Lockdown Tyrants Pushing America Closer to Pitchfork Politics

How many more weeks do you suppose blue-state tyrants will continue their pointless anti-science “lockdowns” before people start to take a pitchforks-and-torches response to it? I’m thinking maybe early January. Before anyone accuses me of inciting violence against politicians, I don’t wish violence against any elected or non-elected person here in America. I’m only pointing out that the fascists posing as “leaders” in many places are inviting violence upon themselves. As many states start to enter their second or third lockdown right now, America is a powder keg… and it’s about to get a lot worse.

Some of us figured that as soon as the election was over, the Democrat Governors and Mayors who were relishing their newfound powers to punish healthy people would let up. Boy, were we wrong! It turns out that the pretext of a not-very-serious virus that has a 996 in 1,000 survival rate is just what these romantically inadequate dorks were looking for. Bossing everyone around sends a thrill up their leg, sort of like an Obama speech used to do to MSNBC anchors.

But now that the same people are canceling Thanksgiving and probably Christmas for normal people, look at what’s happening.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy went out to dinner right after he canceled Thanksgiving for everyone else. A pair of Jersey girls spotted him, mask-less, at a restaurant with half a dozen other people shoulder-to-shoulder. Looked like the Governor was having a nice time.


A few years ago in America, that would have been an opportunity for a constituent to say, “Hi Governor, sorry to interrupt, I just want to voice my opposition to your policy on XYZ” and then politely move along. But not anymore.

One of the Jersey girls asks the governor, “Hey, how ya doin’?” and the first words out of the other Jersey girl’s mouth were, “You are such a d**k!”

When he realized he was being recorded, Governor Murphy shamefully put down his fork and put on his mask. The governor’s son asked the Jersey girls to put on their masks, to which one of them replied, “You can go f*** yourself, how’s that?”

And that’s how our women are talking to the politicians! Governor Murphy is lucky that an out-of-work carpenter or gym owner didn’t bump into him at his nice little outing.

After locking down California, Governor Gavin Newsom – Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew – was caught dining out at one of the most expensive gourmet restaurants in the world. The restaurant is called the “French Laundry.” Pelosi’s nephew was packed indoors, wearing no mask, and enjoying a meal shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of California health officials and at least one lobbyist. Just the wine bill for that meal was $12,000, according to one witness.

Pelosi’s nephew is lucky that the sort of Americans who work with chainsaws and other power tools don’t normally dine out at the French Laundry.

Now that Pelosi’s nephew has canceled Thanksgiving and locked down small businesses again, assuring their doom in order to benefit Amazon and other multinational corporations, how are Californians reacting?

Mass protests broke out at 10:01 p.m. all across southern California over the weekend. Pelosi’s nephew is trying to impose a 10:00 p.m. martial law curfew on the whole state. That’s obviously based on all the science that coronavirus is more spready after 10:00 pm.

Thousands upon thousands of protesters took to the streets in 16 of the largest cities in SoCal. There were too many of them to arrest. Thankfully, most of the sheriffs in the LA area have said they’re not going to enforce the Governor’s martial law fantasies and they won’t be checking people’s homes to see if they’re enjoying themselves on Thanksgiving Day. Whether local police will is another question.

Residents in Michigan, Oregon, Washington and other states are going through a ridiculous second round of lockdowns as well. The difference between now and last March is that we know a lot more about this virus and who is vulnerable to it. Everyone sees through the scam and is fed up with it. Even the out-of-work hookers employed in Nevada’s brothels are crowdfunding to raise money to sue Gov. Steve Sisolak.

It’s only a matter of time before a jobless American whose livelihood and family have been destroyed by these lockdowns does something extreme. Everyone knows that day is coming if this continues. The question is: Why don’t any of these lockdown tyrants see it coming?

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51 thoughts on “Lockdown Tyrants Pushing America Closer to Pitchfork Politics”

  1. Bla bla bla……… what you all worrying about. Soon we will have another president.president Xi and VP Putin won’t even have to fire a shot. As our President elect stated we have fair and free elections. Wonder if Biden will say see you in court to them?

