Lying Feds Overstate January 6 Capitol Protest Damages by 30X

Even the National Guard has given up on the make-believe insurrection in Washington, DC. The troops have packed up and gone home, since they haven’t had to do a single insurrection or defense-related thing in the past five months, other than dodge Jill Biden when she shows up to try to give them cookies.

Oh, sorry… DOCTOR Jill Biden.

But Democrats are not giving up on their dream of smearing all Donald Trump supporters as dangerous white supremacist insurrectionists engaged in domestic terrorism. The problem the D’s are encountering is that everything they say turns out to be a big fat lie. Like the “damage” done to the US Capitol, for example.

A week after the mostly peaceful Capitol protests, the FBI held a press conference. One high-ranking bureaucrat with the FBI blathered on and on about the “destruction” that took place during the four-hour tourism spree that delayed a meeting in the US Senate. They showed pictures of broken windows that we had already seen. And don’t forget, one insurrectionist stole Nancy Pelosi’s podium and walked around taking selfies with it. Horrific damage.

It was the worst “attack on our democracy” since the Civil War, according to the doddering puppet in the White House. It was worse than 9-11, Oklahoma City and Pearl Harbor combined. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) requires therapy for her wartime PTSD after the Capitol “attack.”

When House Democrats started “investigating” the insurrection in February, they heard testimony from a hyperventilating federal drama queen about the extensive damages done to the Capitol. A guy named J. Brett Blanton, who sounds like a Simpsons character but is a real person, is the head of an agency called the Architect of the Capitol (the AOC… no, really!). The AOC is the agency responsible for the upkeep of all the buildings and racist statues at the US Capitol and it employs about 2,000 people.

And boy, is J. Brett Blanton proud of himself for his actions during the insurrection! Here’s what he told Congress:

“As an agency, we served as a shining light of hope that day and in the days following the insurrection. I remain proud of and encouraged by the professionalism displayed by the AOC team in the face of this dangerous and stressful event.”

Wow! So stunning and brave!

Personally, I thought the curvy model in the skintight QAnon superhero costume waving an American flag from the Capitol steps was a shining light of hope that day, but what do I know? She was certainly easier on the eyes than J. Brett Blanton.


Anyway, after describing how the architects at the US Capitol were actually a bunch of heroic soldiers who stopped an insurrection, J. Brett Blanton put a price tag on how much it would cost to repair the damages done by the Trump terrorists: $30 million!

He said this under oath, by the way. And that $30 million was just a preliminary estimate. Blanton would need additional funds to pay for mental health counseling for all of the employees at the Architect of the Capitol, due to the stress that they went through while battling the insurrection. But $30 million in additional funding would be a nice start.

House Democrats immediately appropriated an extra $30 million for this obscure federal agency that none of us had ever heard of before. Naturally, the $30 million price tag for damages became an instant part of the narrative. It sounds like a huge number. And of course, it was a total lie, just like everything else we’re constantly being told about January 6th.

One of the Trump supporters pleaded guilty this month to the charges that the Department of Justice slapped against him: Trespassing, interrupting an official meeting, and aiding and abetting the vandalism of federal property. Almost none of the jailed Trump supporters have been charged with actually breaking or damaging anything, by the way. They’re all charged with aiding and abetting vandalism.

But here’s the curious thing about this Trump supporter who pleaded guilty: In the charging documents against him, the Department of Justice states emphatically that the damages to the Capitol totaled just $1.5 million. The $30 million figure was a lie (but Congress paid for it anyway, no questions asked!).

Is J. Brett Blanton going to be charged with lying to Congress? Will the Architect of the Capitol agency have to give the extra money back? I’m sure you already know the answers to those questions.

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61 thoughts on “Lying Feds Overstate January 6 Capitol Protest Damages by 30X”

  1. Lying is Biden’s trade mark. He has lied about every thing is life. The list is so long you would need at least a half hour tp read.

    1. $30 or $1.5 in damages, both are frigging ridiculous totals for damages! If the actual damages come to more $200K I be surprised. Just another way the Democrats are padding their coffers or pockets if you want the truth, liars and thieves, everyone of them.

    2. It was mentioned that the AOC Team “performed professionally”…. She (AOC), gave an teary interview talking about how terrified she was. We later hear that she was not even in the building. When asked why they hate Trump so much, all they can say is that”he lies”. Boy, I never seen so many lies from so many and they have not been out of Trumps mouth!

