Attention Fox News: We Hate You. We Really, Really Hate You

Once upon a time back in 2016, the Drudge Report had nearly 1.5 billion (with a ‘B’) monthly webpage views. Last month, he had only 1.2 million (with an ‘M’). By selling out to the Trump-hating left and Google, Matt Drudge chopped three zeroes and change off of his monthly webpage views. The highly converged, leftward-drifting Fox News looks like it has decided to go the way of the Drudge Report as well.

I’ve lost track of the number of people who told me they had to switch over to CNN on election night, because Fox’s coverage was so terrible. Fox has turned into the modern-day Dan Rather of election coverage. Are you listening, Fox News? Your audience is furious with you because your coverage was worse than CNN’s.

Throughout election night, Fox News continuously called states immediately for Joe Biden, while dragging things out for hours before declaring obvious Trump victories. When the polls closed on the East Coast, Fox instantly called Virginia, Rhode Island and Maine for Joe Biden. But Donald Trump led in all of those states until about 2 a.m. the next morning. His lead in Virginia was enormous for several hours. But three hours before the polls would close on the West Coast, Fox News had declared Biden the clear, undisputed winner of those states.

Meanwhile, they waited… and waited… and waited… as Trump’s lead continued to pull away from Biden in Florida. Even Mark Steyn, who is a regular contributor on Fox News, started ripping on the network. When they finally did call Florida for Trump, late in the evening, Steyn correctly observed that Ohio had become the new Florida. And the waiting started all over again for Ohio, even though it was clear to the entire world that Trump had won there.

The final straw on election night was when Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden way early. It’s days later as of this writing, and we still don’t know Arizona’s final vote tally. Not to mention, Arizona was a state that Donald Trump carried by a wide margin in 2016.


One of the main culprits in Fox News’ villainy is their disgusting “Decision Desk.” For those who don’t know, the leader of the Fox News Decision Desk is a guy named Arnon Mishkin. He’s a registered Democrat. He voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and donated heavily to the Obama-Biden campaign in 2008. That is the guy running the Fox News Decision Desk.

Many of us had forgotten about the big blow-up at Fox News back in 2012 because of their Decision Desk. Mishkin’s team of Democrat election-callers, which has been ensconced there for a long time, called Ohio for Barack Obama in the 2012 election, after Obama barely managed to crawl ahead of Mitt Romney by 900 votes. Megyn Kelly – may her journalism career rest in peace – and other Fox anchors were so shocked by the early call that there was a blow-up on the set. Megyn Kelly got up from the anchor desk and marched across the building to try to figure out what the hell was wrong with them.

Obama had a slight lead for the first time that night and there were hundreds of thousands of outstanding Ohio votes when the Decision Desk Democrats called the race for him. Arizona in 2020 was a repeat of that.

Most Americans would probably agree that no state should ever be called before the results are in. Exit polls are notoriously wrong. Remember 2004? George W. Bush would have lost that election to John Kerry based on the exit polls. But when the actual votes were counted, he clearly won.

Back in 2000, the troubles in Florida started when CNN called the state for Al Gore – before the polls in the heavily-Republican Florida panhandle had even closed. A lot of Republican voters in Florida stayed home because of that call, and it led to the hanging chads scandal, endless recounts and a Supreme Court order to stop the endless recounts in Democrat strongholds.

The only thing that remains watchable on Fox News are Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo. If they left the network tomorrow, what audience would Fox News even have left? Especially now that they’ve basically turned into MSNBC and CNN in all of their news coverage.

Are you listening, Fox News? We hate you. A lot. You’ve betrayed your core audience, just like Matt Drudge did. You’d better start to get your act together before you lose all of us.

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500 thoughts on “Attention Fox News: We Hate You. We Really, Really Hate You”

  1. Fox News isn’t as conservative as it used to be ten years ago, but they are still better than ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. There are still a few conservative heavy hitter representative on FOX. Sean Hannity hasn’t pulled any punches regarding Biden. Not one thing has been said about these issues on the networks listed above.

    NewsMax isn’t as conservative as it used to be, but again it outshines the Lamestream outlets. When switching back and forth to follow David Noor or other big network anchors, it’s like being transported into an alternate dimension. Every fact is presented with an entirely opposite spin.

    In Europe, the News Media is even worse than our Lametream outlets are. My wife has Irish relatives and all they hear about Trump is how much he has failed, how much of a criminal he is and the “most dangerous individual to hold the office of President of the United States.” Whenever we say something positive about him to our Irish relatives, they will literally shut us down and refuse to listen to our opinions. But the Irish love their socialism and nothing; not even the truth; is acceptable to them. It is proof that “when a lie is repeated constantly, it becomes the truth.” It works, because all of the “Whoppers” being peddled, are not up for debate with the Irish, Americans are unable to see the truth in their opinion, even if is another Irishman trying to defend our American President. And as they say in Ireland: “That’s pretty cheeky.”

      1. I will no longer be watching fox news
        Crying Chris Wallace and Whaun Williams have taken it over . Fox was our only voice and now with big tech silencing us. Socialison is here for at least 4 years . Can’t believe it’s the USA !!!!⁸

        1. Agree
          Mr. Williams is so far in the tank for the left that his “opinions “ border on ridiculous! He used to have some balance. Not anymore.
          Now, Maria (used to be in the Obama Administration) is liberal. That is fine with me as she thinks through her analysis of the progressive positions. While I most often do not agree with her political thoughts and views, she puts them forth with reasonable arguments. She adds perspective to the discussion. Most Democrats these days shut down any opposing thoughts without listening. Free speech that we fought for when I was at UC Berkeley is dead when it comes to the left. Political discourse is dead. Mary / Maria (sorry I can’t remember her full and proper name) has lent hope to the resurrection of opposing views. Fox should use her more often in their political discussions.
          However, Juan Williams is tough to listen to as he seem to think that all other opposing opinions are automatically wrong if they have a conservative bent. He almost impossible to listen to as he takes an “I’m right always” attitude in his discussions / rants. I believe he is hurting the “fair and balanced” reporting Fox used to enjoy. His arguments are often absurd and often kill his credibility when he is making a good point. His condescending manner tends to leave viewers cold and we often turn him off.
          When Juan is on, I and my friends (yes, some are quite liberal ) immediately switch to OAN or NewsMax. I still can’t handle the hate coming from CNN , MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC.
          What happened to reporting the news?
          Tucker Carlson has really grown into a good reporter and opinion person as it is appearent that he does his homework and has developed a sense of trust with his audience. When he mis-states information, he corrects it and “OWNS” his mistakes. Yes, I’m conservative in my views. But I enjoy hearing opposing views like Mary / Maria .
          Please get more reasonable people from both sides on.
          Oh, I do miss Bill O’Reilly as he often cut the BS out. Tucker is doing much the same.
          Laura Ingram is another conservative that appears to do here homework. She is excellent as well.
          Then there is Shannon Bream! She is a fact based reporter that gives information out and lets the viewer decide! Hold on to her. She’s a sharp professional reporter.
          Sean Hannity ….. well, he’s Sean and makes no pretense as to his positions. While I think he should listen more, he paints the conservative concerns.
          I’m registered as “no party preference “ have a PhD in Geophysics and an MBA from two prestigious universities. So, all of the conservatives that listen to your programming are “not idiots”. I would say that I am a fiscal conservative with a social conscious.
          This comment will probably get buried. But I finally got to put it out there.

          1. Excellent read … and you are correct.. Juan has got to go …. His arguments are like a fifth graders… I too Enjoy Maria

          2. Well said and in complete agreement. I switch channels on many occasions to get the opposite perspective especially during debates. I want to ensure my view point and information balanced and challenged before I draw usually same conclusions. I hope if Trump can’t make a valid case quickly for election fraud and overturn the current election call. However if he can’t and that it’s not clear and irrfuatible that he graciously concedes. Then he starts a new media company for social media Twitter and Facebook need a conservative cross check and Americans need another platform that’s not left sensored. ALL media and social media need a new challenger that is convative leaning and at least “fair and balanced” and never sensoring.

          3. Are you sure you aren’t confusing Marie Harf, who used to be in the Obama administration, with Maria Bartiromo, who is on Fox Business channel and often on Fox News channel, too. Bartiromo is very much a conservative.

          4. All you have to do is look back at who they added to the board. Trump hater Paul Ryan.
            Hey Paul Ryan just do everyone a favor and come out of the closet and admit you’re a Democrat. That’s all I gotta say about that. Good night Irene.

          5. Ever since Walter Cronkite their hasn;t been an Honest news network their all there to fill their pockets they prove it time and again when we have real news and they flood it with lies about Trump young man about 13 saves three lives and we have to see it in facebook. another a couple of weeks before facebook again. where the hell are the newscasters kisssing butt for Biden wonder how much soro;s paid them.


          7. Maybe President Trump should have his own news media. This would put the others out of busniness.

          8. Thank you. I agree with your comments. I too am educated with multiple degrees as are most of my friends- and a woman !!! You have expressed my sentiments exactly regarding those “commentators” at Fox.
            Fox has clearly decided to become the latest liberal news outlet. Well I’m through with them.

          9. I agee with you totally. I will only be watching some shows. Others will be off my list. Watching Newmax more now.

          10. We’ve switched to Fox News, Lou Dobbs, Stewart Varney and Maria Bartiromo are honest!
            IMO they should never have allowed “mail-in ballots”. Trump warned them that this fiasco might happen.
            The votes that were tallied by the end of Nov. 3 should be the decidding factor! If you make an appointment for a job interview or a doctor appointment are you welcomed 3 days later?! There is no reason for these delayed ballots to be counted! There’s enough cheating going on BEFORE nov. 3!!!

          11. Thank you for sharing. I agree with most of you ideas but Sean, Yucker, and Laura are most watch for me. And the 5 minus Juan is a favorite also.

          12. I applaud your comment. It make all sense. America has become the whore of Babylon. Lots of glitter but the core is starting to rot away because of the corruption that is followed by chaos. The leadership has become weak and indulge in lies and robbing the citizens even their own parties are becoming loathsome dishonest. The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the leadership that is chosen as of today. If you belief what’s out there for the people to see and investigate if it is truth or not: An Alzheimer patient with a shady past, sniffing children and woman alike. Blatantly on TV in the public eye tells how he put up a Ukraine official to have fired or he withhold monies the Ukraine needed not withstanding the shady dealings his son is having and he as the big guy get kick backs from, his running mate is one with a shady past. In order to get her studies done she slept with her mentors and professors. Is it true or not…you be the judge. What I figure out If the scenario is correct and if it is correct that Pelosi is pushing this idea/bill forward to make it legal to vote a sitting president out on declaration he is unfit to be the leader of the free world. Soon Mr. Biden will be pushed out and the Vice will be taken over. Than Pelosi will push the Vice out as incompetent because she has no idea as how to run a Nation. She as speaker of the House will get the position and there you have it. Biblical prophecy is becoming truth. Yet the world will keep on spinning. Just hope and pray that the corruption that is turning so very very violent will slowly be curbed and the locks will fall off our doors and windows again as it once was in the early forties and this nation formed out of many nations will be once more be happy and prosperous and have learned through experience to love freedom and peaceful living.

          13. I feel the same way. I would add that Bret and Martha need to go. I immediately change to a movie when they are on . I too like GOOD political discourse. Not the examples set forth by Juan Williams!

          14. I am so dissappointed in you- FOX NEWS, you were a Traitor to “We the People” I have stopped watching you completely! You have dismissed Justice Jeanine Pedro too because she is a TRUTH SPEAKER, Please, those of you mentioned in article for us, get you some good backers & start your own network or join Newsmax with Candice Owens, Mark Levin & the like! We are ready to follow you & for the meantime, I will get Trump. News in Prayer &elsewhere. Will watch Hallmark movies while waiting for this decision to be righted &. IT WILL, for Our GOD IS ABLE!!!

          15. I watch Newsmax now, tired of all the lies! God is in charge, may the Truth prevail. President Trump will go down as the greatest president in the history of the U.S.A. Joe Biden will never be my president, the dirty cheaters! Anybody involved in this fake election should go to prison!!! This is a criminal act!!!Trump 2020 Jesus Forever I also deleted my apps Twitter fox & any other fake news!!!MAGA…again

          16. I agree with you whole-heartedly. President Trump has, on more than one occasion eluded to the fact he has thought about starting his own news organization. I would be first in line to sign up. He needs to being Tucker, Sean, Laura, everyone (except Juan) from the “Five”, most all of the on-air Fox Business people, and many others who are conservative leaning. He need not bring John Roberts, Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Bill Hemmer, Neil Cavuto and a few others whose names escape me right now.

          17. Go to Newsmax, Dish it’s #216 and on it’s #349 for conservative and honest repor
            ing. They are waiting for the votes to be counted before anyone is declared President..
            SPREAD THE WORD

          18. My family also has left Fox News – after being daily viewers of Fox for over 20 years. It is with great sadness that we have left. There are so many people at Fox that we have watched and frankly have loved them! Things started going down when Donna Brazile, a woman who was fired from CNN because she lied, but who was hired by Fox! We did not then, and still do not understand why a woman who lied about giving Hillary clinton questions BEFORE a President Debate would be respected by Fox Viewers. Chris Wallace at the first Presidential debate boldy revealed his political activism. Our adult children kept telling us that Fox had changed, and could no longer be trusted. Finally we have accepted the truth. As a family of “deplorables”, with my husband serving as Air FOrce pilot for 27 years, we are very sad about the direction of our country. Fox News will not miss us, but we will miss so many of the Fox Family. Fox chose to walk with the left –money and power seem so important – that we just cannot accept.

          19. Thanks, I remember Mario Savio, too. All that they achieved in the end was a “FOUL SPEECH” Movement. The Nation is the WORSE for it, alas. Ronald Reagan was right, though I didn’t see it at the time, for shame on me!

          20. This is an excellent overall summation of Fox. I agree totally. Williams ,the token, has ruined the “5”. they have a 3 star rating and should be a 5 star. If they don,t get rid of Juan I will never waste my time watching their program again.

          21. I really agree with you. I am a retired social worker from a well known private university. I was a Democrat for many years when they used to have some people with real integrity. I also have eyes and ears and I found myself 9 times out of 10 agreeing with what Trump said. The world does not need another MSNBC. Fox at least frequently brought up another point of view. I changed my registration to Independent. They can call me chump and deplorable all they want but when I was 10 years old I had a MENSA IQ. I sent several comments to FOX NEWS and have not turned on that station since that horrible morning when they jumped on the Biden bandwagon and decided to make him President Elect even though the votes were clearly not done and not ready to be predicted. I used to watch that channel for hours and days at a time and now it just turns my stomach.

          22. Time for Cavuto and Sandra smith to go. Got rid of Shepard now it is time for Sandra. Have seen big changes in the Fox programs keep seeing them I will be gone Go back to your programming of 20 years ago and you will get more viewers.