    1. So true….we all better learn to speak Chinese..do you think China will not demand from Biden when they financed his false election? Get ready. God help our once great country. Perhaps the silent majority will soon rise up?

    2. You are an idiot. Wake up dummy. Trump will win and then I hope the hangings begin for all you tyrants. Oh and learn how to spell. If you wish to post your shit! And for your information We The People will never give in to communism so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      1. I still have faith that Biden and his cronies will be found out and sent to jail. They can use the little cages that Obama used for the little children from all the illegals. Stripped clothes and under clothes will get more comfortable as they wear them. Or, they can just lie about them. They’re good at that!

  2. I saw the other day where the gov of California took off for Hawaii for Thanksgiving……. I don’t see that anyplace. Is it in fact true?????

      1. Let me see if I understand this?
        He went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving?! Guess there is no 14 day quarantine for him!

        What a prick! I pray ppl remember this crap when he is up for re-election…

        1. Proud American,
          Don’t wait that long, if you live in California,sign the recall petition tomorrow. Enough voters sign up. Out he goes. There is even talk he will replace the vacant Senatorial position of Kamala, with himself, if that farce goes through.

    1. Proud America
      I can’t accept any news that comes through normal press, especially AP a reports! I’ve been lied to so many times by newspapers, cable, video, and personal speeches, that if someone tells me it’s raining ,I go to the door and check for myself.

  3. They are trying to see how much people will endure. Ther are more sheep in this country that are followers and they can not stand on there own two feet. Because they depend on the Gov to tell them what to do and how to do it and when. People no long can think for themselves. They became handicap to Gov ideas and very dependent on Gov to take care of them as they became codependent. Most sheep can not even wipe there own a— unless they are told to. They do not think for themselves.
    I pray for the strong ones (that are not sheep) to wake up the weak and for the weak to get their head out their a——– and see what is going on.
    Quartside AZ. Has been under martial law for 10 yrs or more as an experiment to see how people conform after their aldermen and commissioners stoled their tax money and not one of them were ever arrested to this day.
    Figure that one out . The sheep still live there and do not question anything now. They just go along with it.
    What is the matter with people ??? What it is ,,,, is they are precondictioned to follow as robots. THAT IS SICK. PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FREEDOM if you haven’t already.

    1. You are right. but it is not just the politicians, it is the scientists that use their supposed knowledge to bully the people they are supposed to be informing. Why does no one look at the results that are being turned out as positive on the PCR tests? PCR amplifies 40 times and then reports positive for any minute remnant of VOVID virus. Why are not these scientists not saying what level of positive is indicative of disease, not just positive or negative? Also, hospitals are allowed to charge 20% more if a COVID diagnosis is used, even if the patient had comorbidities and there are reports of physicians being required to use COVID as a cause of death when they were at end stage disease from other causes. This is what happens when government becomes too involved in health care.

    2. Many people allow others to do their thinking which can cause bad things to happen. Start thinking about the future of your country, America, before it`s too late. The barbarians are approaching the gates.