    3. What is lying? Saying something that is not true, can not hold upto facts. Like a dog chasing its tail in streight line. There maybe something Kamela or komedy about that, but you’ll need to bolden or Biden about that, Pretty or Pelosi sure about that.

    4. Talk about emotional stress, I am sure what they faced is nothihg compared to those fellow citizens across this vas nation are forced to see their cities and neighbothood’s burn dowwn and destroyed by Antifa and BLM mobs. Nothing was done by any government agency to stop them and protect the victoms of this Crystal night actions. BLM and Antifa are the KKK and or Brown shirts of the Socialist party branch of the CCP. period. There is no democratic party in this nation.

    5. All dems ARE NOW PROVEN LIARS SINCE bo’s 8 YEARS OF TREASON THAT CREATED a dem leaders deceitful vote fraud & illegal foreigner attack on U.S. Citizen’s Constitutional Freedom, Rights, Liberty & National Security ! A bo 78 U.S. law violations & defying U.S. Constitutional Amendments @ least 10 X’s is now the biden dictator quest ! There is ample proof, dem leaders are past due for high treason prosecution & biden’s E.O.’s prove the crimes !

  2. There is no truth in any democrats words! Biden was born a LIAR! 48 years and nothing accomplished! But lot of destroy the ECONOMY and America dreams of the people! You can only wonder what were these dumb people from the state saw in him that kept re-election him. Now to these CORRUPT CONGRESS MEMBER WHO support him. There two things you face in the remaining of your life. RELEASE TRUMP SUPPORTERS IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BRING CHARGE. THEIR FAMILY SHOULD FILE BILLION DOLLARS LAWSUIT AGAINST THE WHOLE DEMOCRAT HOUSE LEADERSHIP! PELOSI KNOW SHE IS THE ONE WHO DESERVE TO BE EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! Just as the founding father would do to enemy of this country! All those black prison guards will get their reward soon! Beaten people who are falsely accused of terrorists. You will have your reward! DEMOCRAT are the ones along with their pet the media are doom! Only fool believes the lies these CORRUPT DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST FOOL tell! You don’t gain anything! But you will lose everything!

    1. Actually Pelosi and Biden should honestly be charged with Abuse of prisoners.
      Merrick Garland could also be charged for failure to release these PATRIOTS.
      When the have these people testify what is going to happen? Biden and Pelosi will state they were not aware of the torture , the beatings and despicable conditions that the Patriots were kept. It is a war crime to keep a person in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. It is just mean and Un-American to authorize this treatment. Garland should feel the rope tightening around his throat–he knows what is going on with the crimes being committed under his jurisdiction. I will keep speaking out about this ongoing atrocity. If Biden ever holds a rally in DELCO -I will be there to embarrass his sorry ass.

      1. President Trump will see that ALL are held accountable. He has been on a MASSIVE mission for over 4 years. Listen to X22reportdotcom for relevant info. It’s uplifting!

      2. Buy some tomatoes! Once he opens his mouth throw them! Let the world see how we feel about the lying fool!

    2. All dem leaders and their cronies supporting the biden, bo, hilary treason are past due for trial & execution !

    3. Thank you for your writings. Excellent service to our Country. The Socialists are going to loose, even Democrats that voted for him are questioning themselves. My 72 year old neighbor voted TRUMP then voted for Beijing Biden and is sorry now. The elderly believe the FAKE NEWS. Sickening.

  3. When the rebublicans gain control of Congress again they should make that AOC return that money back to the people, fire that lying individual an prosecute for that lie!!!’

    1. Yes, and they should do like ANY business and produce documents from all companies, bids on work above $10,000, photos of damage and follow up photos of all repairs.
      After finding out they overestimated the cost, they must return any overages. Btw, you don’t pay up front before work is done. How STUPID do they think we are?

    2. All dems are due for dereliction of duty crimes that command prison & trial for treason till their execution day !

  4. But ….. but ….. they said on the news, and … and …. teacher said, and Pelosi said ….. and …..

    Yeah, “they” said. And the Republican Party, COWARDS that they ALL are, just laid back in the shadows quivering with fear while the Communists marched closer and closer to a full take-over.

    Bible Prophesy for the End Times states clearly that “And their mighty men shall fail them”. They are – ALL of them. The GOP(LOL), our sold-out defenders, the military that is studying Wokeism and “gender” issues instead of battle tactics, all of them.