          23. Agree with most on your views, but does anyone have an opinion on Donna Brazil? It is maddening that she actually is given a forum whatsoever on Fox as we all know what she did to cheat for dear Hiliary during the 2016 election. It was shameful, but I guess we are all supposed to just pretend that she is to be admired and listen to her far left opinions. It is an insult to my intelligence that Fox would make her a contributor. Same for Juan Williams. He is ridiculous in his absurd opinions and I always change the channel when he starts speaking. Had enough of Fox. I don’t HATE them, just very disappointed in their turn to the left just “in case” Biden succeeds in stealing his way into the White House! Why does Fox not see what the over 72 million people who voted for Trump see?! It is a blatant theft of our highest office and we will not give up nor will we UNITE with Biden and his bunch of nuts! Not ever! So get it together Fox, or we won’t ever come back to you!

          24. None of Fox is conservative, don’t let Tucker, Hannity,Ingraham fool you they have to do what they are told. Newsmax is great all of their programs. OAN too. But people have to realize Fox is done. They do not care what you think or what the truth is. President Trump don’t ever go on that network.
            Newsmax and OAN have stood with you all along

          25. I need to say one more thing after reading so many comments about our great America. We cannot ever give up and must stay strong, fight back and stand behind our wonderful United States of America no matter what the media says. So many people have sacrificed so much for this great nation and President Trump deserves for us to stand behind him and fight for him and our great country no matter how bleak things look now. We owe our country and Trump that! Love your country, stand beside her and believe in this great nation. Evil will be overcome. We just have to pray and stick together through this dark time. Trump 2020!!! Keep the faith!

          26. Really liked you pointing the facts out about each one. One I was wondering about – two actually are
            Brit Hume and Bret Baier. They are both professing Christians. What about them? I’m really hoping they’ll say or do something that gives us hope in their characters as journalists.

          27. I have a Master’s Degree, so i am not stupid. I enjoy going to Walmarts. The only people I watch on Fox : Ingram, Hannity, Carlson and the Judge . I also watch the FIVE, but when Juan speaks, I turn off the sound.

          28. Should President Trump (somehow) actually have to submit to the HUGE fraud perpetrated upon our nation by the VERY crooked communist party. (that’s right,they are NOT democrats any longer). I might (suggest) he start up his own entertainment/news network. Hell, he certainly has the means. He also would quite likely begin with over 70 million viewers,thereby burying ALL the other msm COMBINED ! I would surmise it would not be too difficult to “clean out” ALL of fox’s heavy hitters which would absolutely bury fox ! If he were to do it,I would GLADLY invest $50,000 . Pres. Trump is a FANTASTIC personality and would be a strong draw. Anyway,Just musing..But how about “TRUMP MEDIA ONE” !!? What do you think ?

          29. Mark Levin on Life Liberty Lavin he is one of the best and every one should watch his show

          30. Agree, Juan Williams is so far left it is pitiful. . I watch the five and like all but Juan.

          31. Mr. DeCoster, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Not only is Juan Williams unbearable but so is Chris Wallace. These two so called reporters/journalists are pure Trump haters and will never give the President the time of day no matter what amazing feats he does. I am a registered republican, but I am smart enough to know just be cause the contender may be a republican he may also not be the man for the job. I will vote for whomever I think is the right person to lead our Country and after the disaster Obama caused in this great Nation, I felt and have never regretted voting for Donald J. Trump was the best choice because he was not an entrenched politician. He truly lived up and surpassed my expectations. I do believe, that Antifa and BLM were funded by none other than George Soros who is a socialist and wants Joe Biden in because he is easily lead astray. He is the democrats Trojan horse and they will wipe him out in a month and we will have President Harris. Fox news will never tell you about her background, or Joe and Hunters dealings with our enemy. Fox waters everything down these days when it comes to the liberals and the Murdoch boys in charge also dislike Trump. Fox’s dealing with the ballots and making early calls for Biden were disgraceful. I watch only when Tucker, Sean and Laura are on, otherwise I stopped watching their programs on cable and local news programs. Goodbye Fox.

          32. You are right about Hannity, or “hanny pie” as Neil Bortz called him when they were both radio talkers in Atlanta. Hannity just hasn’t the capacity to listen to his guests, especially when the guests are really interesting and I want to hear them. And if I have to hear him tell me of his martial arts prowess again, I’m going to….do nothing I’m sure.
            Now Tucker Carlson is a damn national treasure!
            Z. Graham

        2. EX-Fox watchers are now going to NewsMax for their unbias up to date info. I also subscribe to Epoch News, whose news is vetted. Wow, a journalist that does research and does not go along with the pack.

          1. Ditto. I am very sad with the state of journalism or lack of and it’s relationship with politics. I will watch Tucker and nobody else on Fox.
            Kathy Gustavson

          2. AON also is good to watch. Tucker and Laura Ingram are very unbiased so far. Hannity is hard to take because he does not give his callers or even guests a change to speak without cutting in to push his thinking forward. Shep has his own “show” not worth wasting your time on. To get good news or the truth out in TV land is hard to find. The (most) newspapers are also filled with socialistic garbage. Epoch newspaper you can read on line or have the paper delivered at home. They do unbiased reporting I believe. If you can catch Glenn Beck, he is worth to give an ear too.

          3. Fox should now be called the S.O.S. channel. Same 0ld shit as all the other colluding fake news channels. I will find a new truthful channel, if there is one.

          4. Thank you for your excellent comments. I loved Fox=News however, recently I have been so disappointed with their so-called “Fair and Balanced ” slogan. There are many other programs that give out their trash hourly and I can hardly stand to even hear one more minute of this flagrant engineer plot to dismantle America. Where do we go for real news? I read and love Epoch News, I listen to Sean Hannity on the radio and Rush Limbaugh. I love Donald Trump and he will always be favorite president because he really did everything he said he would do.

          5. “The Epoch Times” is the best for unbiased news. The articles are well written and appear to be fully vetted. I have watched “NewsMax”, I have not been to “OAN” yet. What disappoints me the most about Fox News is the obvious lack of respect some commentators show the President and his administration. They complain he’s not “presidential” enough”. Well, take a look, what has “presidential” done for the country. I accept the President for who he is and the good he has done for our precious country. Looking/acting “Presidential” has nearly brought our country to its knees.

        3. So much for being fair and balanced! I always watched Fox but not anymore!!! In fact I deleted their app from my iphone. I suggest Newsmax and even found a few more I would recommend. Hopefully some of the anchors I like will switch and get out of there.

          1. For those of us who do not have Newsmax on their cable provider (are you listening AT&T TV?) try OAN (One America News network). I find their news coverage complete and very conservative.

          2. I’m done with Fox. Soros and socialist demonrats bought them. Feel bad for Hannity, Carlson, Gutfeld, Jeanine & Maria B. Anywhere you move, we’ll follow you. Without you, “FOX IS DEAD”.

          3. I now watch Newsmax and OAN. Fox will go down the toilet. Fox….TRAITORS TO YOUR VIEWERS.

          1. I’ve heard some things lately from Carlson and Hannity that are questionable as far as I’m concerned and Judge J has left the building. Newsmax or One America News for me!

          2. Fox has proven to be a major let-down over the lead-up to the election and its election coverage in particular. Opens the window for a new and seriously well-resourced, cutting-edge and fully integrated consservative news platform to rival Fox and the other MSM players. We need balance in the News Universe once more.

        4. It’s a fucking disgrace what’s happen to our once great country that these anti American liberal socialist communist are taking control of our country & if we don’t stop them America is finished & all of the brave men & woman who gave their lives was for NOTHING!

          1. It is a disgrace! From leader of free world to now among the socialist countries. Civil war is on the horizon. Americans patriots will not give in

          2. You are absolutely right. Fox now has to go also. What a traitor. That Mr. Wallace certainly can’t hide on who side he is on when he talks. Very obvious. Remember there is Someone more important who is watching and will handle all of this. He is All Just and you can’t fool Him. In God we Trust. Have faith. It is now being tested.

          3. Our veterans fought and died to keep this country FREE ,,,,, They did NOT fight and die for SOCIALISM !!!! These RADICAL , SOCIALIST , LIBERALS are going to turn us into a third world country . Once the Government [ with Socialism ] starts to CONTROL our everyday lives , that’s when it gets to a civil war and the PEOPLE start to fight back . TRUMP IS #46


          1. Have courage ! We are not a patient people but we need to become so. The best help for President Trump is to have his back
            Fox News is a traitor to its base. Hannity, Ingram and Tucker deserve us as an audience and Judge Jeanine will probably be a regular on Newsmax. If Fox tries to control their dialogs it will then be time to let them join their Marxist Socialists buddies. Watch only the aforementioned and switch back to Newsweek as soon as their shows end. Pray that President Trump prevails. He has made the Republican Party the party of the American working class in every state of this nation.

          2. I still watch Watters, Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham,and a couple others. I do watch Greg Gutfeld because of the humor along with news and would watch the “five” more except for Juan. Can’t stand him. And why in the hell did they hire Donna Brazil??? Except for watching their shows – I go to OAN and Newsmax.

          1. The problem lays with the assholes that voted for those two clowns and with the money that was poured by the backers of communism/socialism/ democrat’s to fix the voting machines which if you believe it was done with a purpose and with the money of Soros and the hi-tech companies.

        6. I asked the second amendment people that voted for Biden, to sell me their firearms. In Bidens utopia, it will be heaven on Earth anyhow

        7. Agree, the crying of the libs is an indoctrination. I dont want to delusional juan williams or chris wallace
          Geraldo still comes back to earth once in a while

        8. It’s obvious Chris Wallace is a die hard democrat. It is also obvious (according to Steve Kroft of 60 minutes) that George Sorros owns the democratic party, the attorney general, the head of the FBI, the CIA, and all other heads of the various law enforcement offices in the USA. the reason I believe this is because not a single department head has attempted to lift a finger to correct all of the corrupt voting, and it’s very apparent they don’t plan on doing anything. It’s been a few weeks ago since I read Steve Krofts report ( the crookedest man on earth George Sorros).

          1. When I see Donna Brassile on Fox, she acts so sweet, however, I have seen her act a lot differently when she’s in the company of the Democrats. She is seen often on Fox because are vetting her for running for V- President 2024 along with Karmla Harris. She is not fair or balance. and she needs to be fired !!!!

        9. Will not be listening to FOX much anymore. Like Hannity and Laura Ingram. Most everything else is pro dem, especially Wallace and Juan Williams. Hope the good people will leave and go to conservative sites. I’ve had enough of the dem-socialists. Also leaving my TRUMP banner up until they untangle the fraudulent election. Everyone knows President Trump won.

          1. When I heard that Chris Wallace was the moderator for the first debate I refused to watch it. I knew where he would go with his bias. He’s rude, biased and argumentative. His father was similar but he was a man, this guy is a pup. That Trump would allow him to moderate is nuts. But that failure fits in with their failure to require federal or state law enforcement officials to attend at expected trouble polls to enforce voting laws was also beyond stupid. As a result the Democrats fraudulently won another election. The Dems would fight (and did) tooth and nail to win and Republicans look like deer in the headlights. You fight like hell before and during the event not afterwards when it’s all over. They sadly got what they deserved …a tragic loss for this country and the world.

          2. I certainly share your sentiments and all so far! President Trump is the best president in my life time. Shame on Fox News! I call them the #foxinthehenhouse. Let’s not forget Chris Stirewalt who called AZ early. I live in AZ and we were still voting when Chris so arrogantly called for (God forbid) biden. So, adding stirewalt to the list of “must be fired today. ” He’s a putz! My family and many friends are off fox forever and pray that President Trump will start a news network. A sure cure for the fake news is a Trump network, make television news great again. Also, I’m not on fb, but friends have said that November 13 is the mass exit day. Everyone is moving to Parler and mewe. Let’s make that happen! USA is still great and God is still in control! Have faith. The enemy comes to steal, cheat and destroy (sound like the dems), but God will not allow the radical left wing, baby killing agenda to last for long!! God Bless America and President Trump!! TK Ph.D.

          3. You can get Mark Levin on Blaze TV along with Eric Bolling and a couple of former Fox people….It is $10 a month but well worth it and Mark has a much better show then the one he has on Fox……Also don’t forget about Jesse Watters he is also good …….I am very disappointed with Fox and have left and gone to Newsmax…..If you go to their website and then click on Newsmax TV you will see all the providers and the channels they are on in every 50 states

        10. No, don’t give in so easily, what’s the matter with you? People are already going to other outlets, like going from twitter to Parler, You tube to bitchute, etc. When the left takes over something, let them lose their audience and sponsors. Hit them where it hurts— money. We must develop alternatives so they don’t have a monopoly. Monopolies are the enemies of the people. We can get around them, and we will. Another idea— make it illegal to call the election before all votes are counted.

          1. I was just reading a message from someone on this site and the phone screwed up. So what I was commenting on is how wonderful it was to hear about the simple things of life. How about Our Lord and Savior, the freedom and beauty of this outstanding country
            We ( I’m talking about the true Americans, certainly not the Marxist ( blm.),commies and the socialists ). Like I’ve been saying all along, of you don’t like it here, get the f–k out. We certainly don’t want you here. True Patriots only!!!!
            Now , do people not know The Great Mark Levin, a true historian, lover of the Constitution and loves Trump. Obviously an extremely smart man. He’s on , Mark get out of there, don’t waste your time or your intelligence on such a pitiful station. Had to give him a shout out. I loved fox, then I turned it on just recently and I almost fell off the chair, there was Chris Wallace, I yelled what the f are you doing on fox. I literally was sick to my stomach. That’s when I new, fox was never going to be the same. I was right.
            So no more . I love you my President. I haven’t given up, I no you won, absolutely no doubt in my mind. You are the Victor and the victim. You will always be my President, someone like you only comes along once in a lifetime, I just feel blessed that I got to see it and feel it with my own being. Don’t worry, stay positive do some meditations and remember your base is behind you percent It’s not over

        11. You have foot on each side of the fence. Perhaps, it’s just that you don’t know where you stand. And a fiscal/social view is too narrow; there are so many other issues along the political spectrum that define one’s political philosophy so expand your views and thereby cement your position.

        12. Go to Newsmax, Dish it’s #216 and on it’s #349 for conservative and honest repor
          ing. They are waiting for the votes to be counted before anyone is declared President..

        13. I’m done with Fox. Hiring Chris Wallace was the worst mistake they ever made. I quit watching Hannity a long time ago. He asks someone a question and then answers for them. He interrupts people all the time and won’t let them talk. loves the sound of his own voice and thinks he’s smarter than everyone. Too much information about his childhood ad families jobs. Other problems with Fox but will save them for another time.

          1. I totally agree with you concerning Hannity. He is VERY hard to watch and ALWAYS takes up his guests time. When they FINALLY get to speak, he cuts them off because there’s not enough time to let them finish. He is somewhat condescending too. I hate when he says stuff like “I’m gonna explain this slowly, so you can understand….”, what!? No need to dumb us down, we are generally more informed than he thinks. One more –> Hannity always repeats himself. How many times have we heard (daily) his lists of stats. One or two times is enough, after that I feel that he has nothing better to say or, like you said, likes to hear himself speak. The ONLY thing he has as far as I’m concerned is that he is a Trump guy and has Trump’s ear! Thanks you – rant is over! 😉

          1. I am totally done with Fox News as well!, Newsmax is my new station!
            We love you President Donald Trump!

        14. Tim,
          I totally agree with you. FOX has sold their should to the devil!
          God help us, if Harris gets in (Biden will never be president, he’s a pawn, and too demented to know it)! I’m not sure we’ll ever have the chance to vote again, not in a true election, after Marxism takes over America.
          As for FOX, I will never watch them again. I watch OAN or Newsmax.