  4. After Gavin’s little event at the French Laundry it was “off to Maui” with some other legislators….. I wonder if the Covid is dripping off the ocean waves there like it is here in CA.
    This man has lmplemented over 50 executive orders in CA in the last few months. So many that a judge finally had to intervene and take his Dictatorship to a lower level. Seems Gavin was just freewheeling and fancy free with his options here, doing whatever, whenever he pleased. Writing orders with no oversight and trying to change things up without the proper protocol……… that’s what tyrannical dictators do
    Let’s face it, he’s as power drunk ( if not more so) than his mentally deprived, denture sucking, cement faced, loser of an auntie.
    You want to talk about arrogance, in the mid term election he didn’t even campaign. Nice to live in a state that is going to throw you in there JUST because you’re a Democrat…… I’m supposing having Nancy as an ally didn’t hurt his “election chances”
    Let’s see, she went to the salon a few weeks ago and got busted doing what the rest of CA was asked NOT to do. Her reaction?!! Ha ha….. she held a little pressy, not only did her bouffant look like shit, she actually cried “Victim”, and demanded an apology from the salon owner for setting her up!!!! Nice try petulant Nancy. The way of the democrat ….. blame it on someone else of course.
    Back to Gavin, 53 years old and a net worth of 22 million dollars…… didn’t realize being a mayor of a major city paid so handsomely. Did he do one thing, anything?, to help stave off the homeless situation in SF while mayor? The city is paying people close to $100,000 a year to clean human feces off of the sidewalks on a daily basis. His city is a toilet, the city literally smells like urine and feces when you walk thru it anymore.
    Lockdown 3.0…… too many folks I know have lost their businesses because this power hungry fuck just wants to throw his weight around on emotionally charged decisions based on WHAT?!!! I watch as these poor sheep walking around with their bacteria laden face masks ( mandatory) scared of a common cold! Insidious. It’s 4:55 in the morning here in CA, I’m allowed to go outside in 5 minutes…. he’s imposed a 10:00 at night until 5:00 am curfew, I’m thinking the Covid is more apt to hit you at these hours?! Ok… got it
    And I will be going to my daughters T’day rally today, going to be 23 of us there and I’ve been advised that masks are not allowed. I can’t wait to break that law… live on the edge , if you will. Sounds almost like a “super-spreader” doesn’t it!! Lol. We’re family dammit, and I’m going to see my people and hug them and enjoy dinner and football etc. and if one of us catches the cold… so be it. It’s a corona virus Gavin… a cold.
    So we all saw his birthday dinner at the French Laundry………. he has led by example, and that’s how we will be handling our Thanksgiving dinner…… like there aren’t issues. Did anyone catch his televised apology… he seemed really, really remorseful………. not really, he actually looked like it was something he HAD to do to save face. Didn’t work. He’s a lying reprobate…. a dyed in the wool democrat, a man who’s using his position for ultimate power and siphoning monies from his constituents. You go boy!!
    Newsom needs to be recalled and let go….. if not, the economy in this state is going to be bankrupt in no time. This man is a true idiot and not worthy of his title in any respect.
    I’m moving to another state soon

    1. don”t come to idaho it”s terrible here very overcrowded and polluted with other states waste our once beautiful lakes , rivers and mountains are being over run and destroyed by by people who have created the situation they are fleeing from you people voted the shit in now live with it

      1. No it’s not Jim. Idaho. I was just there. And….. Jim , it’s still a wonderfully perFect playground that Im going to move BACK TO. Don’t worry , I’m not gonna be leftist ok Jim. I’m from there so relax big Jim…. no harm, NO FOUL!! Listen brother, came here on a weird note and it wasn’t what, at all, it was supposed to be for me and my family. Coming home. Head up…: DONALD Trump 2020

    2. I’m with you 100% and I don’t ware a mask and I signed the recall. Stand strong and GOD BLESS AMERICA!
      An old Marine Semper Fi

    3. I’m with you 100% and I don’t ware a mask and I signed the recall. Stand strong and God Bless America
      An old Marine Semper Fi

  5. The people that are making these rules—do follow them!!!!!they are for US And they truly enjoy their power ( keep America safe) They are rule makers NOT rule flooowers

  6. It’s about TIME for a CONVENTION of STATES or a SUCCESSION as per the U.S. Constitution . . . Let the Democrat run states IMPLODE upon themselves, THEN we’ll INVADE these TRAITORS and TAKE these states back – and, I’ll bet that we’ll have a LOT more of their POPULATION on OUR side backing us up. The U.S.A. as a WHOLE does NOT like COMMUNISM or SOCIALISM. Then, take these TREASONISTIC Traitors and put them in FEDERAL PRISON, PERMANENTLY. GITMO and LEAVENWORTH will do FINE. One Enlightened Patriot.

