Good for Her: Candace Owens Nukes “Fact Checkers” from Orbit

One of the most glorious things that President Trump has taught every true conservative in America is that you don’t win by trying to play by Marquess of Queensbury rules against dirty street-fighting Democrats. The Democrats view this as a war and always expect Republicans to curl up in a fetal position and surrender on every issue (a move known as a “Full Romney”). Yeah, that doesn’t work for Donald Trump – and it doesn’t work for most of his supporters, either. Perfect case in point: Candace Owens, who just nuked Facebook’s “Fact Checkers” from orbit.

If you don’t know who Candace Owens is, congratulations on your media and pop culture obliviousness. The young lady is everywhere as a conservative activist these days. She has a video series with Prager University. She was a regular on Fox News in the days before the network steered its credibility into an iceberg on election night. And she was the founder of the Blexit movement in 2019, which was created to encourage black voters to get off of the Democrat plantation by voting for Donald Trump. (Which, you might have noticed, actually seems to have worked in the 2020 election.)

Candace and her husband are expecting their first baby sometime this month, so do say a prayer for a safe and healthy delivery for them when you have a moment.

PolitiFact is the official Facebook “Fact Checker of Truthiness” for the social media network. If you say something truthful on Facebook that makes the Democrats look bad, PolitiFact is going to give you a big stamp of disapproval and label you as a liar.


Back on November 7 (the Saturday after the election), the media held a 24-hour orgy to declare that Joe Biden was the “President-Elect.” As I pointed out on November 9, this was a total lie and Joe Biden is absolutely not the President-Elect.

He is not legally or constitutionally the President-Elect. He is not symbolically the President-Elect. He is not even metaphorically the President-Elect. NO ONE is the President-Elect before the Electoral College casts its vote on December 14 (if that even happens, the way things are going this year).

Candace Owens agreed with our take on that a few days later. She posted a video on Facebook explaining the exact same points as we made here, along with the message:

“Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President-Elect. So why is the media pretending he is?”

PolitiFact immediately slapped a “False” label on Ms. Owens’ Facebook video. They even published an article claiming that ‘Oh, nuh-unh! Joe Biden is totally the President-Elect because Tater Stelter at CNN says so and stuff! Plus it’s… like… totally a lie and stuff because reasons!’ (That’s a paraphrase of what PolitiFact wrote, so don’t quote me on it.)

Candace Owens sicked her lawyer on Facebook and PolitiFact, and they ended up not only retracting their own article and taking down the “False” label but also printed an apologetic retraction. PolitiFact admitted that they LIED about Candace Owens’s video.

We can’t remember the last time that’s ever happened with one of the major “fact checking” sites like Snopes or PolitiFact. They usually just ignore people and leave their fake “fact check” in place.

Good for Candace Owens! This is how we push back and fight these liars, while we are still able to do so. PolitiFact will now think twice before arbitrarily lying about Candace Owens or her work. We’d also note that more conservatives need to do this. It’s a headache, but it’s worth it. After Nick Sandmann took the Washington Post and CNN to the cleaners, the fake news media and social media companies are a lot touchier these days if anyone has the guts to stand up to them.

We’re proud to note that Google’s algorithms still state that all of our articles are “True” on this site, despite the fact that we are icky conservatives who deserve to die for our meanness. And how are McClatchy newspapers doing these days? They ran a big article a couple of years ago about how we’re all a bunch of Russian agents here at this site, publishing “lies” for Putin about Donald Trump. How are you, McClatchy? Still bankrupt? Ouch!

Congratulations to Candace Owens for taking on the fake fact check liars and getting them to back down. See how easy this is, everyone? FIGHT BACK. Our enemies wilt like delicate little flowers if you just show a little spine to them. Oh, and… Joe Biden is still not the President-Elect (nor will he ever be).

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48 thoughts on “Good for Her: Candace Owens Nukes “Fact Checkers” from Orbit”

  1. Candace is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a great spokesperson, but she is also the model of what a “true” conservative should look like. RINO’s pay attention and learn something. I find her one of the most fascinating people to watch and listen to. She is so poised and pulled together as she is whittling away at all the poop the left tries to shovel constantly. Keep it up Candace, you are the best!

  2. Apparently no matter how much the democrats lie, cheat, or steal, to ruin our country, they think that when it is time to meet their maker all they have to say is “I am a Democrat” and they will be ushered in to heaven to the highest place on the right hand of Jesus.