        15. Well, chris wallace has ALL of the isms (racism, feminism, etc) his dad did, but none of the journalistic talent!! MOST nowdays wouldn’t know true journalism if it bit them! BTW, I do NOT cap names of those I have no respect for. They don’t deserve it!

        16. I’m with you. For many, many years a fox watcher. Chris Wallace has completely turned me off. His horrible debate preformance and interviews that are so soft on dems and unprobing is a hint to his objectives. Really disappointed. Tucker, Hanity, Laura, Judge jeanie, and The Revolution on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm is the only shows left. To bad Fox rating are going to fall and you deserve it.

      2. Need to start a movement “BOYCOTT FOX”. I lost faith/interest in Fox long time ago. Can’t stand their so called “Fair and balanced” propaganda with a bunch of liberals on their show.

        1. Those little liberal brats .., Want everything for .. nothing. Lazy dirty pigs .. GoTo Work !!’
          Lets see how they feel in 10 years when they finally grow up and they ate thrown in jail for an opinion their “government” doesnt agree with but they probably never will ..
          Lovee you and your family President Trump
          God Bless America and President Trump
          My PRESIDENT forevet

          1. President Trump will always be my president not these two f——king assholes Biden & Harris!

          2. Trump will win!!! It’s not over because the fat lady/man is not singing. Much less humming. Supreme Court will decide and trump will win this corrupt election this is why Biden never left basement, and only campaigning last in the last week. Because Biden and Democrats planned this all along. With mail in ballots and voter fraud. Go figure America! Trump was winning big time and all sudden polls close and shit happened when open up again! This isn’t the Country I fought for. It’s not over. And Fox shame on you and your liberal views.

          3. We are 100 percent with you! We love PRESIDENT TRUMP and HE is our PRESIDENT FOREVER! HE is a REAL PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT! Shame on FOX News!

        2. I am with you, at first when I refused to watch FOX I thought it was just me
          feeling that way. We do need the movement, just wish we could take Judge Jeannine and the others who haven’t been brain washed. Lucifer was once an angel.

        3. Like the other media’s! Y’all are a Trump hater! Y’all must be getting paid from the left side! There still a few I like! Hannity, Tucker, the Five except Juan. Jessie, tucker,mark Levin, Laura, Shannon, Maria, and Judge Jeanne ! Now I’m looking for another news. I know everyone not for President TRUMP! But to show favorite! Biden hasn’t done nothing for America people.

          1. Fox, up until the election was always the only news channel I would watch. When they called AZ at 70%, they lost me. I could not believe it. Joe Biden never once came out of the basement to acknowledge that he was even running for the highest office in the U.S. while President Trump was out doing his rallies every day, all day. God Bless Him! How was corrupt Biden ever elected when he and his dumb V.P. were never asked any questions, other than what flavor of ice cream he was buying. I wish that Tucker, Hannity, Judge Jannine, Mark Levine (who I love) Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfeld and Laura would all leave FNC. I most likely will change to Lou Dobbs when he is on and Maria Bartiromo. I also really like Ari Fleischer.

        4. I agree, the liberals took over. People don’t forget Donna, the democrat who helped Killary in 2016 during the debate and the most is annoying is Juan. I’m done with FOX, deleted the app from my phone. Boycott FOX they, REALLY SUCK. I probably will get BLAZE TV. The only thing I have to say:

        5. Indeed…Fair and Balanced left the building at Fox long ago. I will watch “The Five,” Tucker, Hannity, Laura, and Gutfeld, but their daytime lineup will not appear on my TV anymore. There are a couple on Fox and Friends that I might watch on occasion, but not like the first thing that always appeared on my TV on wakeup…My office TV was seldom EVER turned off Fox News Channel. It has not been on that channel daytime since Fox and others in cahoots with liberal overlords announced Biden as the new president elect. I have written several FB pages since that appeared trying to explain Civics 101 to those who aren’t aware how our political system works…NEWS MEDIA DO NOT DETERMINE PRESIDENTAL ELECTIONS!… most have been covered or removed by FB. Let us hope there is is evidence the machines in several states can be proven to contain the SCORECARD program capable of being programmed to report a particular outcome…

      3. Changed to Newsmax….. except for Tucker Carlson, Hannity and Laura Ingram ….also still tune into Maria Baratomo and Lou Dobbs on Fox Budinrdd

        1. Exactly my thought…Fox News for quite some time held my interest several times a day..When the so called sexual harassment started I was concerned but then saw the reasons behind this slithering bites. When the head man Murdoch was relieved and his children took over I had a feeling that Libitards were sneaking in. If it wasn’t for Tucker/Hannity ,Ingraham, and a very few more shows I would ditch Fox for NewsMax on the spot.I view several programs on NewsMax but for now Fox holds sway. As of today 8 Nov. I understand Saturdays Judge Peniro was suspended due to her support of President Trump..Of course if true it will come out .

          1. It is a shame where Fox is headed. Used to watch faithfully but not anymore. The bias people employed by Fox make your stomach turn. They brought these people on Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna BRAZILE just to name a few. They let go Judge Jeanine, Trish Regan, Diamond and Silk and a score of others we used to love. Shameful Fox

        2. Thank you for telling us about Newsmax. Been wanting to find a new station to watch as Fox has proved they have been bought out by the Fake News networks. Going to check into it now.

          1. OAN, One America News Network, is also conservative, so try that one out, too, along with Newsmax.

        3. That’s what my husband and have done….gone to NewsMax, for truth in journalism and broadcasting. We’ve boycotted the slimestream media and have sought those news sources that really tell us both sides of the story so we can make our own decisions and not be spoon fed crap.

          1. Chris Alsedo (sp?), your Liberty Loving Latino, is awesome on News Max. He has a local radio show here locally in the DFW Texas area previous to Rush Limbaugh on News/Talk 820, WBAP. Regardless of where you are in the country, Alexa streams WBAP by simply saying, “Alexa, open WBAP.” Well worth the effort to watch or listen to this man, Chris Alcedo…

      4. Agree! FOX NEWS has turned full-on Liberal. They’ve Lost this viewer unless or until they get rid of Williams, Brazil & Wallace.

        1. I never understood why Fox would hire Donna Brazil since she is 110%left than center. I guess Just because she disagreed with Clinton while in charge of the DNC at the time, Fox felt that she is a great non-biased spokes person…That’s like inviting in a snake in a field of mice. Sorta like the enemy of my enemy is my friend…Hmmm… As far as Quan Williams is concerned he definitely must have been planted to sow discontent on his fellow Five co-hosts..Need I say anything about CNN reject Chris Wallace he will surly drift to a more decisive platform..say…Joe Bidens spoke person..I say ”screw em all”…

          1. I meant to say that I agree with Jeannie Barcus about Williams, Brazil and Wallace

        2. You got to cut the Head off the Snake at Fox not just the low hanging fruit. Start with, Who is running Fox now and some of the Board members???
          Murdock’s son and Paul Ryan for starters. If you have shit in you will always have shit out, no way around that.

          1. Don’t forget the owner DISNEY. Cut the head off the snake, boycott DISNEY and Disney products entirely in addition to all the others mentioned.

        3. I agree I no longer watch fox news and will continue to boycott them until they get rid of Wallace, William’s and Brazil. Absolutely the dumbest decision the network has done in hiring those individuals. I consider an insult to me and the 70 million people that support President Trump and conservative America. When socialism comes to american kiss the free press goodbye. Neither fox nor any of the media outlets will have the liberty to present anything but what the government and the left dictates.

      5. Fox news is a big disappointment to me. Still the best is Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity The American people seem to be told. Just accept this election everything will be okay. What a horrible statement. If Trump is defeated, GOD help us. China is loving this.

        1. China has been making fun of President Trump. What does that tell you? They love the crooked corrupt Biden and don’t like President Trump because he stands up to them. I will NEVER call Biden president nor will I when the radical Harris takes over. God help us if that happens. I just can’t see Biden making it until he is 82. His mind is mush now.

          1. Don, you’ll not have to wait for pedophile Joe to turn 82, Cum’allya will be calling the shots in less than 6 months. Whore!
            Strap yourselves in America. The worst is yet to come


      7. Fox News has ridden Trumps coat tail for 5 years and now they have thrown him under the bus. Martha and Brett were criticizing President Trump because there is no proof of election fraud. Here’s the proof. Hillary destroyed emails that had been supoenad by the FBI. That’s a felony. Obama committed Treason by trying to sway the 2016 election Hillary’s way. All of this took place on Fox News. From the Set up of Flynn to the fake dossier, Obama railroaded the whole Trump Russia collusion deal and the investigative reporting took place only on Fox News. Oh yeah, Biden was in on it too. Lastly the Hunter/ big guy story. What more do you need to show how pathetic Fox News is. The liberals stole the election. I have not watched Fox News since election night and won’t watch it again. I hope Tucker, Sean, and Laura land somewhere else. But F. Fox News

      8. I am feeling the same way. When Fox called Arizona with 1% of the vote is I said what the hell are they doing. Trump was ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes with 96% of the vote and they waited to call that state. California NY,NJ and many more were called as soon As the polls closed. I thought mail in ballots weren’t to be tallied until after that so had did they declare a winner so fast. I trust Tucker,Hannity,Jeannine and Laura they still give it to you straight. I could not figure out what was going on election night on Fox News. My husband hates CNN but was switching back and forth to try and figure out what was happening.

        1. Trump was ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes in Florida with 96% of the vote but Fox would not call that state. For Trump. I left the state out which he was winning in my previous comment.

      9. Agree. Fox news is done in my house. Almost all anchors are liberal dumbasses.
        Will never watch Faux news again!

      10. My wife and I haven’t watched FOX or any of the MSM or cable media since they are all now seemingly anti-liberty in their reporting! FOX has been infiltrate since by the left just as all the rest be did many years ago.
        Goodbye FOX!

      11. Go to Newsmax, Dish it’s #216 and on it’s #349 for conservative and honest reporting. They are waiting for the votes to be counted before anyone is declared President..

      12. Tucker, Sean and Laura, need to get off of Fox and move over to Newsmax. Fox News is chock full of super assholes now, like Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Cavuto, Hemmer, Tarlof, Chris Hahn, Leslie Marshall, Marie Harf, Richard Fowler, Austin Goolsby aand Richard Goodstein to name a few. These anti-Republican Fox contributors out number the good guys 10 to 1. Go figure that one out. Fox ihn my house? No longer!!!

      13. I also was a long time Fox supporter. Not ever again. What a disappointment in their sell out. Issues of voter fraud, Biden unanswered questions about his China dealings, his family including Hunter and their sudden wealth. So, they saw Biden tax returns do you think he / they would list transactions on tax return. Like, get real!! We all know who Trump is! Do we really know Biden!! 47 years of nothing is all we know. Over 70 million Trump voters will bury Fox believe it!!! Not too late Fox to become once again fair and balance. Not sure this will post, hopeful.


      15. No more FOX for me, and I used to be glued to four hours of Fox every night. I am looking for an alternative. Newsmax?

      16. myself and 11 co workers turned fox off on monday for good,liberal cavuto along with much of the daytime RINO’s killed that show ….hannity,tucker,laura and a few more REAL conservatives should leave fox and start their own news show ,,,it would explode….fox you killed yourself,you left TRUMP out to dry …

      17. Except for a few people on Fox News, we are disgusted with the outfit. LOW CLASS employees top to bottom, especially at top. Untrustworthy.

      18. I agree , I only want to watch Fox and Friends , Tucker , Shaun , and Laura . Oh and can’t forget The Five , except they should get rid of Juan!

      19. AMEN! Carlson, Hannity, Judge Jeanine Perro,Laura Ingraham and Maria Bartirimo needs to wash that filth right out of their hair and move to Newsmax!!! ASAP!!!

      20. I no longer watch Fox Daytime. Only Tucker, Sean and Laura (via DVR) and that’s waning for me. NEWSMAX is GREAT….I hope more FOX ‘heroes’ join them. Trish Reagan, Rob Schmidt and Heather Childers are already there, among others.
        C’mom Sean, Laura, Tucker, Judge Jeanine, Greg Gutfeld and Jarrett, Jesse, Pete, Will, Leo 2.0, Dan and so many more!

    1. I will only watch Hannity, Tucker, Ingram Angle, The Judge and Lou Dobbs on Fox Business and Charles Paine. The Five has one glimmer of light left with some balls the rest seem to be auditioning for CNN and like Chris Wallace who do at least fully own his one sided democratic love affair! They rest need to grow a pair and stop the sale out of conservatism! Maybe Hannity and the other Real Conservatives need to start their Bold True Red Conservative News Program and it will be supported by 49.5% of the nation! i

        1. BULLS EYE !!! We have survived 8 years of Obama/Biden era of corruption, MSM, Cnn and Bsnbc + 3 Alpahbets faix news …..WE can definatly SURVIVE withous FUXNEWS with OAN/CRAZY TOWN and Newsmax …..But can we survive 8 months of Biden nad 3 + yeras of KAMALA ???

          1. If ,after CORRUPT JOE and the WHORE OF BABYLON take the White House . and the COMMUNISTs retain the HOUSE control the senate.with 2 more states added to the UNION. And they PACK the courts , they will have complete control over the Government.It will be like 2 wolves and a sheep voting whats for dinner! We will be the sheep.GOD HELP ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. I don’t believe in any of their agenda. Not sure if they even know what that is. It’s a sad day for America if those two are truly going to run this country.

          3. Richard Nixon was impeached for illegal wiretapping recording conversations of associates, but Obama did it, and not a thing was done about it. Who can arrest the Attorney General, the head of the FBI, the Head of the CIA. ( and why hasn’t Joe Biden & Hunter Biden been arrested) I suppose Joe could shoot and Kill someone and they would give him a medal. They have not as of now done a thing to him for selling China privileged information about the USA. So if the attorney general, the FBI head and the head of the CIA are not owned by George Soros then what’s the excuse?

        2. As much as l like a few on Fox News l’m through with this network—- at least with CNN And their ilk l know what gossips they are but Fox News is worse when they pretend to be one thing and clearly are another My time is precious to me and watching Fox . News is not worth being upset over—- life is way too short to waste ones time on nonsense— l grew up in the mountains of western Montana with parents who taught well that we were rich in every thing but money- no life has been richer than mine just living by the example of my wonderful parents — l literally went from a humble log cabin in my childhood and youth to marrying a fantastic man and traveled all over the world —both husband & father who were men of the highest integrity—- life is a matter of choices & the Biden’s of world who are corrupt to the core have never been remotely my choice again life is just too short to invoke oneself with corruption of any kind. Trump is great man One we owe the highest gratitude to for all he had done for America God bless America & our great President

          1. I agree with you and so many others who have shared here about how Fox has changed to be like CNN etc. I still watch Tucker, Sean, Laura Inghram, Dobbs, Payne, Varney,, Maria B, but then i switch to Newsmax with Spicer, Greg Kelly, Steve Bannon, and several of the morning folks. I used to be glued to FOX. Not any more!

            as Sean says, “Journalism is dead pretty much in this country”, except for John Soloman and the lady with whom he has broken many important stories in the past few years.