      1. we ALL need to stand together against the socialism take over by the courpt democrats, we have not had a war in america since the civil war and we are heading for one fast, people need to stand up for their rights, FREEDOM,

    1. Joey I totally agree. The convention of states movement in my opinion is probably the only viable option we have left to give the power back to the people. If you haven’t heard about the convention of states research it and then give it your full support. Fifteen states have already signed on and hope fully many more in 2021. We only need 32 to have a convention.

    2. For sure! I’m so ready to see the law do as it was intended to do…there’s enough proof that there have been murders…those so called suicides, lost tapes, families ruined, and Hillary,Nancy , and Peloci running all over the American people like they have the right to…AND THEY DON’T!

  7. From the onset of this plandemic, something has been stinky. I’m convinced it was thrown at us with the intent, again, to oust our great President as none of the lefts assinine, futile attempts with the Russia hoax , impeachment, special counsel etc. This man (Newsom) has a party last week with 10 or 12 people ……. a fair share of these folks were “health officials”

    I have to ask myself this……. what do these people know that we don’t?!!

    Could it actually be that this cold is just that…a cold?!

    So they take this situation and blow it out of the water with hyperbole we’ve not ever seen before….. scaring the sheep so badly that they’ll now turn on you and each other. WHAT A JOKE!!

    This virus was introduced to be used for the election. Mail in votes and complete election fuckery so they could take their last attempt at taking out Trump. Working as planned isn’t it?

    I have to be subjected to listening to Creepy Joe now talking to us in a relaxed manner as though he’s the father of our nation now. Sickening isn’t it. He would prefer UNITY the corrupt criminal!!

    It ain’t over Joe…. why won’t the Donald concede they cry. Why o why?!! Here’s why, he won the general election in a landslide and the Dems put the fix on. And this LYING BASTARD is running with it like he got elected… what’s he say ? “Fair and square”
    Please don’t insult the intelligence of the Americans who stand by the country and their leader.

    Happy Thanksgiving deplorables! This isn’t over yet.

    1. Danny D, you’ve said everything I’ve been thinking for the last several months. When all else failed, the Dems put this plan into effect, because their only focus, over the past 4 years, has been on how to get rid of Donald Trump. They have too much to lose. As all of this comes to light, I am appalled and disgusted at how corrupt the Dems are. Hell, even some Repubs have let the president down. These politicians cannot relate to the common man. It reminds me of the song by Dave Matthews, Ants Walking. We are just ants walking, working, paying taxes and having to comply with illicit government edicts, just so the pols and lazy slugs can live off everyone else’s sacrifices. If Socialism doesn’t work for other countries, why think it can work here? Or is it that these pols hate America so much? And by the way, the Dems would like us to believe that anyone who was aligned with Donald Trump is a racist. Read the definition of gaslighting, and that’s what’s going on here. This isn’t about racism, it’s now about Elitism.

      1. What it is S.M., and we both know this, the the modern day Democrat hates America and has no regard for our constitution in any regard, until there is a moment it might actually be a positive thing for their twisted agenda. To be quite frank, they have no respect for the constitution.

        If they did, they wouldn’t be talking about packing the courts, abolishing the filibuster, ridding the election process of the electoral college, I’m not going any further. We all know where they want to go. I’m 65 years old, and wishing I had grown up in my grandfathers time. At least then, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to this completely idiomatic anti-American rhetoric that the Democratic Party is throwing at our people. We are a FREE Republic with laws implemented to keep us apart from the lesser countries who would just assume have us fail.

        Home of the Brave..Land of the Free
        Thank you for the refreshing response S.M. God Bless

  8. There have been two major cataclysmic political events in American History, one formative and the other REformative, the former being the American Revolution and the latter being the Civil War and Reconstruction in it wake. It might be interesting to observe which conflict the inevitable uprising to come will more closely resemble! Call it why one will, whether AR II or CW&R II, it’s coming!