    While homeless veterans roam our streets because the VA and other agencies don’t have the cash to help them, our Big Red Congress has TRILLIONS for take-over schemes. Funny how that works out, eh?

    1. Fed Up:
      You are right on! I am so sick of the Communist pretender and his minions lying and BS, I don’t even bother to listen to them anymore, for I know nothing comes out of their pie holes but BS! The is no doubt the Republicans, are chicksh_t COWARDS!
      How much longer can this country last with these idiots pulling the strings and pretending EVERYTHING they do is for the benefit of the country? Sooner of later, some dope in China, Iran, N. Korea or Russia is going to bitch slap the hell out of this country; don’t you think they know we have spineless liars supposedly running this country?
      This sh_t better end at the mid-term elections next year, or else we can all kiss our asses go by!

  5. Not surprised they lie about the actual damage done. 30 million for a few broken windows and a podium? That is some expensive windows. And they still have the undamaged podium. Oh, mental health counseling. These are supposed to be trained police and security officers. I doubt their mental health was damaged. Most of this is for AOC because she is mentally damaged person to start with and needs continuous mental counseling. Thats where the money goes. This farce has gone on too long. There was no insurrection. Try and release these people being held now. Their rights have already been violated, its much more serious charge than trespassing on public property. Even that is questionable since that property, in theory belongs to the American people, not government.

  6. Proof read what you write. Did you fail English in school? I agree with your thoughts but the grammar is atrocious.

    1. Ed,
      The main thing is you got the point; better to say what needs to be said (with all the atrocious grammar and spelling) than remain part of the “silent” majority and silent shameless idiots who voted for these idiots.

    2. Who cares Ed? If you were able to understand their post, they got their point across. Who are you, the grammer police?

  7. In the popular mic of Get Smart, would you believe this? If not would you believe this then? The Democrats just love to stretch the truth, bend it, and play with it. They just can’t stand being honest and trust worthy. It is not in their nature.

  8. It is a national disgrace as to what is going on in Washington!!. People locked up and beaten for no reason other than being at a rally and the a-holes demon-rats needing mega bucks therapy…and that ugly is as ugly does AOC bitch. If she can’t handle the job then get her the hell out, she doesn’t belong there in the 1st place!! The communist/socialist party is gaining ground in our beloved country by the cheating and lying going on by the demon-rat party. These people need to be brought to justice for treason and shot by a firing squad!!! I would like to do the count down…. 3-2-1 FIRE!!!

    1. I was glad to hear you speak out about what the people are going thru that are now in DC prison over the Jan 6th riot on the White House. I just read the most horrible article about how they are being treated in the jail. They are being beaten and not aloud to talk with family and it is like a communist country in DC. I hope someone will address this situation. It said they told the judge but nothing has been said about it at all on
      Tv or any news articles except the one I just read. They said one guy was beaten so much he has almost lost his eye site. What is going on in the government. So Sad.

  9. Someone unlocked the electronically controlled doors from the inside to allow the security of the building to be breached. A government building like this has a sophisticated security system and it was an inside job.

    1. Nancy wanted them inside , even after they were warned of violence days before, Nancy wanted trouble so she could impeach Trump. Guards let them in.

    2. It’s terrible that the video disclosing critical details has been excruciatingly slow to emerge….

  10. 30 million, 1.5 to fix broken windows 3 that I saw in the footage shown, maybe a couple of doors that got kicked in. FBI does worse on a raid. Kickbacks being paid check Nancy’s bank account. What a crock of sh_t.

  11. Jill, Biden, Oh my, Dr. Jill Biden is the wrong term to use now with the new pronouns. She now is Dr. Birthing Person.

  12. Really sounds like all there lies what do they think everyone is fools they are the ones that need to be arrested for theft

  13. What happens in the D.C. swamp is truly sickening and disgusting. The Nation’s capital should be moved somewhere else, smack in the middle of the country, such as St. Louis or Denver. Drain the swamp.

    1. Online reports have revealed that that is exactly what will happen!
      Search online, the info. is out there….

  14. Give them all the rope they will take, they will Hang their own self!
    Don’t Trust a word out of a Democrats mouth it most likely is a Lie!!