        3. I agree oan is just the facts. Watch tucker and gutfeld on sat and Levin on Sunday. The rest is off. Too many lib liars.

        4. Martha who was leaning left badly wore herBLUE dress as a statement on election night. Brett, who was once “ fair balanced and unafraid” is now “ unfair unbalanced and scared to death “
          Dump Juan, Chris, Donna, Martha and Brett, and you might save FOX If not bye bye Fox News

          1. Oh No, you have to get rid of the DEMONCRAT AT THE FRONT DESK! And any others like him! Soros owned no accounts!

        1. Definitely!!!!! I use to watch Fox News all day ..
          Not anymore .. Commies!!’
          only watch Fox and Friends .. they are trustworthy .. Then I switch to Newsmax !!
          Loveeee that station .
          Sorry Fox .. nobody likes you .. may just the privileged elites . Ugg !!

        1. Great respect for Mark Levin. He had a very informative show Nov. 7the that everyone should watch regarding our judicial sysfem, the Constitution, and voting. God Bless America!

          1. I love Mark Levin because he invites guests to come and talk and lets them speak. Which does not happen often enough. I love America and I believe that Mark Levin is a great American and enjoy him program.

    2. They said they were going to cheat like this , why would they all be so consumed by the new justice not being able to be part of the election fraud debate . We need to quit worrying about being polite and go for the throat just like the Dems do.

      1. Right on! We need to protest take to the streets and scream voter fraud. Trump supporters unite and take our country back!

    3. The three or four good people on Fox need to jump ship and go find somewhere else to tell the truth before their jobs cut. I guess box was bought out by the evil Disney Corporation and the big money that’s the Democrats who are funded by the evil of George Soros and his ilk. I’m out of here

      1. Agree Radio Bill… anything owned by Evil George Soros should be completely shut down including sadly, now Fox News. Evil George and his horrible empire need to be stopped!

        1. Yes Too few people know about George Soros, a Jew who pretended he was
          not and betrayed his own people by costing up to Hitler and is tugs.
          . Then almost destroyed the British Pound, currency
          by his trading. and now he funds Socialist and Communist causes and he donated
          several million to Biden. Just like Bloomberg did!!

    4. I have been watching FOX News for 15 years and nevermore! FOX called the election before any recounts are done!! FOX fired Judge Jeanine! What’s next Hannity?!! How dare you sabotage President Trump by calling the election!!

    5. I think FOX NEWSshould be sued for election tampering. I am a n ARIZONA Resident and I worked the polls . We just barely got our ballots to the counting center when it was called. None were processed yet.
      I will never forget Or forgive fox. I THINK THE GOVT SHOULD SUE THE HECK OUT Of the admin. I I hope HANNITY Levin, JUDGE Judy, STEVE,and TUCKER go to OAN I know I WILL!

      1. FOX forgot how they achieved their success. They were “our” network and now they are not. I can’t wait to see their ratings hit rock bottom. They obviously wanted to be more fair and balanced to the left. Between Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, and Donna Brazil (along with a few others) They have succeeded in losing some long time viewers.

    6. Yes once a Fox viewer. They are bias and were really negligent and malicious on election night and did not fairly represent the election nor the American people. Looking for another news channel that represents ALL Americans.

    7. Fox News has definitely changed it’s stripes significantly over the past year! But I was stunned at the tone of the on-site personal the last few days as they kept saying that there is – was – no corruption in any of the states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and the illegal capital of the US PA. Newsflash for the assholes covering the last three days in PA, when officials don’t allow monitors to actually monitor the ballot counting – IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL!! How about the basket of 138,339 ballots found in a back room and every single one of them was for Joe Biden? How is that possible. Humm, I wonder if that was why they stopped counting for many hours every night… Find out how many more votes Joe needs to win – no problem, we got that covered. How could Fox News hire Donna Brazille – you know, the women who slipped Hillary all the questions for the first debate. That’s a close step to hiring scum! You will be replaced, FOX!

    8. I deleted my Fox new apps all of them Twitter Facebook every media there is. I’m going with the man upstairs and his news’s. I’ll be waiting to watch the fireworks going off getting my family prepared for a show down, cause all those protesters are not gunna go away and the left it’s gunna deny it’s existence and what you think it’s going happen they will go against each other. Today I went to church and yes my heart fell with fear and tremendous sadness until I saw our American flag by the church and I remember “In God We Trust” I have never felt the assurance and trust until this moment. We have to trust in God to let him do his work in his land and I don’t know what that is but I know his ready for some last days. Our only answer is prepare temporally physically emotionally and the most important one is spiritually. “In God We Trust” God speed to you all.

    9. I see the truth. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham are the only portions of Fox I will watch. If they turn, I turn the channel.

    10. Watching the FOX SUNDAY NEWS show with Chris Wallace made me sick. Imagine. Serious allegations of fraud and ballot tampering, a legal battle looming, many issues with mail-in ballots and still Chris Wallace, who has become like a host on CNN, invited two guests to his Sunday program, neither one even mentioning the potential for fraud. One was a stooge of Biden and the other an outcast in the Republican party. Not once did Wallace ever address the looming court battle nor did he invite a guest who could speak to the American people and say why there will be a court battle. Used to be that FOX was FAIR AND BALANCED. NO MORE !!

    11. I agree that Fox News is no longer conservative. The exceptions are Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, Judge Jenine, and Maria Bartiromo.

    12. Agreed. Now if Trump somehow is NOT officially declared the winner of the Presidency, he should start his own news network. Lets see how the Dims handle that!

    13. I am done with Fox. Ridiculous. I am tired of it & the shenanigans. Only a few Tucker, Hannity, Judge Janine, and The five, Fox & Friends if they say the truth they get the back lash from the Top. Sick of Donna Brazil a cheater, Juan Williams and the like. It’s shame the corruptions and now I feel you are part of the deceit, too!

    14. We’ve switched to Newsmax TV. I’m sick of Wallace, Juan and Donna Brassier. They fired her at CNN and Fox hired her. WHY?

    15. FOX News has definitely let its loyal viewers down. I have been a loyal viewer since it’s inception but now turn away. Election night coverage was abominable—not calling Florida and Ohio when results were so obvious yet calling Arizona within minutes of poll closing was WRONG. They were trying to influence results and did so. There are many prime time stars that I love including Tucker, Levin, Jeannine, and Laura. Hannity too if he wouldn’t talk so much. Jesse, Dana, and Greg are the best too but Juan is a waste . I mute him every time the camera moves to him- a real commie. I hope these FOX stars move to NEWSMAX or OAN as I can no longer tolerate the blue wave that has overcome FNC.

    16. No more fox for me. That call on Arizona was so corrupt like the rest of Joe’s buddies. Frogs must have wings.

    17. OANN my new station, just wanted the news not a bunch of half truths. FOX news is tight up there with the rest. I will record Tucker Carlson that ALL I’ll be watching from FOX. Maybe they can get Donna, Jaun and Chris to reach out to their Dem friends to get more viewers.

    18. It’s always the enemy within that’s the most dangerous. Why hasn’t Fox called North Carolina yet? Or Georgia when it could have?

    19. I always stood by FOXNEWS but on election night they kept doing wrong. I have not watched since election night. FOXNEWS why did you do it, why did you change the type of news broadcasting that you use to do. I do not look at the news any longer. FOXNEWS you disappointed me and a lot of AMERICANS.

    20. I used to make Fox news my news station. Now I wouldn’t watch them for ANY reason.

    21. Like tucker,sean Laura, and Pete. Hope they find a new place to go. Will never watch fox again . Chris and Juan need to go.

    22. You didn’t mention Newsmax who took over viewership totals from Fox the day after the election!
      Fox & Friends 5am till 10am – Newsmax until 8pm – Fox primetime lineup till bedtime.

      I tuned out when they let Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, Jessica Tarlov, Maria Harf, Richard Goodstein and many other “Democrat Strategists” lie on the air constantly with NO pushback! The Fox hosts would constantly ask them “what are you going to do to help Biden?”

    23. Biden is not my president and never will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on people don’t let the Dems do this to our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they get by with this there is no USA anymore!!!!!! There is no way that Biden won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Biden goes in it is over the Dems will give everything away and there bank accounts will get even bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE

        1. Nothing will be done to Joe Biden (the Big Guy) or his looser son now that he may be the potential President. What ever happened to fair justice? I’m still wondering how all this happened. President Trump didn’t stand a chance against all this corruption in the democratic party. I have never seen a man that could take so much for so long and still stand tall and fight the way he did. He loves the United States and all that it stands for. God Bless Him and his amazing family.

    24. It was’nt all of Fox News, it was one guy. Fox needs to kick his ass to the curb,NOW. He is nothin but a Biden ass licker

    25. I was an original FOX viewer. I have seen the leftward march of Chris Wallace and Brett Baer. When they joined the far left pack and called it for Biden I was through. Deleted the App and deleted the cable from my watch list. Done.

    26. Fox news is communist and not funny. If Biden gets in their will be a China take over of this country. Great Job America had a American President for the first time and you turned this country communist because you are worthless

    27. i will only watch certain shows on fox and fox business -When these shows are canceled i will no longer watch–i will switch to News Max and OAN—I will watch Sean Hannity ,Tucker Carlson. Laura Ingraham . Lou Dobbs ,During the week and On Weekends Judge Janene ,Mark Levin Waters World , Greg Gutfeld . and some others Fox has been filling a need for Conservative s for over 20 years Now they have let us down–we are the only reason that Fox even exists – There are also a lot of liberals that are watching fox for the truth however now I bet they will also leave your show -If you think they will stick with you are wrong -Fox has stabbed them in the back too.

    28. Fox used to be great,now they sold out to the left.Maybe Hannity and .all of the others ought to join Glenn Beck

    29. I have been a longtime Fox viewer but now I have no news stations to follow. It seems it’s all fake news. I’m so disappointed with Fox for letting me and other followers down.

    30. Fox News has sunken to an all time low. The ones who say they are conservative (Hannity, Carlson) Are quick to call out the Fake news & there Liberal- Commie B/S , However They never call out their co-workers -worthless Williams, Chrissy the coward Wallace, Cavuto and the other Liberal Hacks that work at Fox, Shows they are Fox puppets as well. ( You either Stand for something or you fall for anything) hell, Carlson had to ask fox ‘s permission to bring up the Nazi Soros on his show. Fox canceled judge Judy’s show on Sat. night because she was going to present FACTUAL evidence of VOTER FRAUD. Faulkner & Francis stifled Newt Gingrich on their show when he brought up Soros. Fox & Associates are no better than the rest of the Liberal, Commie, Cockroaches!

    31. At some point not too long ago Fox news decided it was time to change and get “edgy” with their interviews with Conservatives. It was very apparent . Its time for their viewing audience to get “edgy” with them. I will not be watching Fox anymore. The national news reporting needs Liberals and Conservative news. Fox no longer fills the role reporting the Conservative viewpoint. Bye bye Fox

    32. I agree wholeheartedly with Richard Popovich. It may be a sad day for America IF Biden takes the office as we will no longer have the affordability of a ‘free press’ nor most of the other freedoms we now enjoy under out constitution. The Deep State, as Trump found out, is more deeply rooted in the fabric of our governing bodies that try as he might, he only scratched the surface. I can only see us becoming and joining the other banana republics outside our borders (that is, if we have any borders). All of this is so reminiscent of the stories told down over the years of the takeover of Germany and it has been in works for many, many years. We, the people, (and not me) became so brainwashed and apathetic and led as sheep to the slaughter. Beware and prepare if this brain dead man actually takes office.

    33. It’s Newsmax for us now. Except for Tucker and Mark Levin, Laura and the Judge, the rest of them can go pound sand. It’s been obvious for a long time that FOX is worthless. I used to have it on all day. Now, it’s one or two hours.

    34. I agree, Italy it’s exactly the same …I have relatives in Italy and they call the president “the idiot” because of the socialist propaganda & fake news!!
      Fox has been going left since Roger Ailes was let go, in 2016 & Suzanne Scott was his replacement (CEO, top executive to controversy). Under her leadership, in an attempt to broaden the viewship, she is succumbing to the pressure of the advertisers. Carlson has lost major advertisers $, however, it has been made up by Mike -my pillow.
      She’s the one who has allowed Wallace, Caputo, Williams etc. disgusting behavior toward our president but her greatest accomplishment is hiring that damn liberal, from CNN Donna Brazile, …She’s the one who gave the questions to Hillary for the debate ahead of time.
      We should unite and boycott Fox …how do we get started?

      1. Just stop watching Fox News and their ratings will show them how bad they have become. The last straw is their getting rid of Judge Jeannine! How could they??

    35. I wish Sean Hannity , Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo and Greg could get their own show they are the best Fox has this is wishful thinking.




    37. No More Fox for me
      and if I see Bret an Martha anywhere else I SWITCH the Channel
      I new that they had no spine, and the time came that they just
      had to reveal it publicly.

    38. Bye Bye Fox news – I am also leaving your channel- you have gone to the dogs as far as I am concerned. Only Tucker & Hannity is worth watching, now you have suspended Judge Jeanine- that is the last straw imo.

    39. Been a Fox news Junky for years. No more, Love Tucker and Maria B. switch on for them and Fox and Friends in the morning. Newsmax and OAN have it all over them.



    41. Supporting a political party, radio/TV station or publication which has drifted to the Left because ” at least it’s still better than the others” is fatal, as it just encourages further betrayal .

    42. I have taken care of very troubled foster children that have lied and stuck to it till they believed it themselves also convinced the workers and law officials to also believe them till we all went to court. Final results not true.

    43. I’ll take OAN anyday! They weren’t calling Biden the President Elect the next day, and blasting it over the bottom of the screen!. I think that DISGUSTED me over all. You know what>>Tucker, Hannity, and the Judge Jeanie are OK by me. Laura and Shannon are not fighting for Trump. I do not watch Fox anymore after many years!

    44. Yep im gone! I hope fox newscasters every single viewer and goes to newscast heaven or maybe hell

      I hope the good ones land their feet at a better place.

    45. Same thing with me I am finished with Fox. It’s like I got stabbed in the back. I will miss Tucker and a couple of others but I won’t watch Fox to see them

    46. It’s all over. Looks like the left has won, as we all knew they eventually would. Kiss it all good-bye folks, socialism is here to stay. The “phat” lady has sung! According to Bible Eschatology, the “End Times” are upon us and Judgment is about to fall. But mark my words all those who voted for Biden, who have been duped by their lies and evil insanity, will reap it. They will absolutely live to regret buying into their duplicity and live to see the day when they will see the truth and know how the left just used them. AOC speaks for the left when she called us Trump supporters “sycophants” (had to look that one up!) and swore revenge. What a sad day for our country. The will of the people has been eclipsed by these evil bastards, and there’s nothing to be done about it! FOX, we always thought we could count on you, but in the end even you betrayed us and sold out to Soros. Alas, you also will reap what you have sown, and God will have the final say on all this. Make no mistake about that!