  9. Are the numbers right? I doubt it. My sister in law who is 80 supposedly contracted the COVID virus in a nursing home. She was asymptomatic and the nurse at the home said all the patients in the COID Unit were also asymptomatic. Is this possible in the most vulnerable population in the most vulnerable situation? What have they done with the tests? If elections can be rigged why not the tests that tell us how many virus cases we have in the USA? Just to scare us into obeying rules that the ones who make them ignore? President Trump was right all along, wasn’t he? The cure they have instituted is far worse than the virus. Even if I die today of this virus I would believe this. I hope that we can get more judges to look at the evidence and stop this farce of an election.

  10. Say what you will, none of it matters, it’s just words! If Biden gets the WH socialism wins and America is finished! The American people don’t have the stomach or the heart for an internal war! That is not conjecture, it’s fact! If they did groups like antifa and blm would have been facing some armed and angry people! They weren’t and as of today they still haven’t! The American people have become fat, lazy and complacent!

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
    — George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

    “The United States will eventually fly
    the communist flag. The American people
    will hoist it themselves.”
    –Nikita Khrushchev


    1. TOM, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was a democrat, saw how they were, changed to Republican for Trumps sake and where are the boys of the GOP now?! I concur. Cowards indeed ….. they should be spearheading voter fraud investigations etc etc etc. Look what this man did for the United States…… they can’t stand up for him. Free the fight he has endured?!! Kind of despicable

  12. Yep, looks like it is up to we the people once again to do what is right and best for our country and loved ones, present and future! I hope it does not come to a civil war again but a lot of people are way beyond furious. When our ancestors fought for our freedom they took on a major military nation but they won! You can’t give up when you know what is happening is grossly wrong and we are descended from some mighty tough patriots… we just can’t accept what is well documented fraud. I do worry if this travesty continues the most patient people in America are going to lose their patience! Do the right thing to all who are involved in anything against our country! Against the country you are against the people!

  13. I’d be interested in seeing what would happen if we had some of our scientists design a virus, not a lethal one, just enough to make someone really sick, pneumonia symptoms and lots of diarrhea should do. Then, let’s export it to China and most of the rest of the world, just to see the reaction. Does anyone think it would draw a big “ho-hum” in reaction, the same as the Corona virus has done? China committed an act of war upon the rest of the world, using germ warfare as the acting agent. And what repercussions have the Chinese suffered? From where I sit, the answer to that is none, nada, zero, zilch. Does anyone think that if we did the same, we would receive the same reaction? Just asking for a friend.

  14. We haven’t left England yet! The class distinctions stand. Along with the gold standard. He who has the gold, rules. I’m hoping that the recall goes through. That should wake up King Newsom.

  15. Good Morning I’m getting fed up with the mask police and I’m 68yrs old and not ready to give up my Freedom and learn how to speak chinese the media has everyone scared shit and if you read how much money the hospitals get 1200.00 for everyone they say die of the virus and if they use a ventilator another 3500.00 so how do you think is paying the weight tax payers you and I so what happens when there’s a vaccine we going to carry a card or sign that we’re vaccinated that’s why the lock downs so we have to stand up for ourselves and the re-election of President Donald J Trump was so important for America People Open Your Eyes before it’s too late I’m not a bible thumper but I feel this is a sign from God or whoever believe in wake of time is running out remember Freedom

  16. Ever phrase that The Donald came up with is true “We need to clean the Swamp” they are corrupt to the core and could careless for the American people. I am a US citizen came to this country very young but could not forget the experiences I witnessed as a child.
    I been telling people for years and I was told Communism in America will never happen.
    Well it did Nov. 3, 2007 when Barack was placed in the WH. A man with no record who was not even elected in his State but came up by default. All rigged just like this election.
    The enemy is within. Soros has been working the system for years. Who is his daughter married to ? Shifty Adam Schiff , his nephews
    Son married to Chelsea Clinton, etc etc he is everywhere and we have allowed it. He has lots of practice he has done it in many countries we are his final goal.

  17. I want to see every single Demonic Democrap put to DEATH before Christmas from Biden all the way down to the pissy peons in city county government

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