  15. According the senile brain-dead moron that claims to president (of what no one knows) It was the worst “attack on our democracy” since the Civil War, according to the doddering puppet in the White House. It was worse than 9-11, Oklahoma City and Pearl Harbor combined.

    What do we expect from a person that does not know History like Creepy Joe Biden?

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) requires therapy for her wartime PTSD after the Capitol “attack.” AND HER ASS WAS NOT EVEN THERE!


  16. When are people going to be held accountable for their actions. There is a God over us and he is all powerful. America needs to get right with God before it is too late

    1. The light is visible at the end of the tunnel! Listen to x22reportdotcom. The last 5 broadcasts are especially relevant. You will be uplifted!

  17. It looks bad, we’ve been subjected to the worst administration in the history of the U.S., and many Americans feel hopeless.
    Don’t despair. I discovered the following website in January, in search of the truth, not heard via mainstream channels. I was raised on Walter Cronkite!
    Who knew we were being lied to for decades since then? Go to X22reportdotcom for Info on what President Trump has been, and IS doing behind the scenes. The last 5 broadcasts are especially relevant to current times.
    Keep praying, it’s almost over for the corrupt.

  18. Online reports have revealed that that is exactly what will happen!
    Search online, the info. is out there….

  19. The illegitimate puppet regime of The Dotard and The Round-heeled Mongrel is no longer surrounded by a bigger military cordon than in Pyongyang, but the usurpers and traitors are still crouching behind more barbed wire than was used at Auschwitz, and the people who pay for all this and who pay for them can no more get into the buildings of “our democracy”, as the Obammunists call it, than regular Russians can enter the Kremlin or rank-and-file Chinese can get into the compounds of the Chicom leadership. There is still a Stalinist gulag or Orwellian joycamp operating in Obamabad, in which patriots rounded up after the January 6 Reichstag Fire operation (now clearly shown on video to have been perpetrated by Antifa and Burn Loot Matter infiltrators let into the building by the same Pelosi police who murdered Ashli Babbitt) are being held incommunicado, beaten and starved and tortured by their black supremacist and communist captors. We are tearing off the masks; it is time to tear down the barbed wire and then to tear up the fascistic decrees of the senile corrupt pedophile rapist Chinese lackey and election stealer and finally to tear out the Biteme-Harridan-Obongo police state by the roots. Down with the dictatorship! Biden and the democrat gulag delenda est!

  20. Biden/Harris Lying Feds Overstate January 6 Capitol Protest Damages by 30X
    That no big surprise, I truly thought they would state higher

  21. How can it be called an insurrection when most people were not armed? It was a peaceful protest ,mostly. There were a few people who were rabble rousers and their political affiliations were questionable, to say the least. Our great republican leaders let the other party get away with using the language that made the happenings on Jan, 6th a crime. That’s why language is important.

  22. There is a right way and a wrong way of expressing yourself and it doesn’t take much imagination to use garbage language. It’s true that the Democrats are acting despicable but when you talk the way you some of you have been talking on this site has been just as despicable.

  23. OK, damages were actually $1.5 M, but $30 M was appropriated by Congress.
    Where did the extra $28.5 M go? Sounds like it went to either line some corrupt politicians pockets of to pay for some items on the liberal wish list.

  24. If a Police Officer shoots a person (known criminal) who has a gun or weapon is fired,forced to resign,sued or threatened his or her life,why has the officer that killed a female protester been at least tried for murder or misuse of a weapon?Could it be part of the plot to sabotage President Trump? Just asking not taking a political stance.

  25. When you wave people into the new woke house that is not trespassing. Look at the cops showing people around. They had to get a certain amount of people to come in some how. Not like the democraps ever lie. They just never tell the truth. Democrap free crime wave is going on now.

  26. Joe Lie-den? Where is the other $28.5 million going? Can we keep the lectern as a souvenir.
    Some of the money could go to AOC’s shrink for counselling fees. Is she too fragile to hold office?

  27. You know all the well connected contractors are lining up to get their hands on the contracts so they can milk that 30 million to death.

  28. Does anyone on the Hill have any value at all on money and budgets? How much has it cost we the people above our budget since November 2 election? Gas prices go from $1.90 to $3 gal, Food prices skyrocketing, Unemployment and stimulus handout in the billions, Treasury Dept. working overtime printing paper money like no limit since they have made it worthless. It is only the fat calves on the Hill that profits have sky rocketed. What a fair tail world we live in.

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