    47. george soros, owns the new socialist democratic party and the main stream media, what makes anyone think fox news that he can’t sway a half left news organization? hell for all we know he may own our election ballet machines!

    48. This viewer of the “Core Shows” switched to AON! America One News, who are on U-verse at 1208! Much better honest broader coverage than even the 4-5 hot spots on FOX could churn out!
      Have turned a lot of my acquaintances to AONN- second “N” stands for Network! They are the platform for much of the accurate dirt digging story on UKRAINE& China!
      Great job! Look at it like the golden years of 60 Minutes, 20-20 on and on!
      Still boost the golden goodies on FOX! You missed one-2 ie. ELIZABETH MCDONALD OF EVENING EDIT! Stuart Varney, too!

      1. PS Oops forgot two more FOX GOLDEN ONES! Lou Dobbs & Mark Levin! Not to mention some in-house geniuses like Att.Jarret+! John Scott! Ansan. And many on their new off-shoot subscriptions channel!
        Hannity should jump off mass EXODUS bring them with him!! Marion Davis

        1. PS Oops forgot two more FOX GOLDEN ONES! Lou Dobbs & Mark Levin! Not to mention some in-house geniuses like Att.Jarret+! John Scott! Ansan. And many on their new off-shoot subscriptions channel!
          Hannity should jump off mass EXODUS bring them with him!! Marion Davis

    49. Fox had better get back to what they used to be!!!!!
      Tucker, Sean and Laura are my staples, the rest I don’t care for.

    50. I totally agree! The media has had their success making Trump look like the most hated president of all time! We have a lot of friends in Germany and they all hate him….for no reason, and when I tell them all the good things he’s done for our country, they stop talking to me!! It’s insane! I told them to take care of their own country and stop worrying about ours, that we are in good hands with Trump!!!

    51. I like most on the five but cannot stand Juan. Why did they even put him on team for election results.

      Jessica Turley’s voice is like hearing nail scratch on a blackboard. Awful extreme left that lies.

      I like Jesse, Laura, Hannity, Tucker, Maria, Greg , Pete and Payne and only a few more. Even the way questions are asked are different. Sad because the republicans is what made their network grow. Newsmax, Parlor, and now a new site to compete with FB. Trump made Twitter what it is today. All republicans should quit all those programs. Biden was never attacked.

      Lots of dislike for Chris Wallace.. Bad move and his bias so obvious towards Trump.

      Sad you called Arizona way to early and the person that projected that for Fox was so arrogant saying he would not let Trump dictate. Trump did nothing it was the guy not liking to be challenged for the network.
      Sad and I will be going to newsmax more and only watch a very few fix shows.

      I like the old Huntley and Brinkley and Lou Dobbs show back.

    52. All of our President supporters should find out who are the sponsors of the shows on Fox News and start a boycott of there products and let them know we mean business. This is the only way they understand hit them in there pocketbooks

    53. I was relieved when Sheppard Smith was discontinued thinking that Fox was going to try to continue the “Fair and Unafraid” representation of the News. Unfortunately, I was wrong as so apparently shown on Election Night. Since that Night I have watched the “Fox & Friends” Show, Tucker Carlson, and Hannity, but I am switching to American Family Radio to hear the “conservative” truth.

    54. What about Neil Cabuto the other day cutting off Kayleigh McEnemy. Saying he wasn’t going to listen to her until she had proof of voter fraud when she was giving proof. I won’t be watching him anymore. I’m watching who I listen to more closely. Tucker is my favorite but I like a few others as well.

    55. Faithful Fox FOREVER. NO MORE!

      Sean, Laura, Tucker, Jeannine, Maria, Pete, Jesse & Will SHOULD START THEIR OWN NETWORK! I will not watch any other FOX program…even Fox and Friends.

    56. My wife was born in Ireland and has a sister and a brother who she calls regularly. I can testify that
      Richard (above) is absolutely correct. When I try to explain this to my wife I say Europeans hear only
      what we call here “the fake news” They have no counterpoint to what they are hearing so assume it is correct. Think of what we have here without Talk Radio, or the FOX nighttime line up!

    57. President Trump won this election I don’t care what news outlets say. Quid pro quo joe Ukraine,China,Russia. Uranium one then you OBAMAGATE spy gate treason Biden knew treason. Aka Rapist of Tara Reed. And sniffer joe is a child molester. The media wants to hide it because the Democrat Satan Party own the media. America needs to wake up. President Trump is the Greatest President in America History he loves the American People and we love him. And most of all he Love America.

    58. Well & one also must wonder if they are jealous & playing catchup as cnn & other stations has had MANY contributors rewarded with jobs from beijing biden!

    59. I hate Fox News now and have switched to OAN and NEWSMAX. Fox News stinks. They are dirty flip floppers. Shame on them. BYE.

    60. Juan Williams , Chris Wallace, Donna Brazille, Cavuto need to go CNN. I used to watch the Five Williams killed that. Chris Wallace needs to kiss Bidens ass more. Donna Brazille still is a Democratic liar. Cavuto killed himself with McAnany cutoff . Im watching Newsmax, Tucker, Hannity and some of the early shows and other conservative spots. We are eventually going into civil war over illegal immigration and the benefits for them by the left. Sanctuary cities , lockdowns and restrictions only to the people but not politicians. NY, california, Oregon and washington State killed more seniors than anyone. Who is going to pay for that? The left bad mouths the right and steals like Hillary , Biden Clapper and etc. No one pays for the lies like Shifty Schiff.

    61. my daughter told me to try newsmax that Fox had been bought by ABC. It fits my beliefs. The anchors you listed above I like very much at Fox

  2. I agree with everything in this written article., I have switched over to Newmax and find it is now the best News channel on tv. I also watch Hannity, Tucker and the few that you named on Fox. All the others seem to be Demonizing Democrats??

    1. COMMUNISM O GOD ! There is a bad feel in the air.The Communists are already hinting about developing LISTS of Republican s . REFORMING THE COARTS.(packing)!A lot is riding on the 2 senatorial races in Georgia.Purdue and Kelly Loeffler may be our only fire wall against the progressives! The ANTIFA and BLM threating already to take their war out of the cities and into the suburbs if crazy Joe doesnt meet their socialist agenda! They will wait until we are unarmed and helpless.This stolen Election will be the last PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!This whole nasty agenda will begin to be played out in the first 100 days of Creepy JOE and the WHORE OF BABYLON taking office!either Revolt or accept it the ony 2 options!

      1. Yep. You got it straight. We have the right to stand against socialism. It is not part of our Constitution.

        1. We need to really improve 0ur educational system. Our kids are being brainwashed. Our American history and the American constitution are not being taught in our schools!

      2. True God Enhanced US citizens who really Love and Trust God and Love America are the greatest USMC type Fearless Warriors and Terrorist Hunters who take no prisoners so these rioters better stay in their democratic lanes because “It’s a Fearful thing to fall into the hands of an Angry God” if they try to “Touch God’s Anointed and do His prophets Harm”

      3. It is a sad state of affairs to say that our only recourse hinges on two choices- lockstep and take whatever they tell us is acceptable- COMMUNISM or full scale revolution. I for one as a proud American and veteran will never accept Communism masked as Socialism and will never accept Biden and his evil agenda. If they try to take away our right to defend ourselves there will be WAR.

      4. I keep watching the sky for Elijah’s Chariot. While we wait, let’s hope the republicans hang a sword of Damocles over Biden’s head as the democrats did to Trump. And let all be ready dfor a second civil war…

      5. Yep! East Berlin and radio broadcast jamming!
        What a demise on Veteran’ s Day!
        What they died, were wounded severely often for life! People who are younger Boomers than I am 1946-1964 DOB’s have most often some BETTER perspective ON BLM and ANTIFA & implications of granting them freedom of stifling free speech, and “freedom of rioting!” Thx for format to comment!

    2. I agree completely. I’m only watching a select group, Carlson, Hannity, Ingram, Levin, Watters, Kilmeade, and Gutfeld. The rest suck! I watch Newsmax.

      1. There are several years n Fox that I wish they would have gotten rid of: Juan Williams, Chris “The Mouse” Wallace and a few of the others. Yesterday I was upset when they started calling “The Traitor In Chief” Joe Biden “President-Elect Biden” . This piece of garbage hasn’t been elected as of yet! I still pray that President Trump can get this corrupt election overturned. We as a country were scammed by this basement dweller that knew “the fix was in”. If Trump is out, I hope he get’s his own media station. He has some funny ne that ndividuals at Fox that are with him. Why isn’t the entire Biden Clan already on n Leavenworth? And Joe want’s the red & blue to “come together”. After trying to put a Coup d’Etat” on President Trump? They should have been in court long ago and found guilty, taken out back and asked the last question: “Blindfold or no blindfold”. I still watch Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Judge Jeanie and a few others. One America News is now doing a great job.

    3. I agree with you!
      Fox News was the only channel I watched for the last 4 years. Now I am lost!
      Election night was the most boring and unreliable thing to watch.
      I pray for President Trump and the America that we’ve known!

    4. i agree. I hate fox news. I only watch Tucker, Hannity, and Laura ingram and Lou Dobbs and mark Levine and Judge Jennie . I wish they would go to another news site like News Max cause Fox news is terrible.



      2. You write very well. Love both. Send to Trump by his twitter if they don’t block or get white house address to mail copy of both poems to our President Trump. Keep writing, you are good.

      3. We are in dire need, how and who do we need to contact as so many do not care nor do they see outside of their own lives. They think they are content till it hits them in their own pockets. We now will be controlled if Biden continues. So sad for the poor your money will be given to illegals before you. WE WILL BE TOTALLY CONTROLLED!!!

      1. When fox hired brazelle i was done with them. I listen to Rush and Beck. Carlson Tucker is great catch him on social media. The rest of media don’t watch communist LIARS who speak falsely against our President they are disrespectful All bear false witness, LIE daily with ONE AGENDA for evil to win. May God hear our prayers that there are enough humans worthy of God’s grace to save America from destruction by communist democrats. Clearly voter fraud was committed may they be found guilty all who participated in this illegal steal of our voice.

  3. This happened ever since the old man turned over the rains of Fox to his son’s. I told my wife it was going to happen. The kids were educated by the liberal education system that has taken over.

    1. Disappointed with fox news. They are becoming anti Republican, bias against Trump. Switching to newsmax. Will only watch laura, hannity, tucker, and Judge Jeanine and Harris if I watch Fox again

  4. Fox has turned into an MSNBC “MINIME”. Too many good conservative pundits have left or were fired for their political view. I watch FOX a small percentage of what I used to. Except for a few true conservatives mentioned above, FOX is crap. If a new news site opened up, I’d never watch FOX again.

    1. Fox News is still the best one. We can thank the far left and big. business advertising for the decline in Fox news.

  5. Got to agree FOX news keeps sliding left, I stopped watching any show that had Juan Williams on it a long time ago. Hannity , Gutfield , Watters and Tucker won’t be able to save this sinking ship. How do you call any election where it’s being contested. Welcome to communism get under your desks kids the media is leading the charge. Be careful what you let your side cheat for, you just might get it!

  6. We are doomed with Democrats çlearly cheating and getting away with it. Dead people voting, ballots found undelivered, found thousand voting just for Democrats. We all know it’s rigged and can do nothing about it but follow like lambs lead to the slaughterer house. Get ready for them to STEAL our hard earned money, all done legally. We are DOOMED?!!!!!!!

    1. Welcome to the Democrats. Communist party. Fox News Has turned left. They have lost me as a fan. Biden and Kamala will create a civil war for sure

    2. We are not doomed. We need to stop sitting quietly on our hands and fight. If that means marching on Washington so be it. Biden should not be given a moments peace the same as they did to Trump. This election was not an election but a coup.

      1. Right you are Don Beck. To hell with sitting with our thumbs up our butts, I agree,
        Time to take matters into our own hands …. if we don’t, there is no recourse. The left takes what they want, they always have. Now we take what we want



  7. This election is very troubling to say the least, Joe Biden and others DID steal the election. I feel there are a few things that need to change. While Republicans have been trying for a while, voter picture ID should be mandatory in all states. We should stop early elections. First Tuesday in November should be only one. No results or early calling should be allowed until the polls close in Alaska and Hawaii. No mail in ballots except for legitimate absentee for military and diplomats. This is how it used to be and should be again. One last note, President Trump should be allowed every thing he deserves under the Constitution. I do hope and pray he prevails and the Democratic corruption will be exposed and those guilty will be prosecuted and if deemed appropriate serve jail time.

  8. I have to say that it is a shame to think that everybody can see that fraud and cheating but no one will stand up and say. If you do not make everything transparent we will go to war to fix this socialist mess.

  9. The noble vision of the late Roger Ailes, for a true Conservative News station, has died. Arnon Mishkin stuck the final fork in the corpse that Lachlan Murdoch’s Leftism killed.

    1. Newsmax blows Fox away. Especially Greg Kelly. He is another Tucker. I refuse to watch Fox ever again. All left dirt bags. Only watch Tucker and Hannity.

  10. On the subject of Fox news, Tucker Carlson is the only legitimate show. Sean Hannity has turned his questions into mini monologues not leaving his guest much time to respond and with that little bit of time Sean interrupts or talks over. Laura Ingraham is almost as bad. They are not the conservative news channel I started watching many years ago with Bill O’Reilly, and when it was Hannity and Colmes.

  11. When you crap on “Trump” it is to late for me no more fox news no matter what they do. I now watch Newsmax

    I am Done

  12. Fox news has turn into a COMMUNIST SOCIALISM network! As long as Chris Wallace is on board. I refuse to watch it! Even that Paul Ryan! I personally hope these fool can live with themselves after the election! Can see harm coming their way! Every conservative was throw under the bus!

    1. Whatever happens can’t be changed in the end. But Fox has been a lifesaver in the TV new medium. I had not watched Fox before the election but since I was for Trump I had no choice but to switch because I could not stand all the lies and negativity towards him on all the other channels. There are still a few good ones left on Fox like Hannity and Tucker and four of the show “The Five” which excludes Juan and then Judge Janine. But I just read they want to take her off. I believe that Fox was told to call some of those races by the upper management run by a Democrat and it does not affect the feelings of those previously mentioned. They still seem to be for the right side and even if they aren’t they don’t show it at all. I hope they don’t get fired. This whole thing is such a one sided put down of American democracy. Even if we are wrong about all these accusations why can’t the Democrats give us a chance to be proven wrong. What are they afraid of? If we are wrong then its on us and we would have to live with it.

  13. I am so done with FOX News – I will never watch them again. My new TV is Newsmax and OAN. Joe Biden and or his whore Kamela will never be my president.

  14. Hannity, Tucker, Ingram are the only ones I will watch from now on. Their reporting was so biased toward Biden they called states early while millions of votes had yet to be counted. This entire election was a coup not an election. The Democrats who voted for this criminal, yes Biden is a criminal and a traitor, these Democrats are so brainwashed by the news media including FOX News. I can verify that because my wife and son believe that Trump has done nothing for four years and that he is Satan. In my home I cannot even mention Trump’s name. This is what the news media has done to this country.