    1. Democrats don’t believe in God, they live in the dark places of deceit and chaos..God bless America
      Keep your faith strong through Jesus, Yeshua

      1. To Gerry: the Lie-beral DEMONocrats have crossed over to the dark side and have went off the deep end ! Their Pied Piper, Satan, is leading them to oblivion and wants to take us with him.


        1. Please consider slowing down when you type your comments. Your good points are lost because you mistype words pretty much. One misplaced letter can change the meaning of any word. Like hell in place of hall.

          1. No nothing is misplaced except the morals & scruples of the Left. It’s correct HELL is waiting for y’all

    2. There’s an message about the Democrat”s,if it be told the churches have known it for years and guess what you must read the book of Revelation. It’s urgent with all the money in the world is not going to protect anyone from this 2nd seal . The 1st seal is open but you need to understand I can’t say anything else about it.

      1. I was replying to someone’s comment, not the article when I posted that first comment:
        “Hahaha, Thats funny. Yeah, and sad, too. You’re right.”

        Great job and THANK YOU, Candace!!

    3. Don’t think dropping the Democrat label will help if they get to the Pearly gates. God is a conservative….who knew? Going down libertards? Next stop HELL

  3. God Bless Candace may LORD Guide her protector in quest To express the truth against evil . Hopefully the republicans with the Yellow stripe down there back stand up and fight for what is right and for president trump against this corruption from the democrats.

  4. All true patriots need to follow Ms. Owens lead. Fight the corrupt with truth and vigor. We need to beat these people down. Thanks for her courage to lead. Other Republicans, listen up.

  5. Thank you Candace for speaking the truth and fighting back. You keep us informed of what is really going on in our country. God Bless you!!!!

  6. Candice Owens , you are a true Patriot ! Thank you for representing so many of us ! We have good values. ! We love America and President Donald J Trump ! God Bless you and your loved ones ! God Bless the little Angel you now hold within you ! I wish you Health , good fortune and LOVE !

  7. Candice Owens is an inspiration to watch and listen to. She always has her facts in check and is prepared to take on the Swamp Rats. I wish her well with the birth of her child and welcome her to the world of joy know to many as Motherhood.

    1. Candice Owens is one of the brightest and truthful and decent young people we have in this country that is willing to speak the truth and is unwavering when it comes to confronting the news media with the actual facts, you can’t reason with a drunk and a fool, if they’re not drunk walk away because only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can change they’re heart ❤️ God Bless you Candice your family and the little new miracle on the way

  8. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen❤

    1. God bless you, Candace for speaking the truth! You are the REAL DEAL! Someday maybe…Candace Owens for PRESIDENT!

    1. God bless Candaces Owens thank you what you do. Be safe you and your husband enjoy your new baby when it arrives. Stay strong God bless America

  9. Love seeing Candace. Hope she moves to newsmax soon. She is what this country needs. A real conservative who holds the lying leftists to the fire. Bless her, her husband and her coming baby.

  10. Prayers go out to her that everything goes great with her pregnancy and they are blessed with a new life in their family….She should also be considered for “WOMAN OF THE YEAR”

  11. It’s a shame Candace isn’t top law dog in the country she would have all the democrat big wigs busting up rocks. President Trump worked hard for us. The democrats will put all of us no matter the color of our skin in their cotton fields to pick their cotton and line their pockets. Only the crooked elite will survive their onslaught. There you go Oprah I’m 86 with no money guess I’ll have to pick yo cotton.

  12. Candace is courageous, correct and an exemplary Conservative. Republican Conservatives should pay close attention to her straight shooting spunk and learn not to cow tow to these hateful, lying unpatriotic Schumer/ Pelosi squad led Demoncrats!!
    All the best to her and her husband and the
    “little one”

  13. This lady is the most qualified to be in spotlight now. She tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back anything. Biden absolutely did not win the 2020 election. I pray for MY country every day and for the truth about the Bidens. Corrupt at all things and now he is wanting Obama and Hillary on the supreme court. How low canhe go. This is just another tool to make Conservatives as “deplorables”. Keep the faith and prove to the corrupt Dems that our country will now and forever be in GOD WE TRUST and the greatest country anywhere. Candace, I pray for you and your family. Stay well and keep speaking. Someone has to hear what you said.

  14. Couldn’t agree more! Love that young woman and listening to her is a breath of fresh air in the current political atmosphere.

