they use the above tactic to suppress them, while appearing to champion them. If the Democrat Party doesn’t have a disgruntled underclass to exploit, they would cease to exist. When polled recently in a street survey, every Black
      American had a picture i.d. on their person !!!

      1. Have you read about the post- Civil War South? Look up Wilmington North Carolina, 1989 to see the real Insurrection…. I wish Black People would read it, as it shows how Blacks and Whites worked together to build a Successful City until white Dems maimed and killed many Blacks, chasing them from their political offices. And then Read Tytler’s Cycle of Democracy which will teach you how people become enslaved — It was conceived by A Scotsman (Lord) who lived during George Washington’s time.

      1. The REAL insurrection started on Nov 6, 2016 when Pres Trump beat Hillery and the leftist went bat crap crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fifty One Weeks after the “election” and here we are. Still.


    The brave defenders of America are all lining up to stomp on America. The Democrat/Communist/Muslim Party has nearly absolute RULE. We’ve been SOLD OUT by our own leaders and defenders – total reeking scum that they all are.

    And just where is the COWARDLY SOLD OUT GOP hiding these days? Anyone seen ’em out and about lately? I haven’t. Nobody has. They’ve simply disappeared. Probably all in secret conferences working up their next Never Trump scheme and deciding which RINO to run for the presidency next.

    And now, the federal government is openly talking about “reeducating” vaccine resisters. Yup, existing LAW means nothing any more. Government edicts RULE.

    Forget the recounts. Without GOP support and the willing participation of our established legal agencies they mean nothing!

    I only want one thing. Before I pass away I want to see the YELLOW two-faced GOP marched off at gunpoint by their friends in the DemoComMuslim Party and into the same dismal captivity that We the People face.

    1. Here we are with the largest mess in history and the laughing stock of the world with the Democrats in control.

    1. I agree Biden/Harris, Pelosi and the radical Democrats should be prosecuted for voter fraud along with the Global Elite, Big Tech, Big Pharma and anyone who had connection to the fraud. When is the government officials going to oust Biden/Harris and bring back Trump our true elected president?

  4. Arizona has had wat too many Democrats that have gotten in the way of this audit. Everyone that has been involved in that way needs to spend more time in jail.

  5. No body will be arrested for violating voter laws and now it’s just too late to stop the scam investigation. Just go away AZ. You’re not helping anyone.

  6. Mike Pence is to blame in part, too, for the status of our country now. He knows clear as crystal how deeply corrupt Brainless Byedone and Harlot Harris are and their paper trails yet so blasted eagerly certified for them on Jan 6th and then having given his blessing in essence by attending their inauguration. Pence should be in jail for having helped sell out our country. The slime ball RINO he IS at the end!! His Patriotic heart went dark on Jan 6th!

  7. After reading all of your posts, I felt “GLOOM & DOOM”. Remember, God’s got this. We are Americans. We are always out numbered. However, WE FIGHT. Stop giving up. Indeed, it’s terribly ugly. That is what Satan is. UGLY, frightening. Disgusting. The United States of America is a nation “Under God”. I’m just trying to give everybody something to think about. That’s all. I want President Donald Trump back so badly. Just like all of us do.

  8. Elections conducted without ballot serial numbers, photo ID or signature verification are a joke on the American public. These techniques may allow the public to track or verify (one person, one vote) but unfortunately a human being ends up checking them all. Election fraudsters need only switch from faking serial numbers or signatures to faking audits and canvassing.

    The point being that as long as a human is involved with processing or auditing an election it is completely impossible to secure that election. This is why our democratic republic uses checks and balances to regulate just about everything. We accept the fact that human beings are flawed, corrupt and compromised therefore we establish systems where people check each other’s work.

    This is as simple as students self correcting their own tests. You could either have a student “self correct their own test” or have students exchange tests with their neighbors and check each other’s tests. Self corrected test would be subject to fraud and exchanged tests wouldn’t because people would be checking each other’s work. Elections need to be conducted under the assumption that everyone should be checking each other’s work, not trusting anyone to “self correct their own test”.

    Ballot serial numbers, photo ID’s, signatures, audits and canvassing are all a complete waste of valuable resources and time because they all come down to a person self correcting their own test. The solution is to establish a federal or state Blockchain Election System requirement.

    Blockchain technology allows a secret ballot without serial numbers and no need for audits or canvassing because if anyone attempts to change or rig an election the technology automatically reveals the attempt. So why aren’t we using blockchain technology to secure our elections?
    That’s a really good question. Maybe people just want to be able to cheat?

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