  15. I will watch Tucker & NEWSMAX and Judge Jeanne from now on. I was completely turned off by Bret Baer & Martha McCallum election night and her blue dress. I pray that Trump will be given back every vote in every state that was stolen from him. And I pray that every illegal vote in every state will be throw out and those responsible will be charged !!!

  16. I will not watch fox news anymore even for hannity or Ingram or Tucker,my favorite was foxand friends, but no more,going to newsmax or oann ,I’ve watched since George Bush . and I loved. Pete duecey no more

  17. I can’t offer any more negative comments about Fox’s performance – it sucked. In fact I’ve taken the step of simply disconnecting from my cable supplier – period. If we all do likewise it would have to negatively impact the Fake News /Cable stations advertising revenue/subscription fees and perhaps convince them to rethink their socialist agenda.

  18. How can a man be President of the USA when He should be in jail, for lying, for him and his family stealing from the US Gov. For being senile, he doesn’t have sense enough to get in out of the rain. I am 80 years old, I have never seen this Country in worse shape than it is now. I was a Democrat for years, born, raised a Democrat, till Slick Willie turned the White House into a whore house and changed my registration. And I’ve watched Our Country go down hill ever sense. I saw a man elected that truly loved our Country and He had the election stolen from Him. I have never seen more corruption in the USA in my lifetime. Where are our Honest Leaders?

    1. James, you hit the nail on the head. I too am 80 yrs. old and have never seen a more corrupt bunch of idiots in our government in my lifetime. Only the JFK election was more corrupt…they had the mafia on their side and old man Kennedy had the bucks. Newsmax is the best channel so far. All the good folks on Fox will be history soon, mark my words. Paul Ryan is at the helm and he hates all conservatives so watch the exodus from Fox soon. I ask too where are all the republicans anyway? Only Graham has come forth to support Mr. Trump in his time of need. I guess they will roll over and do the bidding of corrupt Joe and his whore..have to keep those big paying jobs so we will go with the flow. It was so obvious the fraud of the election….early on Biden named his cabinet…long before elections took place. His feeble mind is only for show…he knew he was going to win the election…it was stacked in his favor. That’s why he stayed out of the public spotlight.

  19. Well I’ve been drifting from Fox for awhile, only watching Sean, Tucker, Laura, Mark Levin and Judge Jeanine but after election night I’ve totally switched. Do Not want Fox news on my TV at all. I can’t imagine why someone would switch from Fox to CNN for election results, why switch from one fake news to another but everyone has their opinion. I switched to Newsmax. They have NOT even called AZ for Biden much less the election before it is official. If you want Truth switch to Newsmax. Fox no longer has my viewership.

  20. This election had disaster written all over it when DOJ stopped doing their job in 2018 moving forward. There are just too many crooked politicians still free and operating in our system. President Trump saw it… but wasn’t supported by some of his appointees. This election probably died the day Hillary lost….she is and has been a major disruptor to all Americans. We need to really clean out the swamp. The future days are bleak I feel.

  21. It is like a stub in the back that fox did the two face around. I watched fox with the belief that they are fair and conservative but now the trust is gone with this FOX two face network. Cannot believe they would stub the president in the back and did not wait to announce the legitimate result.

  22. All I watched on fox was bits and pieces of fox and friends . Turned it on this morning to the big guy, pervert , baby killer scampering along like he is the big winner. I’ll not have fox on in my house again….. I really liked fox and friends too. What a shame!

  23. Made the decision yesterday. No longer trust Fox news or news in general. Don’t trust government on the fence about the Church. Unsubscribing on all news channels etc. Live in Illinois so my vote don’t count anyway.

  24. I will ocontinue tp watch Tucker, Hannity and Ingram but WHO TOOK OFF JUDGE JEANNINE??? Bring her back so we can get the truth !!! I turn you off when Donna Brazillc comes on after she gave Hillary the question and answers before her debate. I have never seen such an election in my 89 years!! SUCKS.

  25. We have been a LOYAL Fox news watcher since 9/11. We turn it on in the morning before breakfast and turn it off when the repeats start in the evening when we are home. Since the election it has been off at our house and will stay off.

  26. So sorry Fox News bought the lies and has changed their information they put out to the American people! They will not survive! I will never watch again!

  27. I agree Fox News isn’t anything like it used to be and except for Tucker Carlson, Shawn Hannity and Laura Ingram the rest have drunk the left wing Kool-Aid. The same can be said of all the major email providers and Facebook as well. Seems like it’s time to go back to writing letters and speaking face to face. If we still hold the Senate please listen; under no circumstances are you to allow the liberal socialists to bail out the poorly run socialist states and cities that have managed to piss away all of the massive taxes they impose on those that work hard to earn the money robbed from them by these left wing hell holes. Another mandate you can consider having is in no way are you to allow the left to give amnesty and the right to vote to the millions of illegals already here. Sanctuary cities, removing the border wall and open borders is also a cannot happen event. To do so means your end in so many ways. Think of it this way we are on the cusp of CIVIL WAR!!!!

  28. I had been a Fox News viewer and follower for many, many years, along with my entire family. In the past few years Fox News has betrayed their viewers completely and supported the Socialist left, starting about the time Bill O’Reilly left. Since then, there have been many others who left, due to the “Touchy-Feely” changes in the network from the Top! There are still some really fine Anchors and reporters working at Fox, but the higher-ups are no-doubt trying to get some half-a**ed reason to fire them. What a shame that a few sell-out Commie-Left supporters in Control at the Top have sold out and destroyed the only fair and honest news reporting channel on TV. Their selling out of Fox News has hastened our trip into chaos and lawlessness. America has truly stumbled as the worshiping of Crooked Politicians and their visions of the new America have taken hold!

  29. The older I get, the more I realize that I cannot afford to waste my time. So, I have decided that about 75% of FOX News is no longer worth my time. Switching to Newsmax for news. Parler for social media. If the leftwingers send someone to collect my guns, they will get them one bullet at a time.

  30. Fox just lost another viewer, watched fox since early 2000, I’m done with them…hope and pray they lose everything, that they are trying to hold onto…..

  31. The day it becomes official, that crooked Biden is President . That will be the day i will fly my flag at half mast because the U S A has just died. I also got rid of Fox.

  32. This election,Biden,Trump,Fox News,CNN,MSNBC ABC; none of this has one thing to do with the kingdom of God! Nothing! Whoever is running this nation is exactly who God wants there. Maybe we have thrown His blessings back in His face too many times.He does all things for His glory. Will your faith stand the test. Stand united in Christ Jesus This world is not your home!

    1. Yes, I was a big fox news fan for many years but after the way, they handled this election I am finished with them & will now watch Newsmax & our wish some of the great ones that are still beating this “dead horse” would come over to Newsmax & join American Patriots like Hannity, Tucker, Laura & Pete.

  33. I am done with Fox. They joined in with the FAKE NEWS TEAMS.
    OAN is my channel now.
    PARLER is my social media.

    1. My father-in-law calls it faux news. He has been democrat his entire life and is unable to see that the dem party has changed considerably.
      I am so grateful that we have these e-mail newsletters to keep us updated on what is happening or we would really be in the dark about what is really happening. I can see how people who watch only msm do not understand why conservatives are so much for our wonderful President Trump.
      I have always kept my start-up page on my browser set to but that is changed now to and I will never go back to fox. I guess soros was involved in fox’s almost complete left turn. I just hope fox loses all of their excellent nightime hosts to some other conservative site and fox will really hit bottom.


  35. And on the weekend Judge Jeanine was suspended, either that being permanent if she doesn’t toe the line. A lot of people I know are going to Newsmax, and I’ve tried that. But I miss the polish and personalities of my favorite Fox people.

  36. Fox and all the left cable channels have been permanently banned in my house. No more will I pay for their deplorable conduct in reporting “news”. I have cancelled my cable service entirely. No cable tv at all in my house. I hope others will join me in doing the same.

  37. I agree that Fox News has changed for the worse. I will NO LONGER watch it! CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC/MS”D”NC!! all televised lies about our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP – they wouldn’t televise his Rallies or even “Oval Office” remarks unless in a disparaging way, and suddenly Fox joined right in. Steve Ducy’s son (Peter) sniffs around after Biden 24/7. Steve has a smirky grin – no longer trust him. How does Biden pass a physical to become a leader of anything? Everyone knows what’s wrong with him! And God forbid we should have to listen to “giggles” Harris for the next 4 years! Don’t forget how nasty and ugly she was to our Supreme Ct. selections. People!!! Just visualize our beautiful, classy First Lady, Melania!! What grace, kindness, and class she has brought back to the White House. “Dr. Jill Biden” – – bet you don’t speak 5 languages. You only speak out of the side of your mouth to correct your spouse when he is screwing up his comments when off teleprompter. Bye – den – – you’ll never be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize – – or respected by me- – you are just a Professor Obama leftover.

  38. Loved Tucker, hate to say goodbye. FOX is DEAD to me. I will not watch any media outlet that tells me what to think. I went to school when they taught you how to think for yourself. Give me facts only, I’m very capable of deciding the truth.

    1. I was watching the election returns Tuesday evening and what astounded me was the simple pictures of each candidate. Biden was smiling, looking up and bright while Trump was in a shadow, looking to the side and down and scowling! Tell me you don’t have a picture of Trump smiling!! Obvious bias! At least be fair in your presentation, but no! Only two good journalists left at Fox are Hannity and Carlson! Flush the rest!


  40. “FOX” News is F A U X News . . . and it’s CRIMINAL – there is NO truth to them now. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  41. Watched Fox for probably 20+ years. Used to think they really were fair and balanced. Thank goodness there are still a handful left who are but not enough to offset the negatives. I now watch Newsmax primarily and really like their on air personalities. I just want the honest facts.. all of them. I don’t expect any human to be perfect… Jesus was the only one.. so I can hear something bad about any Republican and if it is true, fine. Some on Fox seem to take a lot of pleasure giving negative reports on our President and other Republicans and too often they are not accurate.

  42. The only fox allowed on in my house is Maria bartiromo. I’m really going to miss gutfeld! Wallace I will never have to watch your nasaly ars again. Kilmeade a lying media is the enemy of all people. And to the Ainsley thank God for covid as I no longer had to cover my eyes as you sat on tv with your twat nearly exposed. Good bye!

    1. I would rather watch a mule pass gas as waste my time on a channel I use to really like, you really showed where you stand with the American people with the election results here in 2020.

      Goodbye Fox

  43. Totally agree Fox has gone to the left , I to will not watch fox except for a few shows o have switched to newsmax . As far as that criminal Biden and the pos Harris are concerned they belong in jail along with Biden s corrupt family . The election is not over yet and I hope pray that justice will prevail.

  44. I have been watching OAN which right now is the only straight forward news company left in this country. Unbiased and objective, they are the up and coming network. Sorry that Fox has fallen into the catergory of MSNNBC CNN and other not worthy of printing. Fox will soon see stars parting like Hannity, Ingraham and Carlson. Look for a major change in the near future as the old man doesn’t have control anymore. Fox left the Presidents side on election night.

  45. I’m done, especially with Cavuto; a true hack. I will continue to watch Gutfeld, Watters and Perino. However when Juan Williams starts his communist/socialist rants, I switch channels and watch the Gilmore Girls…that’s how bad it truly has become. Looking more at NewsMax.


  47. This whole election Fraud has to be taken to the Supreme Court and without waisting a minutes time, if the Court is honest then OUR PRESIDENT WILL WIN THE ELECTION, because, there is way to much evidence against the resident Trump will prevail when the case is over and he will take his seat in the Oval Office to serve another four more years of cleaning out the filthy swamp.

    Trump will ve our President because, without President Donald J. Trump AMERICA HAS NOTHING TO HELP US SURVIVE

    Have a wonderful Blessed Day America.

  48. All started when the two sons force women to lies about their father. They were liberal DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER. Once their father was REMOVED from the CEO POSITION by the board. They when after Bill O’reilly. Getting him out as they did their father. Getting two women to falsely accused Bill of sexual assault. NOW THEY HAVE PAUL RYAN ON BOARD! A big notrumper! Who wife is a BIG LOBBYIST FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! I decide they will soon REMOVE Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. Because Paul Ryan is more a Left wing than a conservative AMERICA! Thank to the woMan who wear the pants in his pantywaist house! OAN IS MORE CONSERVATIVE NETWORK THAN FOX NEWS! Another thing is the WORST IS CHRIS WALLACE!

  49. Correction to my above post there is way to much evidence against the Democrats and President Trump will prevail.

  50. I am also done with Fox News! Our President, Donald J. Trump does not get treated fairly! President Trump clearly won the election! Alzheimer Joe and Contra-Sutra Kamala deserve a jail cell together. They are both as crooked as a barrel of snakes! I will never accept them as leaders! So, how can the news media call the election with all of fraud that has taken place? And Fox News is not even mentioning the fraud? I can no longer watch them? I feel as if I have been gut-punched! I have switched to One America News Network! At least there, I can get the truth! Juan Williams and Chris Wallace are disgusting! They should be on CNN (Crooked News Network)! I pray everyday that God wakes me from this nightmare and the true election winner, Donald J. Trump is declared!

  51. FOX News is a traitor to the core. I will never watch the show in this channel anymore. They disgusted me with what they did with the corrupt election results. They dont decide the outcome of election. People decide who they want to be their President. So corrupt.

  52. As soon as fox added that fake Republican Paul swamp dweller Ryan to their board it was over. My advice to waters,hannity and Levin….get on newsmax.

  53. Being fair and Balanced is one thing, but letting Brazile and Juan blatantly tell lies every time they open their mouths has nothing to do with fairness. Fox has to big of an audience to let this continue. To many sheeple out there believe these lies they are being fed. I cannot make it through an episode of the Five anymore, as much as I like Jessie Waters, Gutfeld is a little off the deep end once in awhile, but the meek Bush starlet Perino has got to go!

  54. I’m no longer watching Fox News after, they too, have gone left. Our fore fathers fought in two wars to maintain our Freedom and defeat communism. We now find; they fought and lost lives for nothing. If Alzheimer Joe and Dimwit Harris take over our country, America is gone. How can Fox news now say that markets will be fine? How can we stand for riots and killings without penalty and democratic mayors saying it’s a summer of love? I wonder if those same mayors will now put an end to this mess? I’m sure Soros is now spending his money to completely turn over Fox instead of giving it to the individuals who lost their businesses and went bankrupt due to the riots.
    I sincerely hope that there is an excellent hacker out there who can prove the tech companies provided software to the democrats in order to alter the election results. I’m sure Fox will survive without our subscriptions; however I do hope that a non biased news station will start up.