  15. I am a proud American conservative; Donald J. Trump had my attention and my vote after hearing his America 1st platform. I voted for Trump again this year, I too believe this election was rigged as many have been rigged but UN-noticed before this. I like Candice Owens, I believe what she’s stated however we Americans need to trust but verify. Producing evidence from Ms. Owens’ attorney specifically addressing the apologies from Facebook and CNN for their wrongful censorship would add credibility to her story! Keep on fighting Candace!!! Perhaps if more Americans of all demographics would research and correctly post facts on Social Media and push back against Social Media giants all Americans will receive accurate news coverage and become better informed to make crucial decisions that shape our nation’s future. It hurts to push back and endure the backlash standing up for truth but if we don’t we will lose the American we know.
    Sincerely, Brad Wilkins

  16. Candice is a breath of fresh air and tells it like it is I would vote for her for president, she has what it takes to be a great leader

  17. Do you ever wonder how they can lie to themselves just because they don’t like the president? I watch what that woman on Whoopie Goldberg’s program says because she hates our president. She so jealous of the First Lady she can’t see straight when something the First Lady does is in the news. They are just jealous of her beauty and how smart she is. They can’t speak the correct English language let alone five languages. All they are good for is to sit and sneer and gossip about people who don’t agree with them. What a “Sorry lot” they are. They used to be fun to watch years ago but they let their personal feeling ruin the program. That and their jealousy.

  18. I have never seen Candace at a loss for words and her words are very powerful. She is calm and clear and concise and credible. With all the chaos stemming from the election, I was left with no confidence in Joe Biden ( not that I HAD any to begin with ) no faith in the system, and little, if any, hope for the future, but Candace Owens gives me hope. She speaks with tenacity & veracity and I greatly admire her for her courage & her convictions. Candace Owens is a force to be reckoned with, and I can only hope that she continues to speak out & speak up will inspire many young people to do the same. America now needs patriots, not pundits and we need intellects, not insurgents. Regardless of our race or religion, or our social standing or our political ideology or our sexual identity, we all strive for happiness & we all need opportunities & we all want peace. America isn’t perfect. We displaced Native Americans and embraced slavery and oppressed women & minorities, but at least we admitted our mistakes and learned from them. Let’s not go backwards with “identity politics” that lead us to “pigeonhole” people because of their race. Intelligent people know that skin color means no more than hair or eye color: who we sleep with or vote for doesn’t define who we are. I don’t support Candace Owens because she’s black or conservative or female or straight, I support her because she’s an American Patriot and I am too.

  19. Well, good for Miss Owens! I got a kick out of that paraphrase, “Plus it’s… like… totally a lie and stuff because reasons!” It sounds like a 9 year old wrote that! lol No, at this time, Biden is not the president. The final steps have not been taken to officially make that claim. Here’s what I do not understand about this election. With the Republicans knowing full well that the Democrats already cheated in the last presidential run-off, When the “fix was in robbing “Bernie” of his nomination, why didn’t the Repubs anticipate how the Dems would act? It was as obvious as a nose on one’s face. Another paraphrase that made me ‘roll in laughter’ was, “This is a national election and there is no evidence mail-in voting will cause anyone to cheat!” Yeah, right!! When you have outside countries pouring money into the Democratic party, Bloomburg, Soros and others… The fix was in before the election even started, in my opinion. I said long ago that if Biden won, he would drop out and turn the presidency over to Harris. That is pure common sense, especially when Harris already called the administration “the Harris administration”! May God bless America!

  20. With so many differences of us but in common sinse there is only two given choices being SMART… and BRILLIANT… because learn from same one… or being stubborn selfish ego maniac self killer coward retard… because also learn from same one…

    When two different apples, from same three, one represent Fact Check punching needle into own a$$ is a… the other is a…

    Candace is reincarnation of the modern era from Garden of Eden tree of knowladge grown from MLK roots as a serpent from Egyptian pyramid under God withdom…

    In case somebody need more definition don’t hesitate to ask for more help because when live with same as Candace heart and soul the more some one sick with TDS the more, without choice, you love them…
    From TO BE OR NOT TO BE the only Q is: Would monkey ever love Deplorable’s…? May be some one brave can help…‍♂️

  21. Candace, You are a great asset to the GOP & President Trump, whom I call our BEST PRESIDENT EVER, especially needed after our WORST PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT EVER!!! Before Obama & Biden, our police & our military had been treated w/RESPECT!!!
    Candace, you are a very special honorable young lady. Your baby will be SO blessed to have you as their MOM!!! And I am sure you must have a special honorable husband to help raise your precious child(ren)! ENJOY!!!

  22. Candace should be working in an advisory position to President Trump. She is the real deal and would not betray him….

  23. If all conservatives and RINOS acted like Candace, we would be a power house. Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the democrats are liars, thieves and traitors to the United States of America. Candace has more guts than most people, she speaks the truth and does not lie.

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