  55. Has anyone considered the possibility that the bullshit happening at Fox could be part of the liberal plan to shut down our main source for conservative views. Removing Kelly, O’Reilly, Beck and other great voices has been the evil goal of the left for years. They appear to have infiltrated Fox throughout the years, and from top to bottom the jerks are winning. We should try to figure out a way to support the GOOD things that Fox accomplishes from time to time to prevent the @#$%@@’s from winning outright. Some of us need to be able to have access to Tucker, Hannity, Judge J. ,Mark Steyn, and especially The Great One ‘Mark Levin’. I know it’s beyond frustrating to have to watch what’s happening there, but being from the Right side of this mess we should come together and not let them win here. After we’re all done venting our frustrations, we need to come together as one to defeat the @#$%##’s. Conservatives are the Party of GOOD, so instead of whining in a cowardly fashion as usual, STAND UP AND UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s time to fight for Tucker, Hannity, etc., and most important, (OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. NEWSMAX for me. I still like Sean, Tucker and
    Laura. You can keep Juan, Brazile and Wallace. The rest have become the Mitt
    Romney’s of the network especially Brett B!!
    Feel bad for Judge Janine.

  57. side note I left fox 2yrs ago, I don’t see how anyone can (after the tricks the dems pulled over the last 3 plus yrs) doubt that the dems will stoop to, and try any and everything to get Pres.Trump out. I’m done voting if this crap is going to be allowed!! P.S. Try ONE America News Channel on Direct t.v.

  58. That is a loss of 99.9% of viewers. If that doesn’t speak to the geniuses at Fox then there is no helping them. I’d suggest firing your Decision Desk.

  59. i only lisen to weather report’s now and tur off the news your all a bunch of socilist and watching you makes me sick maria i watch but no one else.presdent trump your my presdint biden will never be.i whis you and youre family all the best.

  60. I agree with all of you on your statements and tony is the man I agree President Trump is my president also not those 2 idiots trump supporters have to stand up and make our voices heard the Democrats are corrupt and they cheat biden gets more votes than Obama come on and Republican senators get in but not trump you really believe that I do not.

  61. I am done with Fox News. They have gone too far left in their programing with the likes of Chris Wallace, Brett and Martha. I feel sad to leave them but election night coverage was so pointed left and not neutral. I can only wish that my favorite folks, Hannity, Laura, Tucker and Jeannine move to Newsmax!!

  62. i agree with most of everything that has been said above. fox and friends in the a.m, is still better anything they compete with. OAN and news max worth the change. tucker,sean and laura should move to one of them.

    fox you have blown it.

  63. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s disgusted with Fox News I don’t mind leftist guests so when the hosts are apparently a leftist they don’t belong on a conservative news Outlet. I will continue to watch shows such as Tucker Carlson Sean Hannity Judge Jeanine and so on. It’s pretty easy to watch to know who to not watch any longer. But here’s the good news if you’re watching Fox and they turn left during a show just flick down one channel and you can watch SpongeBob SquarePants

  64. FoxNews faked polls to help Biden win. I will not watch them anymore. Hit Fox in their pockets and ratings. We put them on the map in 2016. They have dramatically changed. Watching OAN and Newsmax now. Only watching Fox at night for Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Jesse, Judge Jeanine, Gutfeld, Levin, Hilton, Dobbs. Hope they switch to another news channel soon too.

  65. I’m NOT going to watch Juan Williams which eliminates The Five, never on Chris Wallace and Donna Brazille, Maria Harp is a never which means no Outstanding, and I refuse to watch Neil Cavuto on Fox or Fox Business.
    I hope Tucker and Laura find a new home before Fox silences their voices. But Fox cannot continue to alienate those of us that have tried to understand why you have turned your back on conservatism. My entire family is disgusted with Fox. We have turned you off with minor exceptions which we have named.

  66. We are not sorry we are said that Fox News abandoned America. Biden and the Left’s are criminals and should be charged with Treason. President Trump has won but sadly he has to fight to prove it again. He is what America stands for. No more bull Shit Fox.

  67. FoxNews, has shown they are unprincipled fools. They made their business with our support. Now, they will die without our support! The left hates FoxNews, and won’t easily convert. However, as FoxNews punishes conservative hosts, the right will find alternatives. NOW is the perfect time for a conservative broadcast firm to fill the empty shoes! We will follow in DROVES!

  68. Richard Nixon was impeached for illegal wiretapping recording conversations of associates, but Obama did it, and not a thing was done about it. Who can arrest the Attorney General, the head of the FBI, the Head of the CIA. ( and why hasn’t Joe Biden & Hunter Biden been arrested) I suppose Joe could shoot and Kill someone and they would give him a medal. They have not as of now done a thing to him for selling China privileged information about the USA. So if the attorney general, the FBI head and the head of the CIA are not owned by George Soros then what’s the excuse?

  69. Fox joins the other radical news outlets.
    Change to Newsmax and OANN immediately for real news reporting.

  70. Wow. Am I glad to see that I’m not the only one that is fed up with the “powers that be” at FOX. I continue to watch Tucker, Sean, Mark Levin, Laura, and Dana Perino. I’m tired of the new bullshit from the hierarchy that is now running FOX. In time, they will start to monitor what the above people can say. When that happens, it’s adios amigo for me with FOX. I have watched Newsmax and will continue to do so.
    This is a sad time in our history. The Kennedy win over Nixon was also corrupt. This election was highway robbery.

  71. It’s my understanding Juan Williams was fired from PBS news because they felt he was too conservative. That tells us how far left PBS is, and a lot of our tax money supports PBS.
    Also, I understand the son of the owner of Fox News has recently taken over some of the news operation’s and he is reported to lean pretty far left. Personally, after Fox and Friends goes off the air in the mornings I turn off the TV until each evening and on the weekend I don’t even go back in the evening We do need a strong conservative network.

  72. ! am with you leaving fox(small f) Wallace did his VERY best to hurt PRESIDENT Trump. fox(small f) will soon be another CNN, CNBC. Sean, Laura, etc will be gone within a year out of disgust. I will probably watch the BBC to get some decent reporting. We will within 6 months have a HARRIS/biden(small b) administration

  73. Long time supporter of Fox News; most disappointed with the obvious change in many of the host. In the past, it was hard to determine their political leanings. However, that changed over the past few months. I am currently considering my options for watching and getting my news from another source. Unfortunate and sad for GOP and conservatives previously watching Fox for fair and balanced coverage. Will continue to watch, Tucker, Sean, Ingram, Judge Janine, Greg and Waters.

  74. I can hardly listen to Juan William anymore. I used to love TheFive, but he seems to think he has a right to argue and talk over everybody else. I am also thinking Chris Wallace needs to go somewhere else or retire. He has been dragging Fox down for a long time.
    I have been an avid Fox watcher but am now looking for something else!

  75. Hey Spectrum CEO….. Kindly add respectable news outlets OAN and NewsMax full access to your lower bandwidth as basic channel’s for news access.

    It’s high time cable subscriber’s be given the right to remove any news or offensive channels “We the People” deem offensive, and more so, channels which abuse our very Rite to shut down anything that degrades America’s Core values.

    As for FOX ya’ll let arrogance run a muck Chrisse Wallarse, Wandering Juan Williams, Kennedy, Bret Bare, NeiliousCavort 0,
    Left derangement hugs Jennifer screeching and so offensive along side Fox’s other fake blond (ANOTHER former State Department megaphoneator named Huff; such a fake news con woman) It’s so easy to see through these over paid incompetent demonRat BUFFOON’S. Rude, always full of disrespect in Not professional nor worth my time.

    THERE’S PLENTY MORE who tilt FOX scales beyond the far left to UNFAIR, UN BALANCED and OFF the RAILS.

  76. We are to have a complete idiot and a savage for president/vice president. One hides so his true leaders don’t have to jerk his leash and the other is busy turning loose hate-mongers, killers, and destruction looters on us. OH NO! One of them went to jail! No problem, she got them out so they could go about killing and rampaging again! Oh yeah, we are definitely going to have hell to pay with these two in government!!

  77. We were full-fledged Fox News watchers.
    However, sometime 2020 early fall, we ourselves, noticed Fox introducing more & more liberal approaches. A month later President Trump made a comment at one of his rallies about Fox News ‘changing’. We whole-heartedly agreed. Fox turned it on in the presidential debates and it got worse from there. Chris Wallace is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is liberal agitator … “fair & balanced”, he is not! We won’t go into the other things we noticed & continue to notice,
    we are just not watching much Fix News at all these days. Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levine, Judge Janine, Steve Hilton, Shawn Hannity …
    they speak the TRUTH … and TRUTH is what we want to listen to. TRUTH! We’ve gone, for the most part, to other sources for our news. If & when a new TRULY “fair& balanced” network comes along, that’s whom we PATRONIZE. Mr. & Mrs. R. in MT

  78. I’ve been watching FOX Cable News from morning through night for Trump last 15 years. My son-in-law said that I watch FOX so much, their logo was burnt into my tv screen.
    As a result of FOX’s election coverage, I have decided to stop watching all programs except, FOX and Friends, the Five (Fox needs to replace Juan Williams. He brings down the quality and intellect of the group.), Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.
    I think FOX needs to evaluate the current product they’re giving their audience.

  79. Those corrupted decision desks should have called Alaska way before calling Arizona. What’s up with that?

  80. My wife and I have always watched Fox but since the election the Democrats are taking over Fox. I like Sean H, Tucker C, Laura I, Judge Jeanine , Mark L, Maria B, Greg Gutfeid and five. I don’t like Juan Williams ,Chris Wallace and Donna Brazilla When they come on I go to Newsmax

  81. My wife and I watch Fox News from 5 PM to 7 PM and 8 PM to 9 PM on the West Coast. I leave when they have those left-wing idiots like Ethan Bearman, Juan Williams, and Donna Bazile, and a few others. All they do is tell lies and won’t listen to reason. Sorry Fox News but you are about to get rejected.

  82. Thought I would never leave Fox, but I am gone. I use to watch Cavuto but he needs to go to CNN. Even he places negative slants on conservatives. He is one that never has an opinion on nothing. Graduation, a Trump hater should report to CNN. Hannity and others should let visitors TALK. Very frustrated with Fox after many many years.

  83. There is a major boycott beginning for FOXNEWS. People are signing and moving away in droves. All of us want the top HOSTS (money producing from ratings) to either go over to OAN or Newsmax on another potential new media organization as quickly as possible. I watch both OAN and Newsmax now and NOT any on FOXNEWS live I do watch Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, Gutfield, Levin streaming or video on the internet. I was watching Judge Jeanine also until the FOX rats suspended her show. It will be amazing how quickly the viewership will drop and hopefully wipe out the organization, because they are now perceived as just another MSM Fake News.

  84. I have pretty much stopped watching Fox News. I only watch Hannity and Carlson. And as far as Chris Wallace goes they should drag him screaming from the studio and toss him out the door on his face. I am switching to also.

  85. FORNICATE FOX NEWS AND SPECIFICALLY paul ryan, the nesting cockroach.
    Carlson, Ingram, Gutfield, Dobbs, Hannity, other than these I’am done with FOX News. Period

  86. It look like they started bring and partying way to early especially Brit Hume. I don’t know what he was on. I did not know it was the news that picks the President. All the channels were showing manipulation and the people seen that part too, but there was so many problem. Look at Wayne county. Black Felt Pens, Bad Machines, In Detroit they were throwing Trump ballots away and changing others and got caught red handed.

  87. I I’ll watch Tucker and Hannity and Laura. That’s all for me. Good idea for President Trump to start his own news channel. The rest of them would bite the dust.

  88. I have stopped watching all news channels except for None of them tell the truth. I know several others pulling away from all news channels also. You know there were ONLY 71 Million voters for Trump so these channels can’t lose too many.

  89. I would love to see two things:

    First, IF ANY of the current Republicans in the House and Senate don’t defend President Trump NOW and his fight for a fair election, I hope and pray a new Party is formed – The Party of Trump / The Trump Party, or something a little more catchy. I don’t trust the RINO’s still around as they only care about themselves and not how President Trump has done so much to save this Country, We The People and also THEIR butts!!!

    Second, I would love a TRUMP NETWORK where it would be made up of folks like Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Greg Gutfeld, Jessie Watters, Steve Hilton and Dagen McDowell. (Sean and Laura if they can stop interrupting others.) These folks are true Conservatives. Having guest Democrats would be welcome, but that’s it. Truth has to be spoken. Until then, OANN is my new network since FOX “dumped” on Trump. In addition to OANN bringing us truth, they ran EVERY Trump Rally from beginning to end without any interruptions. Another thing I love about OANN is they have history lessons between segments, not a bunch of advertising, and they also cover more World News than Fox ever did. I have no problem on my Frontier cable, but many others don’t offer.

    I also want to say “Thank You!” to Becky Brooks above for her post earlier with the two Poems for Trump. Excellent!!!!

    Let’s PRAY that if Biden is sworn in, that OUR President, Donald J Trump is still willing to run again for 2024. We can’t let this Country fail after all the Patriotic Men and Women who have died for Her. She is our and the World’s last Hope. President Trump brought us back to the Soul of America and how this Country should be AGAIN. As Mark Levin says, keep referring to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Its time to go back to the Pledge of Allegiance and true American History for all our Children.

    God Bless Us and Pray for those who try to oppress us.

  90. Fox News no back bone, traitors, will demise, for the few good news commentators go to Newsmax loyal representation. President Trump stand Strong and Fight the Swamp.

  91. Absolutely Fox news just put yourself in the toilet the only time I watch Fox News is to watch Hannity and to others One American news is good to. It is time to organize for the TRUMP Army we cannot allow criminals in our government any longer the people still run this country Biden and Harris Thank they can just come in and turn this nation communism will not work here there are too many patriots to let these criminal Democrats continue in our government they need to be told and no certain terms to pack up and get out of the country no mercy for traders in our country it is time to organize I am ready to get started to make in our countryGreat again organize it is time to organize we must organizeIf you want to live in A free country it is time for 70 million patriots to organize God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration and God bless our patriots that’s all I have to say For today

  92. For several years, (despite the attempt to remain Fair and Balanced with the lunatic ravings of the Liberal Guests), always enjoyed watching Hannity, Carlson, Ingram, Bream, Hume, Waters and Levin, etc.

    As a loyal viewer, it was not unsual to spend 3+ hours each night watching Fox News… so much so the Fox News Logo is embedded in the lower left corner of the TV.

    Knew things were starting to go sideways when Fox hired the discredited Donna Brazile knowing she gave the debate questions to HRC before the event. Even CNN knew this was a complete lack of journalistic integrity and they parted ways. Instead of being brought to Fox, she should have disappeared in shame into obscurity.

    Chris Wallace’s First Debate debacle was completely unprofessional and an example of what not to do. You would have thought that (after begging for an interview for weeks) he would press Biden with some tough questions. Instead, Wallace managed to run interference for the DNC, make a spectacle of himself and simultaneously discredit Fox News.

    What happened on election evening (and in the days to follow) has been so egregious that it defies logic! Even with all of the irregularities and lawsuits, they still seem to want to lead the way in handing the election to Biden. Rather than some investigative reporting to see if there might have been election fraud, it is as if the Murdock Sons are in the Decision Room dictating the election calls in an attempt to shape the outcome.

    No More!!! I will no longer pay for a service that does not care about the views of the most loyal viewers enough to represent them in a reasonably unbiased manner.

    In time, I believe quality talent at Fox will find a home somewhere else. As this occurs, Fox News will likely slide into insignificance as they strive to imitate the numerous competitors that they dominated for so many years.

    1. Juan Williams, Chris Edwards, are two very bad, sorry in using journalist, which they’re not. Bret and Martha are close behind. They both seem to sell out more recently. It all started with adding Donna Brazil’s attitude and totally bais opinions to the daily commentary. She is a disgrace with her Hillary Clinton antics! How we as a country have come too accept from Bill Clinton to now the corruptions and foul incidents that continue to this day. Each party has violated our votes and our trust. But the Democrats have really perfected and joined together their game to take over our government. This has been their goal and it’s close at hand. We need to wake up, hope it’s not to late. Important to note that not all Democrats are in on all of this. With their help we can stop the corruption. Let’s stop the BS in idiolizing people like Obama, Biden, Hillary, the Bushes. Their job is too represent us, Americans, our country, its constitution, its values not themselves. They haven’t been accountable, they all have enriched themselves supporting the Billionaires and ignoring the average American. Until we insist and insure they be accountable equal justice will never be achieved.

  93. Reading all the postings tells me that Fox is done, cooked!! They are now a disgraceful bunch. I at one time spent hours watching this network. No more! I sincerely hope Rupert realizes his group was at one time the best. Not his doing but it’s his doing the destruction or his idiot sons. Remember money doesn’t make a person honest character does. I will miss some but hopeful they find another network that believes fair and balance is more then a slogan.

  94. I’m DONE with FOX! It’s all the same “FLUFF”….. I followed them for years and I’m 75 years old… Put a fork in them…

  95. Chris Wallace is just another lying Democrat commie asshole. I believe he’s part of the new Mafia!

    Scare tactics have been used for decades/centuries as a means of controlling the masses. Everyone in power uses them.
    Remember the Mafia? It was used for years with them. Then the Kennedy’s came along to do battle with the Mafia. We should note…. The Kennedy’s were the elite Democrats at that time. I believe the Democrat party has taken over the Mafia & now it’s in a new refined more profitable form. However… they have the power of our government to control us in subtle ways described to appease the masses, to look like, sound like etc. that they’re actually doing us a favor.
    So why does our national debt continue to get larger? I suggest they want control of as much of our money as possible. They’ll keep spending it faster than we’re earning it if possible.
    I often wonder how many politicians/democrats have offshore accounts we’re likely to never know about.
    I began thinking about this since Trump began focusing on the differences between what we’re paying in import taxes to other countries, especially China. Seems very odd to me that Democrats want to stop Trump from tackling this problem. If Democrats are against this I have to believe they’re benefiting from it.
    Just think about the possibility of China rewarding certain politicians by depositing money in these offshore accounts. It would certainly explain why some of our politicians would refuse to try equalizing import taxes between us and other countries. It is legal to deposit money into another persons bank account here in America.
    Not many seem to have noticed how much credit card debt we have as citizens. I see it as an excuse to control us even more. Debt can actually be used to control us even more. Just pay attention to commercials on TV as examples. They sucker us into living far beyond our means and often many of us will never be completely out of debt for this reason alone. Those who declare bankruptcy screw us also. Financially responsible people will pay higher prices on the goods peddled to make up for their lost profit.
    We are brainwashed daily into believing we can have nearly anything we want using by a credit card, but they don’t and never will mention how extreme the consequences can be.
    Back in the 1800s during mining days, they had company stores where it was mandatory for employees to buy from these company stores or they lost their jobs. The same was true for their living quarters because employees also had to live in company owned quarters which they had to pay for at the company price. Government and rich people have been screwing us for many years.
    Banks use to put a limit on what we can borrow based on our income and what we owe. Credit cards have given banks a new way around this.
    Rest assured, over the long term these banks will not lose money. It has become an addiction the way we spend money as though there are no consequences. When the masses kick this addiction for spending money excessively, prices over the long term should also drop.

  96. Yes, I am disappointed with what has happened to the ALL Fair Fox news. They have crossed over to NOT FAIR and BALANCED at all these days. I turned them off on the election reporting and probably will never go back even though I love to watch Laura, Sean, Judge Jeanine, Steve, Ansley, Brian and Tucker all conservative reporters. The rest are all the samo-samo as the Demonrat party followers and not at all FAIR and BALANCED. You need to find a new saying that goes along with AOC and her ideas as that what you are now.

  97. Used to watch Fox 24/7. No more. About 2 wks before election, the newscasters would say when Biden becomes not if Biden becomes president. Fox still insists there is no evidence of voter fraud despite hundreds of sworn statements from witnesses. Maybe if they fire Juan Williams and Chris Wallace. They also need to get rid of RINO Paul Ryan and send Jedidiah Bila back to the view and get rid of the cheater Donna Brazille. Iff they keep these idiots, then they lost more viewers than they can make up. It rally is a shame, I ‘used to like” Fox News. I told my husband I will only watch, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Judge Pirro, Maria Bartilomo and Waters World. Too bad they keep canceling Justice with Judge Jenanine. This past Saturday, her show was cancelled because it was about voter fraud.

    1. The Murdoch Family Sold Fox News to the Chinese & you will no longer see any news promoting the USA as you know it!
      The New President & his cabinet will be at home with their Chinese Partners!
      America is now set up to fail in support to the Socialist/Communist Government which we lost millions of lives in an effort of keeping our life style the envoy of the world!

    2. How could you forget Gregg Gutfeld? He carries the FIVE and his Sunday evening show is a hoot!
      Dana is so cute and has a lot of political savvy without the Donna Brazil edginess that borders on

  98. I am done with Fox News. The only one I will watch is Tucker Carlson. You should have fired Chris Wallace and never should have suspended Judge Jeanne.

  99. FOX News has taken a swing to the Left. Use to watch them constantly, not anymore. Some of the employee’s are really hard to watch, Liberals tend to think they know it all and are better than you.
    It is obvious to me that this country is in trouble. This idea of “Change” to a socialistic type system is nothing more than garbage dressed up like a pretty pig with Lipstick. One thing we should remember, is that there are limits as to what the people will allow, a march on Washington D.C. to take back the government is not out of the question, I believe it is only a matter of time before the people will act, but remember GOD is still on the throne!

  100. I trusted you and you failed me, Fox. Millions of us trusted you and you failed us. My disappointment is such that I don’t think I can come back. I hope it was worth it for you. You showed yourself to be just what you complained and criticized others for being. How long before you either convert or fire Tucker, Sean, Laura, Maria, Lou, Greg the Judge and Jesse. How can we believe them now. We used to believe the rest of you and look where that got us. What happened to truth and honesty and Fox leading the way to dispel lies, bias, corruption and group-think. There is a matter of public trust here and you are failing miserably. I am sure you have brought smiles to the faces of many on CNN, MSNBC and the radical left . I’m not smiling.

  101. Fox unfortunately has peed down there leg! Where is class and loyalty gone! My Dad passed away 6 years ago and I think about him all the time with what’s going on in America. He wouldn’t recognize our country California yes but not the rest of the country? My Dad taught me so much and I would never let him down no money in China would ever change my mind! But if people don’t wake up soon we’ll be just like Rome get destroyed from within! How can people let these politicians due this to our kids and future grandkids? I’m still praying that God will glorify Himself with what’s going on but maybe I’ll never see Him do it but I’m still on my knees praying to Him! There is so many things I could say but as far as the Democrats and Republicans go I’m not I’m an Independent because the left seems gone and 80-85% of the right is too! Hopefully Americans will wake up and realize that the only chance we have with Senators and Congressmen is “ Term Limits “ I hope someone is smart enough to put that out there and the hearts of people will get touched somehow to see that’s our chance to pull us back from the edge of no return? God Bless the People of the United States because the world is counting on us!
    Warm Regards, Jason Marton

  102. I used to watch Fox all the time but no more, they are going to far left.
    I will watch Tucker and Sean.
    Good conservative news on Oan news and Newsmax.

  103. Have been a Fox viewer for over 12 years.
    Now that Juan and Chris cannot think objectively anymore and, Cavuto is slipping quickly into the ‘ashpit’ of communal head bashing, I have made the decision to STOP watching the new hypocrite-on-the-block!

    Where’s Mark Levin and Victor Hanson when we need them?

  104. Fox News doesn’t deserve to have viewers! I hope the FEW good reporters will leave – I certainly have.

  105. Fox News,
    The Big Wigs at Fox have been in the bag for the corrupt left wing communists for years, they just kept it quiet and worked against us behind the curtains! Now they are out in the open, Lou Dobbs, Hahnity, Carlson, Ingram, and a few others are out their doing their best for the sake of the Nation, but Neil, the attorney, Juan, and the guests they allow on the programs are a major disappointment.
    How can we hurt Fox that will get their attention? We unlike the Democrats don,t kire thugs to destroy property, insult supporters of Trump and their families at restaurants, set fires attack to buildings, beat up citizens, or in many cases kill them for doing their constitutionally protected rights, but we must find a way! We don’t want to find their home addresses and send mobs to harass them and their families all night, but they must pay the price for dishonesty to their loyal supporters. Support Trump and lets try to but every person involved in this election fraud in Jail!!!!

    1. I have been a FOX devotee ever since their debut. But the slow move to socialism has cost the network a faithful viewer. I feel badly because I enjoy Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro, but the rest of the network no longer has appeal to me. As of now, when I want REAL and unbiased news, I turn to Newsmax or One America New Network.
      Good bye, FOX, enjoy your friendship as part of the biased media with the rest of the trash!

  106. I will watch Tucker, Hannityand Laura, judge Jeanine that’s it. I went to Newsmax and OAN

  107. Please add Donna Brazile to the list along with Juan Williams and C. Smith. They lost this fan way before the election.

  108. i dont need to watch FOX news any more, except for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Inghram, Judge Jeannine, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, Gutfeld, and Jesse Waters. These are American Patriots.
    The murdoch children are socialists and have ruined FOX. God help the people and President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, and their families.

  109. FOX is incredibly dumb. They want Socialism. Socialism is a small group of people who are worthless who wanted to control and rule the successful people. FOX owners think that they will be included. Idiots. The VERY first group of people to get rid of when a country goes Socialist is the Press. If they helped to take down one government then they will do it again. The control psychotic government knows this but the unbelievably stupid Press doesn’t.

    1. Fox: About 15 years ago I was told you had honest news and my new wife and I started watching. Well it is now post election and Mr. Trump has likely lost! I as most of the reply’s above have been very disappointed in Fox News and I will try to find a functioning news station that is like you used to be. Honest and Trustworthy! You have several reporters that are Biden supporters who show their thoughts very obviously and contributed to the Republican defeat! Chris Wallace was a disgrace when he was the moderator in the first debate. Everybody new it and the debate was one sided for Biden! You know from other replies who else should be removed from commentating on the political scene. To think before the 1st election before Mr. Trump ran how you used to have him make comments on the morning news show. He was very popular with your audience and for a while after he became elected you used to support him very strongly. Then slowly you started loosing your support from him. If that hadn’t taken place he would still be President!! The only elected President that ever fulfilled his promises as he promised is now replaced by a failed politician for 47 years who is just a puppet anyway now who has executive orders planned that will undo what Mr. Trump has fixed. What a shame! There are other things going to happen that will undo all the decent things already in play that has set many records and yet no credit to him! I am using my iPad now for news and I am watching the Hallmark Chanel for movies and no more Fox News. Program on my iPad is deleted and also ll other negative to Trump news is gone. K

  110. Sad sad sad, fox I hope you go bust if you keep on this pathetic path you have chosen. Not watching ever again unless you change the path you have either chosen or maybe someone is blackmailing many of you. Get rid of that democrat you have in your uppity up position. Cant even remember the bozos name. Very disgusting of you! I don’t normally hate on anything but abortion. Now I hate on you as well….

  111. I am so very disappointed in FOX. I have watched them for many years, and this is my last year, except
    I love, the FIVE, TUCKER, SEAN AND LAURA. They are the true conservatives. Juan Williams and Chris Wallace
    are a disaster and have ruined Fox News. (plus a few others).
    I cannot watch Biden is he ends up getting the presidency, he is so corrupt that our country will be unreconnizeable in the next year or so, because Harris will take over and will be no longer be America.
    I pray that God will keep us in His care until he comes to take us home,
    May God bless all those who are doing what they can for our country and I will continue to pray for them.

  112. I gave up on Fox MONTHS ago. They confirmed a statement in the Bible: The love of money is the root of all evil. They deserve to bite the dust. You’re history, Fox !

  113. Fox News has one to hell. Will never watch again. The few who are the good guys” need to get out of there fast.

  114. Fox News started sliding downward when Paul Ryan ended up on their BOD. Myself and many of my veteran buddies have tuned Fox out. Won’t be long before Hannity, Tucker and Laura leave on their own. Fox no better than “bottom feeder” CNN now. Seen it coming a year+ ago!

  115. Every night at 5:00 central time my wife nd I would switch to watch Brett Baier and The Story. No more!!! Fox has gone left and we have stayed right. It is Newsmax or OAN now for us. Just can’t trust Fox now. You guys really blew a good thing!!

  116. Good bye Fox. Frightening to think we may be stuck with a crooked, lying, fake like sleepy Joe. His voters drank the tea! Let me
    know what it tastes like in a year or two.

  117. I have stopped watching ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX news. As well as all late night shows on their networks. All are SO biased that I can’t stand watching them. It’s a shame Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the show Millionaire because now I won’t watch that either.

  118. I too, a very faitful Fox fan, am digusted w/Fox. Juan Williams, Donna Brazille don’t belong on Fox News. Whenever Mr. Hahn is on I either turn on Mute or change the channel.

  119. What honor and decency can a thoroughly thieving, corrupt Biden speak of, who sold America to China and Iran, who sold our freedom to the socialists, and his soul to the devil?

  120. Do not hate so much, hatred hurts the most hating person. Do as I do – just turn off FOX – forever and forget how you forgot CNN and MSNBC, who hurt your soul with their lies. You will be strong and healthy.

    1. One Lady commented about how there’s not been an “honest” journalist since Cronkite. Have to disagree bout Cronkite’s “honesty”. He’s the BUM that reported how badly we were beaten during TET of 68. Know many of you were never in the Nam & I wasn’t there for TET (there 69-70). Marines & Soldiers I met told an entirely different story! Yeah, we were taken by surprise but, the VC were so badly MAULED they ceased to be a separate communist force. The NVA had to pick up the pieces of what was left of them. Strange Cronkite made out like US forces had never faced surprise attacks in other wars. Ever hear of Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge, The Yalu river in Korea??? I don’t think there’s EVER been an honest journalist in this Country & never will be!!! DEFUND the “news media”!!!!! N. Purcell Vietnam War Survivor 1969-1970

  121. I thought I was the only one to feel that Fox had gone rogue! I guess since Paul Ryan (Useless lefty Paul Ryan is now an exec with Fox – what Pres or something like that, the Network has drifted left!) I haven’t watched Fox for about 14-16 months. Better things to do with my time. It is sad however!!! They had more credibility than most, not anymore!….

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